What is the Starbucks customer experience? (What is Starbucks doing to ensure a positive customer experience + more information)

Starbucks understands its customers’ significance in their business’s growth and sustenance. But what is Starbucks doing to enhance its customers’ experience, and what is Starbucks’ customer experience?

Starbucks’ customer experience is the creation of an atmosphere that makes customers feel good and valued and enhancing of continuity of the brand and products. I remember when I came to reside in the US at 25, the first time I entered a Starbucks store, I was greeted with an incredible smile, and the barista explained the menu, how to order, and how to pay.

My first Starbucks drink was an iced white chocolate mocha, and it tasted amazing and still does ten years later. How comes Starbucks is one of the best in customer experience? In this post, I will explain Starbucks’s customer experience.

Reasons behind Starbucks’ Great Customer Experience


Starbucks has, over the years, made it its goal to ensure that Starbucks is not a place to buy coffee but a place to experience good coffee. Starbucks has continually sought to demystify the notion that Starbucks is a place where customers come to buy coffee. Instead, they have committed to creating an atmosphere where customers can have a good experience as they take their coffee.

Starbucks has created an excellent environment in their stores by ensuring they have good dine-in facilities so customers can be comfortable. They have also purposely made their stores attractive and homely by providing warm lighting, and having attractive wall paintings.

Recently, they have allowed their customers to sit at the cafes even when they are not buying any drink or food. They have portrayed their cafes as a perfect meeting point for friends, families, or love birds.

Such is meant to create a good atmosphere for customers.

Employee Satisfaction and Training

What is Starbucks doing to ensure a positive customer experience

Employee satisfaction is a principal rule when you want to enhance customer experience. Happy employees make happy customers. Starbucks continually keeps its employees satisfied through good remuneration and a flexible work environment. For instance, the company has allowed baristas and shift supervisors to receive and share-out tips, which makes them feel appreciated, besides increasing their weekly pay.

Additionally, Starbucks enhances employee satisfaction through two types of training. One, employees are trained on how to perform their duties effectively. Such provides employee confidence and reduces mistakes which is vital to employee satisfaction. Secondly, they are trained to connect with customers to enhance their experience. The better the employees connect with customers, the more they become satisfied with their work.

Continuity of Brand and Product

Starbucks has purposefully made its brand around the aspects of quality products. One of the ways they have enhanced such a perception is by reviewing their product quality. If products are lower quality than intended, they are recalled, and the company makes refunds. Sch has ensured that products are of impeccable quality and created a good customer perception of the quality of the products.

Starbucks has also ensured continuity by ensuring consistency in its products. As I mentioned earlier, the iced white chocolate mocha I tasted ten years ago still tastes the same across their branches. When a customer goes to a Starbucks in Yucaipa to have an Americano, he is sure to have the same taste and quality as the one he had last month in New York.

Final thought

Starbucks has intentionally enhanced customer satisfaction and continually uses the measures that generate such results.

FAQ section

How is Starbucks customer-oriented?

By enhancing the customer experience through a better connection between employees and customers and a comfy environment for customers to take coffee

Why do customers like Starbucks?

Customers like Starbucks because of its friendly employees, excellent cafes, quality products, and consistency.

What is Starbucks doing to ensure a positive customer experience?

Starbucks ensures a positive customer experience by providing better cafes, training employees, and ensuring quality and consistency.

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