Where does Starbucks get their Food? (Is Starbucks food made in House? +more Information)

Starbucks has been known to be a coffee giant, but in recent years, it has expanded its products to feature various food items. So, where does Starbucks get their food?

Starbucks has for a long time outsourced its food from international suppliers. . I have always wondered where the Starbucks food items are made. Initially, I imagined that Starbucks stores have a mega kitchen somewhere and that foods are made in house, but I learned that they don’t make their food items. The food items are sourced from various partnerships worldwide. The coffee giant is known to source its coffee beans from the coffee belt, an area between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. This is the area known as the source of coffee. Starbucks partners with chefs and bakers worldwide and get their food transported to their locations.

What is Starbucks food?

Starbucks stores serve food items apart from its coffees. The food items include breakfast sandwiches, egg bites, lunches, protein boxes, and desserts. The breakfast sandwiches include:

· Bacon, sausage, and egg wrap

· Impossible breakfast sandwich

· Bacon, Gouda, and egg sandwich,

· Double-smoked bacon, cheddar, and egg sandwich

The lunches include:

· Crispy grilled cheese on Sourdough

· Ham and Swiss on baguette

· Turkey, Provolone, and Pesto on Ciabatta

· Tomato and mozzarella on focaccia

Egg bites Include:

· Egg white and roasted red pepper egg bites

· Bacon and Gruyere egg bites

· Kale and mushroom egg bites

All these and much more make up Starbucks food. You are also likely to find cakes and cake-pops, desserts, and snacks. All of these fall in the category of Starbucks foods.

Does Starbucks make their own food?

Starbucks food

No, they don’t. Starbucks outsources its food from abroad. However, some food items like cake pops are baked in the United States by Starbucks’ partners. Items that you see on display are sourced from thousands of miles away. No matter where you go, all Starbucks foods are all the same. This can be puzzling considering the dynamics involved in food preparation. The reason behind this similarity is the sourcing from one company.

The delightful breakfast favorites are made in Italy by a partner company called Princi.  No matter where you go, your Starbucks sandwiches will always taste and look the same. The outsourcing part should not get you worried about food safety. The company has instilled strict legal and ethical guidelines regarding food transportation.

Does Starbucks bake their own Stuff?

No, it doesn’t. Starbucks obtains its stuff through partnerships with small-scale bakers across the United States and Europe. The company approaches bakeries in the region to make some of our favorite cakes and desserts. The next time you take your sweet cake pops, know that it comes all the way from Colorado from a dessert company called SROriginals. I love that Starbucks takes time to search for the best supplier, and it doesn’t go with the size of a company to make it a partner. A dessert company like SROriginals is classified as a small-scale company. Starbucks does not directly bake its delicacies but gets them from its worthy partners.

Where does Starbucks get their baked goods?

Starbucks gets its baked goods from Italy and the US. The Italian bakery is called Princi. This bakery is the source of all the delicious pastries, sandwiches, egg bites, and all baked goods at Starbucks. The other partner bakers are SROriginals from Aurora, Colorado. The Colorado bakers supply all the Starbucks cake pops. You are probably wondering, ‘why doesn’t Starbucks just do all the work instead of outsourcing?’ It’s not sustainable or possible to install a kitchen in all its 33,883 stores worldwide. The practical and most long-term solution is to partner with bakers and get ready items delivered.

Is Starbucks food Frozen?

Is Starbucks food made in House?

Yes, all foods arrive when frozen and well packed in plastic containers. Freezing is the surest way to preserve food freshness, especially items coming from abroad. These foods are transported at a very specific temperature and route to reach your local Starbucks store while still fresh. The food is reheated and served to you while sizzling hot. You might be tempted to think that the chef is a few blocks away.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks does not make its food items, but contracts suppliers locally and internationally. Regardless, the foods get to your plate fresh and hot. The taste and quality remain the same for all stores. If it had always bagged you why all Starbucks foods look alike no matter where you are, you can put the issue to rest after the above information.


1. Where does Starbucks get their sandwiched from?

Your favorite Starbucks sandwich is made in Italy by a pastries and bread company called Princi.

2. Where do Starbucks get their cake pops from?

Starbucks cakes are made in Aurora, Colorado by a bakery called SROriginals.

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