Starbucks coverage and non-coverage: What is the big difference?

There is a significant difference between coverage and non-coverage shifts at Starbucks. Sometimes, employees are required to perform other work-related duties during their normal shifts. This requires them to be off the floor in what is referred to as non-coverage. I have met many partners who fail to understand the difference between the two shifts apart from being on and off the floor. In this post, we will be looking at the main differences. You will learn about the two shifts and what they entail, so keep up.

What are the differences between Starbucks coverage and non-coverage?






Not satisfactory

Compensation and Benefits




Normal shift hours

Varies with the specific off-floor task

Starbucks Coverage vs. non-coverage-How they compare


Starbucks coverage and non-coverage

Coverage shifts are normal working hours that one is hired to work. At Starbucks, coverage shifts are mostly 8-hour shifts, for 84% of employees. These are satisfactory hours for most employees who want a healthy work-life balance.

Non-coverage shifts are temporary and can only be a few minutes off the floor. We cannot say they are satisfactory as one is expected to return to their normal schedule after the non-coverage.

In this category, the coverage shift wins.

Compensation and benefits

A coverage shift offers discounts on food, commuter allowance, and normal wages for the hours worked. You also get tips if you are hourly.

Non-coverage shifts do not affect your compensation and benefits. You will still get free drinks and tips.

In this category, we get a draw.


Coverage shifts are normal working hours. Morning shifts at Starbucks can start at 4am and end at 1pm or 3pm to 7pm for evening shifts.

Non-coverage hours can be a few minutes or all normal shift hours. Deep cleaning takes a long time and is often considered non-coverage.

In this category, the winner is the coverage shift for not disrupting a partner’s normal schedule.

Starbucks coverage vs. non-coverage-A comparison overview

Starbuck coverage review

Starbucks coverage and non-coverage- What is the big difference?

The Starbucks coverage shift is the normal hours a partner works without interruption. The partner is expected to report to work and work normal hours doing what they are hired to do. This shift requires workers to be in the acceptable dress code. Coverage shifts can be morning, midday, or evening shifts.

Starbucks non-coverage review

This means you are covering your hours at work without being on the floor. You are assigned duties away from what you have been hired to do, like attending training or deep cleaning. These shifts do not affect the partner’s hours but are billed differently. If you are an hourly worker, you will still get a share of tips even when off the floor.

Final verdict: so, which is better?-Starbucks coverage or non-coverage

The coverage shift is better because it is consistent and familiar. Being shifted from one place to another at work is not always the most pleasant feeling.


Which one is more popular between coverage and non-coverage hours at Starbucks?

The coverage shift is more popular as non-coverage only pops up occasionally.

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