10 Best coffee urns (best coffee urns reviewed + more information)

The best coffee urn will make good coffee and serve your crowd of guests. It will also maintain coffee quality throughout the service.

Now that the pandemic seems to be behind us, we are finding ourselves with more guests, especially during the holidays. Our larger family seems to be on a mission to make up for lost time, having been unable to meet up for two years. This is how my sister and I found ourselves hunting for a coffee urn to help us keep the coffee going the next time. I decided to share what we found out, including a list of our favorites. Maybe you’ll find the perfect urn here, so keep reading. But first, let’s go through some facts about coffee urns.

Below is a list of our favorite coffee urns:

How Much Coffee Goes Into A Coffee Urn?

To brew 30 cups, you will need approximately 2 cups of coarse-ground coffee. If you have a different size, simply work out how much you need by considering that one-third cup of coarse-ground coffee is required for every five cups.

Do you need to fill the entire urn to use it?

You do not need to fill up the entire coffee urn to use it. Most urns have a lower limit of water coverage, marked at a certain level inside the unit. Fill the urn with water to your desired amount, which must at least cover the minimum level. Coffee urns have markings for different quantities, so this should be a straightforward task.

How Do You Clean The Urn Body?

Clean the inside of the urn using warm, soapy water and a sponge. Fill the basin halfway with water, and add and mix a few drops of dish soap to make soapy water. Then unplug the unit and take it over to the sink. Use the sponge to clean the inside, then rinse till the water runs clear. You do not want any soap residue in your coffee, so a thorough rinse is necessary. Carefully wipe down the exterior, ensuring no water gets into the power inlets. Never submerge your coffee urn in water, as you could get an electric shock.

How we choose the best coffee urn

The coffee urns on this list were included based on several factors. These include the product’s build, ease of use, how fast it brews, and how well it keeps the coffee hot. We chose these factors as we noted that users were keen on how durable an urn was as a key consideration. They also want a user-friendly and fast unit. We considered if the urn was worth its current price by comparing its features with those of others with similar features. You can trust our list as it includes opinions from real users’ reviews and our own experiences. We have included an Amazon link for each product to make your search easier if you decide to buy one of them.

10 Best Coffee Urns

1. SYBO Commercial Grade 50-Cup Hot Water Coffee Urn

Best coffee urns 
SYBO Commercial Grade 50-Cup Hot Water Coffee Urn. Image source: Pinterest

A commercial-grade urn made of stainless steel, this improved SYBO 50-cup Coffee Urn is strong and long-lasting. The lid closes tightly, and the spout is robust. It features a sophisticated style that complements any surface.

The SYBO is also a terrific urn for outdoor events because it keeps the coffee warm for around 2–3 hours after being unplugged. This urn is fast, brewing an average of one cup per minute. We liked that it has an automatic shutdown mechanism, a safety feature that helps avoid fires if left unattended for a long time.

We also found the self-cleaning mechanism to be a valuable feature. We liked that this urn was easy to use, fast, and durable. However, you need to remove the filter basket after brewing. If you don’t, the urn will start brewing again after 30 minutes. View the price for this coffee urn here.

2. Hamilton Beach Model # 40521 Coffee Urn

best coffee urns reviewed 
Hamilton Beach Model # 40521 Coffee Urn. Image source: Pinterest

Your kitchen will benefit from having this Hamilton Beach urn because it not only looks good but will also last a long time due to its stainless-steel construction.

Considering this appliance has an automatic shutoff safety mechanism, you won’t need to be concerned about your coffee burning. It is a fantastic urn for social functions because the carafe can hold 45 cups of coffee. The carafe is easily removable for filling or cleaning. The urn is also fast, as it brews an average of one coffee cup per minute.

We liked how simple it is to clean and that the parts are dishwashable. However, we discovered that you need to use slightly more ground coffee to get the desired taste. View the price for this coffee urn here.

3. Nesco Professional Coffee Urn

Best coffee urns
Nesco Professional Coffee Urn. Image source: Pinterest

This is a fantastic urn for small occasions or busy offices. It is stylish, produces great hot coffee, maintains its temperature, and costs less than you might anticipate for its size and capacity. It can accommodate 30 6.2-ounce coffee mugs. The machine is doubly insulated and made entirely of steel. The entire urn brews in 30-45 minutes, which is a realistic 1 to 1.5 minutes for each cup. We especially like the urn’s locking lid and cool-touch handles, which make it safer to handle and move.

However, cleaning can be challenging since the power cord isn’t removable. We also discovered that there are still quite a few cups in the dispenser, even though it appears empty, because the glass water gauge doesn’t dip all the way down. View the price for this coffee urn here.

4. Zulay Premium 50 Cup Coffee Urn

best coffee urns reviewed 
Zulay Premium 50 Cup Coffee Urn. Image source: Zulay

The silver Zulay Premium commercial coffee urn is loaded with highly sought-after characteristics. It has a concealed heating element in its double-layer stainless steel construction that keeps the water warm for a long time. The urn can serve about 50 cups of coffee and is easy to set up.

The urn is perfect for public events and business settings, including workplaces and weddings. It can make tea, keep water in the tank for hot chocolate, or make any other hot beverage.

We like the urn’s compact design, usability, cool-to-the-touch handles, and ease of cleaning. We found the temperature control reliable, as it kept the coffee hot throughout the brunch service. We, however, found it a little noisy.  View the price for this coffee urn here.

5. Hamilton Beach 45-Cup Dual-Spout Coffee Urn

coffee urns
Hamilton Beach 45-Cup Dual-Spout Coffee Urn. Image source: Pinterest

This is a great choice if you’re searching for a quick way to serve coffee to a large audience, as it has two spouts. It is a very effective option and can be used in time-constrained situations. With this model, you may brew anywhere from 15 to 45 cups. Users insert the cup into the lever on the spouts to trigger the dispenser for simple servicing because they are cup-activated spouts.

The urn is easy to clean up after use because the brew basket and lid are both dishwasher-safe. On the downside, the body of the carafe gets very hot. There have also been complaints that the coffee produced was weak if one used the suggested amounts of coffee grounds. However, you can make a batch to your liking by adding the appropriate amount of coffee grounds. View the price for this coffee urn here.

6. Fooikos Coffee Urn

 coffee urns reviewed
Fooikos Coffee Urn. Image source: Pinterest

You can prepare up to 45 5-ounce servings of coffee with this 8-liter coffee urn. It has an adjustable temperature control, a light that indicates when the coffee has finished brewing, and a gauge that shows how much coffee is in the urn.

We loved how quickly it brewed, thanks to its 1600-watt output. We liked how strong it looked and its protection against power outages and dry burning.

The urn is sturdy as it is made of double-layer stainless steel and has a thoughtful anti-scald design that includes a reinforced anti-scald handle for safety. A spare heating plate and detachable bottom are included. You can get it in black, a unique color option for coffee urns of this size. View the price for this coffee urn here.

7. Elite Gourmet CCM-035 Coffee Urn

Best coffee urns 
Elite Gourmet CCM-035 Coffee Urn. Image source: Elite Gourmet

Compared to other models on the market, this Elite Gourmet Coffee Urn has a remarkable capacity for its size. It can hold 30 cups of coffee. It also includes two warming plates, allowing you to utilize it as a buffet server.

This urn is a stainless steel model that you’ll love using because its internal and external surfaces are both simple to clean. The 36-inch power cord that comes with this unit means you can easily travel with it because it can reach practically any outlet in a room. The reusable filter baskets eliminate the need for untidy, wasteful paper filters. We liked this urn’s portable design, washable filtration system, and large capacity. View the price for this coffee urn here.

8. West Bend 100-cup coffee urn

best coffee urns reviewed 
West Bend 100-cup coffee urn. Image source: West bend

This is the largest coffee urn to make our list, which is not a bigger version of another best coffee urn. We liked this urn’s capacity, efficiency, and reliability.

Like most of the coffee urns selected here, it brews a cup in a minute. We found the manufacturer’s claim to keep coffee hot for an extended period accurate. Other impressive features include automated temperature control and a dripless faucet for continuous or single servings. It has a light indicator to alert you when the brewing process is complete.

You can carry the machine easily thanks to its insulated handles and heat-resistant base. The urn is easy to carry, easy to clean, and has clear markings. However, we found this urn to be a noisy brewer. View the price for this coffee urn here.

9. Home Craft Quick Brew Urn

Best coffee urns 
Home Craft Quick Brew Urn. Image source: Walmart

This Home Craft urn is a good option if you want an urn that also looks nice on the kitchen counter. It has a 30-cup brewing capacity, is made of stainless steel, and is reasonably priced.

We loved that this urn can also make tea or hot chocolate. Although we did augment it with disposable filters, the fact that it is equipped with a reusable filter is a good feature. On the flip side, you must use filtered or distilled water because tap water will eventually damage the heating element.  View the price for this coffee urn here.

10. Proctor Silex Coffee Urn

Best coffee urns 
Proctor Silex Coffee Urn. Image source: Proctor Silex

Large groups and gatherings may enjoy freshly brewed coffee thanks to the Proctor Silex Coffee Urn’s ability to retain the ideal temperature. If the water tank dries off, then the boil-dry protection feature turns the unit off.

We appreciated how easily cups can be filled with just one hand, shortening wait times at the coffee counter. Additionally, we discovered that it includes a window that indicates when the amount of coffee is low. It is simple to remove the coffee-level tube for cleaning. There is no need for paper coffee filters because the urn has a built-in, permanent plastic filter basket. Heavy-duty plastic handles offer handy carrying, and a twist-and-lock top reduces the possibility of spills.

Although this product was intended for restaurant use, there are 40- and 60-cup size options to serve smaller parties. View the price for this coffee urn here.

Informative Section

How long do coffee urns last?

Quality coffee urns typically last five years. Depending on usage and maintenance, high-quality machines may last longer.

Are coffee urns portable?

Yes, most coffee urns are portable and typically don’t exceed 10 pounds when empty.

How long does it take a coffee urn to make coffee?

One cup of coffee will take approximately one minute to brew in a coffee urn. This means it will take half an hour for a 30-cup urn to brew when full.

Do you need a coffee filter for a coffee urn?

No. Coffee urns do not need filters. However, many have filter baskets, and you will need coarse-ground coffee to make coffee in an urn.

How many bags of coffee do I need for a full urn?

One bag of coffee is needed for a 100-cup urn. The ratio works out to a one-third cup of coarse-ground coffee for every five cups of coffee. So if you are brewing 30 cups in a smaller urn, you will need 2 cups of ground coffee.

 How many tea bags do you use in a coffee urn?

Typically, you’ll need to use one tea bag for every 6 or 8 ounces of water. However, it is best to look at the back of the tea package to determine the recommended quantity of water.

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