When does creme brulee come back to Starbucks? (Is Starbucks Caramel Brulee seasonal? + More information)

When does crème Brulee come back to Starbucks? If you are one of the super fans of this mouth-watering delicacy and wondering how or when it is available then this article has your answer.

In February this year, I walked into Starbucks, chilled to my marrow from walking in the cold and looking forward to my favorite treat. Imagine my disappointment after the waiter looked at me knowingly and smiled sweetly only to deliver the news that the crème Brulee was out of season? I almost cried in frustration because I had walked for quite a distance to get to this cafe and I could think of anything else that could satisfy my craving.

To answer your question, yes, Starbucks’ crème Brulee is seasonal. It is only available during the Christmas holidays and therefore you can only find it between November and January each year. This then begs the question, are there any other close options? There is a latte that mimics its taste which is offered all year long. If this is your favorite latte’, you could consider this other option.

Is Crème brulee at Starbucks?

The Crème Brulee is at Starbucks, but being a seasonal drink it is only available during the Christmas holiday season, between November and January. Though this is so, here is some great news! All through the year, there is a mock latte that combines white mocha syrup with toffee nut syrup. I have tasted it and though it is not completely the same, it comes pretty close. Yummy!

At Starbucks, this delectable treat has been in existence since 2009. At the end of each year when it is back in season, people line up in tons just to get it. Ranked number five in terms of popularity, this drink’s fame speaks for itself. Point is, people, love it!

What is in Starbucks creme brulee?

It is an espresso beverage drink that is made from coffee, milk, and caramel brule’e sauce. Brule’e means burnt in French and in this case, it means caramelized baked sugar that is added as a topping together with whipped cream. It originated in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Though the name is French, the exact origin is unclear and all the three countries claim that it originated from their country.

Since it is an espresso drink, you can choose to have it decaffeinated if you wish it. If you also prefer a mellow taste and you find this option too strong, then feel free to take it blonde or iced blonde. More interestingly, take it as a Frappuccino. In addition, some choices can make your option best suited to your liking. They include the amount and type of milk, flavors, toppings, add-ins, sweeteners, and the number of espresso shots.

Having noted all this, what does Starbucks Caramel Brulée Latte, taste like?

Unadulterated sweetness! That’s how it tastes! While the normal Starbucks caramel sauce is buttery and sugary, the caramel brule’e latte has a smoky and honeyed taste, with a crunchy flavored topping that tastes like baked sugar. It melts down your throat leaving a toffee-like taste that makes you want to take another sip, and then another. In short, it tastes like dessert.

FAQ Section

Did Starbucks discontinue caramel brulée?

No, caramel brule’e is still available but it is off-season at the moment, meaning you cannot order it. However, from November to December each year, you can have as much of it as you like.

If out of season, how can you order Caramel Brulee Latte?

You can order the mock Caramel Brulee latte made of white mocha syrup latte and toffee nut syrup latte. It comes quite close in taste, and it is available all year round.

What is the calorie count of a caramel brulée from Starbucks?

There are two sets of calorie information. From fats, the calories are 120 and from the drink, the calories are 410, which is quite high.

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