What Is the Green Stick at Starbucks Called? (Why Are Starbucks Splash Sticks Called Splash Sticks + More Information)?

The Starbucks green stick is convenient to keep your Starbucks beverage hot, especially early in the morning. Also, it prevents the splashing of your coffee. What is the green stick at Starbucks called? 

The green stick at Starbucks is known as a splash stick. It comes in handy after you buy your Starbucks beverage by preventing liquid or heat from escaping the lidded cup. Since I’m always in a hurry to go to work after buying my morning coffee at Starbucks, I always spill it everywhere and get to the office when it is no longer hot. But, after learning about the splash sticks, I prefer using them now. Plus, you can clean and reuse them on your next Starbucks trip. Read on to learn more about the Starbucks green stick.

Where did the green stick at Starbucks come from?

The green stick was introduced in 2008 by Starbucks in Canada. However, the idea is from a customer suggestion from the company’s social networking site Mystarbucksidea.com which allows users to generate ideas on how not to befoul the planet. The green stick is now available at Starbucks worldwide to their many customers.

Why are Starbucks splash sticks called splash sticks?

Why Are Starbucks Splash Sticks Called Splash Sticks

They are known as splash sticks because they lock into the cup lids sip hole when you get your Starbucks coffee order. Using the splash stick helps keep your coffee hot and prevent any spilling or splashing from the splash back as you carry your coffee.

Where did the coffee stopper at Starbucks come from?

The coffee stopper is one of the many names the customers use to call the Starbucks green stick. The coffee stopper is similar to the splash stick device used to prevent spillage and escape of air when you buy your coffee at Starbucks. They are also known as lid seals and plug, as some of the names customers use. But the coffee chain dubbed it splash stick.

Final thoughts

The next time you go to your local Starbucks for your coffee take-out. Request to get a splash stick to prevent spilling and to keep your drink hot until you get to your destination. Also, ensure you bring it on your next Starbucks trip to reuse it.

FAQ Section 

Did Starbucks get rid of stoppers?

Yes. Starbucks got rid of stoppers because of waste.

Why did Starbucks switch to paper straws?

The Starbucks switch to paper straws was to reduce plastic waste.

What happened to Starbucks green straws?

The Starbucks company abandoned the green straws and introduced sippy cup lids for most beverages.

Are Starbucks green sticks recyclable?

Yes. The Starbucks green stick is recyclable.

What does a coffee stopper do? 

It is used on a disposable coffee lid to fit firmly on the sipping hole to prevent drips or spills and keep your drink hot.

Does Starbucks automatically give straws and splash sticks?

You have to request one if you need to use it to reduce the amount of plastic thrown away.

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