How much is a shot of espresso at Starbucks? (how much fluid ounces is in a shot of espresso + more information)

Starbucks is best known for its expansive menu of espresso-based drinks, which come in different sizes. How much fluid ounces is in a shot of espresso?

A single shot of espresso or a solo shot is one fluid ounce or 30 millimeters. Different drinks require different amounts of espresso, and some go to the extent of adding four shots. I have been an espresso drinker at Starbucks ever since I can remember, and I have always had two shots at most. While it’s easy to order a latte or any other drink, most people do not know much about an espresso shot. This post will look at this source of caffeine in detail. By the end, you will know its capacity and caffeine content.

How much does Starbucks shot of espresso cost?

A shot of espresso without any additives sets you back a mere $1.95. This is a plain shot without any other ingredients. This is one fluid ounce and can be customized into a delicious drink with some syrups and additives like milk.

Starbucks provided limitless options for their medium roast espresso. A single shot of espresso can be turned into a tall latte with 2% steamed milk for $2.95. A tall cappuccino also contains one shot of espresso at $2.95.

The options are endless with a solo shot, and you will only add a few dollars for some great customizations. If you would like to spice things up with a state of chocolate, you can order a tall mocha that comes with a shot of espresso at $3.45.

A shot of espresso can be added to chai tea to make it a dirty chai tea latte for $3.55 if you order a latte with chai syrup, instead of a chai tea latte with an espresso shot. The latter will cost you more than the former, as a solo espresso will require an extra $1.95, while a chai syrup will only cost 0.60 cents.

How much caffeine is a Starbucks shot of espresso?

A solo shot of espresso gives you a caffeine boost of 75mg. This means that a tall latte will have 75mg of caffeine and a cappuccino. The more shots you add to your drink, the higher the caffeine content you will take. This amount of caffeine is equivalent to a tall cup of brewed coffee. If less time is taken in pulling the espresso, the product pulled, is called a ristretto and has half the amount of caffeine in an espresso shot.


How many types of espresso shots does Starbucks have?

Starbucks has four main types of espresso shots, namely, solo doppio, triple, and quad.

How much shots of espresso are in a Grande?

Grande espresso drinks mostly have two shots of espresso.

Can you have espresso shot in a non-coffee drink at Starbucks?

Yes, you can add espresso to tea drinks at an extra cost.

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