Starbucks Iced flat white (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Copycat Recipe, Caffeine, Calories, Dairy content & more information)

If you are craving a cold coffee, walk into the Starbucks near you and order a Starbucks Iced Flat White. You will indeed fall in love with this fantastic drink!

During my tour to Athens, Greece, last summer, a friend introduced me to the Starbucks Iced Flat White. He took me to one of the best Starbucks stores in the city on a hot afternoon during the weekend and ordered this fantastic drink. I loved the drink.

After returning home, I researched more into the drink. While researching, I came across a recipe describing how to prepare the Starbucks Iced Flat white at home. Last month, I prepared my homemade Starbucks Iced Flat White, and I am impressed at how close it was to the original. This article explains everything you need to know about the drink, from its history, ingredients, nutritional value, caffeine, and dairy content to its copycat recipe. Read on to learn more about the Starbucks Iced Flat White!

Brief history of the drink

Flat white originated in Australia in the 1980s. It became a fan favorite in the United Kingdom since its release in 2010. The beverage has gained popularity among Starbucks patrons in the United States and Canada since its release in 2015.

As the taste and preferences of most coffee drinkers in the United States and worldwide continue to become sophisticated, Flat white continues to gain more popularity among bold coffee lovers.

Is Starbucks Iced flat white still available at Starbucks?

The Iced Flat White is available at Starbucks all year round. A cup of iced flat white would be perfect for a hot day. It will help regulate your body temperatures and, at the same time, give you the energy boost you need to continue with your routine job.

The drink’s name is still available at Starbucks. It is one of the drinks on the Starbucks website menu. Just type “Starbucks Iced flat white” and open the link to the Starbucks to the official Starbucks website.

Starbucks Iced flat white (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Caffeine, Calories, Dairy Content)

Starbucks Iced flat white 
Starbucks Iced flat white. Image source: Starbucks

What’s in a Starbucks Iced flat white – (ingredients)

Now that you are well acquainted with the drink’s origin, you might wonder what makes it so popular. This melts down to the ingredients that Starbucks uses to make this classy drink. According to its website, Starbucks lists the ingredients in a grande serving of its Iced Flat White as ice, whole milk, milk foam, three shots of signature espresso roast ristretto, and a sweetener. Let’s talk about each;

  • Ice: It makes the Flat White iced and the go-to drink option on a hot summer day or a weekend at the beach.
  • Milk: It gives Flat White its creamy taste. Starbucks uses whole milk when making the Iced Flat White. If you customize your drink, switch the whole milk to plant-based milk (almond, soy, coconut, and oat), nonfat, breve, and 2 percent milk.
  • Milk Foam: It gives Flat White a sweet and creamy mouthfeel.
  • Three Shots Signature Espresso Roast Ristretto: The shots give Flat White a sweet and richer coffee flavor. A ristretto is made by passing less water through fine coffee grounds resulting in a shot with a sweeter, richer coffee flavor.
  • Sugar: It acts as a sweetener. You can replace it with healthier sweeteners such as honey or cane sugar.

Starbucks Iced flat white: Sizes, nutrition, Caffeine, Dairy Content & Calories

What sizes are available?

Starbucks serves its Iced Flat White in three-cup options. You can order a 12 ounces (tall), 16 ounces (grande), or 20 ounces (venti) cup. If you are trying this iced drink for the first time, starting with the smallest serving-12 ounces cup is advisable. Only some people like a strong coffee flavor. You can order the 16 or 20 ounces serving during your next visit if you like how the drink tastes.

Nutritional facts

It would be best if you always looked into the nutritional value of any drink you purchase at Starbucks. Checking a drink’s nutritional information will save you from exceeding your daily sugar, calories, fat, and cholesterol intake requirement, especially if you are on a diet or have an underlying health condition.

I love Starbucks Iced Flat White because it is a healthy drink. I will share the nutritional value of a standard drink serving to help you make an informed decision.

The Starbucks Iced Flat White is a moderate-calorie drink. A Grande serving of this fantastic drink contains 150 calories. Seventy calories are from the 8 grams of fat in the drink. This fat makes up about 10 percent of your daily fat intake requirement. A majority of the calories come from Flat White’s carbohydrate content. It contains 13 grams of carbohydrates which is 5 percent of your daily carbs intake requirement.

This beverage has 25 milligrams of cholesterol which is 8 percent of the daily cholesterol intake requirement. This beverage’s 110 milligrams of sodium make up 5 percent of your daily sodium intake requirement. Also, the drink adds 8 grams of protein to your body.

If you have a health condition limiting you from taking foods and drinks high in sugar, calories, or fats, or you are on a diet, this drink is a good option. If the three Ristretto espresso shots are too strong for you, ask the barista to reduce them to two. Also, you can replace the sugar with healthier sweeteners such as cane sugar or honey.

This table is a summary of the nutritional information I have discussed above.

Calorie count 150
Nutrient Content (per standard serving)Percentage of Daily Value
Total fat (8g)


Trans Fat (0g)

Saturated fat (4.5g)




Total carbohydrates (13g)


Sugar (11g)

Dietary Fiber (0 g)



Proteins (8g)
Sodium (110 mg)5%
Cholesterol (25mg)8%

Caffeine information

A standard Starbucks Iced Flat White serving is prepared using three Ristretto shots. The shots of ristretto add 130 milligrams of caffeine to the drink. One hundred thirty milligrams is way below the daily limit of 400 milligrams of caffeine. You can take two standard/grande size servings of the Starbucks Iced Flat White in a day and not exceed the daily caffeine, sugar, calorie, fat, and cholesterol intake requirements.

Dairy content

Starbucks uses whole milk when preparing its Iced Flat White. However, if you are a vegan, you switch from whole milk to plant-based milk (almond, soy, coconut, and oat). If you are on a low-fat diet, you can opt for nonfat milk instead of whole milk.

So, what does Starbucks Iced flat white taste like?

The Starbucks Iced Flat White tastes fantastic; it is smooth and milky with sweet notes. You will also get a vague coffee mouthfeel. This is thanks to the milk, milk foam, and shots of ristretto that Starbucks uses to make this drink.

Ways to Customize a Starbucks Iced flat white at Starbucks – Starbucks Iced flat white Variations

Starbucks Iced flat white Ingredients
Iced flat white. Image source: Starbucks

Every ingredient in the Starbucks Iced Flat White is customizable. For instance, if you are a vegan, you switch from whole milk to plant-based milk (almond, soy, coconut, and oat). You can opt for nonfat milk if you are on a low-fat diet.

You can also switch sugar with other sweeteners such as cane sugar (liquid) or honey. You can reduce ristretto shots if the coffee taste is too strong for you.

How to make Starbucks Iced flat white at home – Starbucks Iced flat white Copycat Recipe

Starbucks Iced flat white

Starbucks Iced flat white Copycat Recipe

Kai JordanKai Jordan


  • Espresso machine
  • Small glass


  • Twenty-one grams of finely ground coffee
  • One ounce of filtered water
  • Two ounces milk
  • Half a cup of regular ice cubes


  • Pull three ristretto shots of espresso. Pack 7 grams of your preferred coffee into an espresso machine and pull half an ounce shot. Repeat the procedure two more times.
  • Put a reasonable number of ice cubes into your glass.
  • Pour the three ristretto shots into the glass.
  • Pour milk on top of the espresso.


  • If the coffee is too strong, reduce the ristretto shots the next time you prepare the homemade Starbucks Iced Flat White.
  • If you are a vegan, use plant-based milk.
  • If you are on a low-fat diet, use low-fat milk.

Informative Section

How do you order a Starbucks Iced flat white?

If you are in the mood for an Iced Flat White, ask the baristas at Starbucks to make a grande cup of three ristretto shots of espresso, milk, sugar, and ice.

How much is the Starbucks Iced flat white

An Iced Flat White at Starbucks costs $3.95.

Is Starbucks Iced flat white good?

Yes, Starbucks Iced Flat White is good. It is a healthy drink because it contains healthy amounts of sugar, calorie, fat, and cholesterol. You can even drink two grande size cups of the drink in a day.

What is the best size for iced flat white?

The best size is the grande serving. It leaves room for other foods during the day without exceeding your daily sugar intake requirement.

How long does iced flat white last before it melts?

The ice cubes in the Iced Flat White will take between 10 and 15 minutes to melt.

Can you heat up iced flat white?

Yes, you can heat iced flat white. However, the water will dilute the coffee and milk, giving the drink a watery taste you might not like.

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