What Is The Wandavision Drink At Starbucks? (What Does The Wandavision Drink At Starbucks Taste Like + More Information)

Starbucks has an array of amazing secret menu drinks, and the Wandavision refresher is one of them. So, what is the Wandavision drink at Starbucks?

Starbucks secret menu Wandavision drink is a Disney-Inspired refresher made by modifying the popular strawberry acai refresher with strawberries, guava juice, and sweet cream vanilla topping. I have been crazy about Starbucks’ secret menu and I have followed this crazy trend like a cult. When I bumped into the much-hyped Starbucks Wandavision, I was thrilled by the rich taste. I know most people do not know much about this refresher, but I’m about to change that in this post. By the end, you will have all the necessary information about this fascinating refresher, so keep reading.

Starbucks wandavision drink nutrition

This drink is not badly off nutrition-wise, compared to other over-the-top items at Starbucks. It contains 36g of carbs per Grande serving. The sugars are at 34g, which translates to 45% of the daily value. The refresher is mostly taken in summer, and we know this season is full of activities, so these figures are not bad. A Grande will also give you 175 calories. This drink comes with a moderate level of cholesterol at 20mg. It will also give you a boost of energy from this caffeine content. The green coffee extract in the strawberry acai refresher contains 45mg of caffeine per Grande.

Sodium is the lowest at 35g, and this translates to 2% of the daily value. When we look at proteins, a Grande comes at 6g, which is 9% of the daily value. The proteins come from the vanilla sweet cream, and it contains milk. If you are wondering what I am going on about when I talk about the daily value percentage, I simply mean the daily amount of each nutrition required for the body to function, turned into a percentage. Let’s see what this is like in summary.

Calorie count (out of 2,000 calories daily intake) 


Nutrient Content (per Grande serving)

% of Daily Value

Total Fat (3.5g)


Total carbohydrates (36g)

Sugar (34g)



Proteins (6g)


Cholesterol (20mg)


Sodium (35mg)


What is in the Starbucks wandavision drink (ingredients)?

What Does The Wandavision Drink At Starbucks Taste Like

The Wandavision refresher, as earlier mentioned, is a Starbucks secret menu drink. This drink is made by modifying the already existing strawberry acai refresher with a Guava juice blend and vanilla sweet cream foam. It is easy to get confused between the Wandavision refresher and Frappuccino. Let’s look at each ingredient in detail.

Strawberry acai refresher: This is one of the most popular refreshers at Starbucks. Its popularity makes it a great option for modifications. This refresher contains white grape juice, acai powder, passion fruit flavor, natural green coffee extract, sugar, and strawberries. If you prefer your refresher without water, it becomes sweeter than if water is added, but you must the barista about your preference.

Guava Juice: As you can already, guess, this juice is made from guava juice. At Starbucks, guava juice contains coconut milk, sugar, white grape juice, and guava concentrate.

Vanilla sweet cream foam: This is the crown of the Wandavision refresher. The heavy cream topping contains a delicious vanilla flavor that makes this modification a must-try.

Can you make the Starbucks wandavision drink at home?

Yes, you can. The home recipe is very simple and only requires a few ingredients. You will need to make a base drink, the guava juice blend, and have some sweet cream foam in hand. The base drink requires you fresh or freeze-dried strawberries, white grape juice, acai powder, green coffee extract, and passion fruit flavor. You will need a saucepan to boil your cut strawberries and white grape juice on low heat.

When done, strain the liquid in a jar and discard the chunks. Return the strained mixture to the sauce, add all the above-listed ingredients and water and bring to a boil. Keep stirring until everything is well dissolved, and ensure you boil the ingredients on low heat. In a pitcher, pour this mix and let it cool, and you will have yourself the base drink.

You can opt to use ready guava juice and add ginger and coconut. Mix the juice well and set aside. You can also add pineapple syrup to make the juice even tastier. You can create your own vanilla sweet cream foam by adding milk, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and sugar into a bowl and frothing it with=h with a milk frother. Add the base drink into your cup, add the guava juice blend, and top the drink with your homemade vanilla sweet cream foam.

How to order Starbucks wandavision drink?

What Is The Wandavision Drink At Starbucks?

When we talk about a secret Starbucks menu, we simply mean that the drink is not found on the official menu. The baristas at Starbucks are not trained to make it, but since the ingredients used are available at the coffee chain, you can order it step by step. You can start by ordering a Grande strawberry acai refresher without water, ask the barista to add guava juice and finish off with a vanilla sweet cream foam topping. If you prefer a gentle amount of sugar, you can opt to retain the water.

If you walk into any store and ask for the Wandavision refresher, you will only get embarrassing blank stares as the baristas wonder what you are talking about. It is important to differentiate between the Wandavision refresher and the Wandavision Frappuccino. The latter is made with a vanilla bean Frappuccino base, while the former is made with a strawberry acai base.

What does Starbucks’ wandavision drink taste like?

The drink tastes amazing. It has all the sweetness you can desire in a refresher on a hot summer day. If you like the taste of strawberries, you will appreciate this refresher as it has a rich strawberry taste. When you take your first sip, the vanilla sweet cream takes you away in a world of intense vanilla creaminess with a lingering sweet taste. The flavor of this drink is as intense as the show it is named after. While most refreshers are light, this one gives you a touch of creaminess from the topping and the coconut ingredient in the guava juice. The initial strawberry acai is fruitier than this variation, which adds some hints of milk and coconut tropical taste.

Final Thoughts

This refresher has taken the internet by storm as many refresher enthusiasts flock to Starbucks to grab a taste of this wonder drink. It is a great way to start your day in the summer. The trick is to master the steps of ordering to avoid disappointment at the counter.


Does the Starbucks WandaVision drink have caffeine?

Yes, it does. The strawberry acai refresher contains a natural green coffee extract that has moderate caffeine.

Is the Starbucks WandaVision drink vegan?

No, it’s not. The vanilla sweet cream foam contains milk which disqualifies the refresher from vegan drinks.

How much is Starbuck WandaVision drink?

A Grande cup will set you back $3.75.

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