Starbucks Secret Menu Items (Items on the Starbucks Secret Menu, Price List + More Information)

Starbucks has an official menu, but they also allow you to make customizations to your drink orders called the secret menu. The Starbucks secret menu ranges from Frappuccino’s, Lattes, and refreshers.

As a content creator, I am always looking for arty and aesthetically pleasing content for my social media pages. Normally, I would order Starbucks coffee as they look cute and enticing until I realized there is a Starbucks secret menu where I can order drinks that look good and are refreshing for my palette. If you like to order drinks that are enticing and enjoy Starbucks drinks, then you should order the Starbucks secret menu. The secret menu is real and magnificent. But you should not that Starbucks does not have an official secret menu where you can order from.

So, how do you order from the secret menu? The trick is in mastering how to order. Before making your order, make sure you research how to customize your order keeping the exact recipe in mind. When making the order, make sure to list all the ingredients you want in your coffee as the baristas are not fully trained on the secret menu. The article below rounds up items from the Starbucks secret menu that you can customize for your aesthetic Instagram coffee content.

What is in Starbucks’ secret menu items?

The Starbucks secret menu contains drinks that are not found on the official Starbucks menu. Luckily, Starbucks allows you to customize your drink options based on your taste preferences. To make an order from the secret menu, you need to have a clear recipe for your order. When making the order, ensure you tell your barista all the ingredients that you want in your coffee as they are not properly trained on the secret menu customizations. The secret menu items range from lattes, refreshers, iced coffees, Frappuccino’s, etc.

How do I order Starbucks secret menu items?

Starbucks Secret Menu items

When making your customized order, make sure you have done the proper research and have a list of all the ingredients you want in your drink. Firstly, you need to order your base drink. The base most likely starts with something that comes from the regular Starbucks menu. For instance, if you want to order the pink drink, you order the Strawberry Acai refresher. Then, you need to request any substitutions.

You can request to replace water with milk or heavy cream, sweetened flavors for sugar-free flavors such as the sugar-free vanilla syrup Etc. Ask your barista to add any toppings of your choice. This is the best part of making your secret menu order. You can add any kind of toppings you want. You can ask your barista for mix-ins such as cookie crumbles or fresh fruit. Don’t forget to add whipped cream and a drizzle of your favorite flavored syrup on tops such as caramel drizzle or toffee nut drizzle.

Even though Starbucks does not have an official secret menu, the secret menu is as real as it gets. With different drink options to choose from and different customizations you can make to your drink, you are likely to never go back to drinking regular coffee ever again. Below are some of Starbucks’ secret menu options to choose from and how you can order them.

Starbuck’s secret menu of Frappuccino’s

1. Butter beer Frappuccino

If you want to feel like you are in the Harry Potter wizard world, you need to try the butter beer Frappuccino. To order this, ask your barista for a caramel crème Frappuccino with a toffee nut syrup. You can choose half your caramel syrup and ask it to be drizzled on the sides of the cup. Then, add in Vanilla sweet cream cold foam and top it off with caramel drizzle.

2. Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino

When you want to indulge in a warm cup of chocolate, the Ferrero rocher Frappuccino should be your top pick. To order this, ask for a double or Java chocolate chip Frappuccino base. Add preferred pumps of mocha and hazelnut syrup, top off with whipped cream, and top off with hazelnut drizzle and mocha drizzle for the extra chocolate flavor. If you want an extra nutty flavor, you can ask your barista to add nutmeg powder

3. French toast Frappuccino

This Frappuccino is my favorite breakfast in a cup with a coffee boost drink. You can order a Vanilla Frappuccino made with sweet cream. Add pumps of cinnamon dolce and hazelnut syrup. Ask for the cinnamon dolce topping. You can also ask for cinnamon sugar to be blended into your drink and topped off with whipped cream.

4. Ariana Grande Frappuccino

Ariana Grande has her own Starbucks secret menu drink. To order the creative drink, start with a Vanilla bean Frappuccino base drink with Raspberry syrup. Blend extra pumps of mocha syrup with mocha chips. Top this blended mixture with extra whipped cream and a generous amount of caramel drizzle.

5. Cinnamon roll Frappuccino

If you are looking for an excuse to put cinnamon dolce into your coffee drink, then this Cinnamon roll Frappuccino is for you. To order this drink, ask your barista to start with a Vanilla bean Frappuccino as your base drink. Add 2 to 4 pumps of white mocha syrup. Add 2 to 4 pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup to your drink and then top with Cinnamon dolce toppings.

6. Red velvet Frappuccino

To order a red velvet Frappuccino, ask for white chocolate and a regular mocha Frappuccino base drink. Add 2-4 pumps of raspberry syrup and top it off with whipped cream. This drink has way less sugar and is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings guilt-free.

7. Chocolate banana Mocha Frappuccino

In case you didn’t know, chocolate and bananas go well together. You should try the chocolate banana Mocha Frappuccino. The added banana gives the drink a frothy and creamy texture and taste that is surreal to make it extra rich. To order this drink, you need to ask your barista for a Vanilla bean Frappuccino base drink. Blend your base drink with a whole banana for that frothy texture. Add in Java chips to give it that extra chocolate taste. Add in extra whipped Mocha cream or just a regular chocolate cream.

Starbucks secret menu Refreshers

Items on the Starbucks Secret Menu

1. Pink Starburst refresher

To order a secret menu pink starburst refresher, ask for strawberry infusion, and order a pink drink that contains a strawberry Acai refresher base. You can request coconut milk for a smoother and creamier taste, and add pumps of vanilla and white mocha over ice.

2. Nerds refresher

This tangy treat is sure to refresh you on a hot summer. To order a nerds refresher, ask your barista to prepare a strawberry Acai refresher with no water. Ask for a blend of apple juice and two pumps of raspberry flavor. This drink gives you the candy taste with a boost of caffeine.

3. Pink purple refresher

This Instagram-worthy refresher combines both pink and purple refreshers to give a visually appealing ombre effect on your drink. To order, as for pink drink and modified purple drink which contains passion iced tea, coconut milk, and vanilla syrup. Ask for extra blackberry toppings.

4. Shaken Strawberry lemonade

The strawberry lemonade is made from sweet strawberry flavors, passion flavors and acai with a delightful lemonade zing blended with green coffee extract and served over ice. To order, ask your barista for a strawberry lemonade with strawberry flavoring and lemonade. Then blend with ice to give a lovely hue of pink that will not disappoint you.

5. Pink drink

The Starbucks secret menu secret drink is the most popular. The drink first went viral on TikTok and gained popularity as everyone wanted to try the pink drink on social media. This drink has a beautiful pink hue and is a great refresher to get on the go. To order, this drink, ask for a Strawberry Acai refresher with no water. To customize your order, you should replace the 2% whole milk or water with coconut milk for a creamier and smooth taste. You can add heavy cream to your order and ask for frozen strawberry toppings.

6. Purple drink

The popular purple drink from Starbucks’ secret menu went viral on social media and has since then gained popularity. This aesthetic Instagram-worthy drink is the right shade of violet to bring a pop of color to your Instagram feed while simultaneously refreshing you on a hot day. To order, this drink, ask for a blend of passion iced tea, add soy milk for a creamier and healthier option, and vanilla syrup to your drink. Top off the drink with a scoop of extra blackberries or blueberries to give that extra delicious fruity flavor.

Starbucks secret menu Lattes

Starbucks Secret Menu

1. Nutella Mocha

There is something about the chocolate flavor of the Nutella spread. Nutella Mocha is a sweet beverage best served as a dessert. This drink is among the most popular Starbucks secret menu drinks. Ordering this drink is not as intimidating or hard as you might think. To order, ask the barista for a cafe misto. Add a few pumps of mocha syrup, 2 to 4 pumps of hazelnut syrup, and top off with drops of caramel drizzle sauce.

2. White chocolate cinnamon chai latte

To order the white chocolate cinnamon chai latte, you need to ask for a chai latte as your base drink. Ask for a pump of Cinnamon dolce syrup and a pump of white mocha syrup. You can finally top this off with whipped cream and cinnamon powder for that cottage-core taste.

3. Raspberry cheesecake latte

When it comes to desserts in a drink, the raspberry cheesecake latte should be among your top picks. To order a raspberry cheesecake latte, ask your barista to give you a regular latte base, and add in pumps of caramel syrup, Cinnamon Dolce syrup, and raspberry syrup for flavor. Finish the drink off with a topping of whipped cream and enjoy.

4. Turtle macchiato

If you are obsessed with turtles, the turtle Macchiato should be at the top of your list. This latte is the perfect blend of Mocha and caramel flavors. To order this drink, ask for a turtle Macchiato with steamed milk and double shots of espresso. Add 2 pumps of caramel and Mocha syrup. Add foam in a crisscross manner between the mocha and caramel syrup. This chocolate treat is best enjoyed slowly to experience the nutty and caramel flavors.

5. Thin mint latte

This drink is a Frappuccino customized with Matcha green tea crème. The drink tastes like a green chocolate chip cookie in form of a drink. The chocolate flavor is strong which comes from the mocha and Frappuccino. The mint flavor is subtle and delicate. To order, ask for a Matcha green tea crème Frappuccino with Mocha sauce, peppermint syrup, and Frappuccino chips. Add a Mocha drizzle to your drink. The Frappuccino chips give the drink a strong chocolate flavor while also adding bits of chocolate to the drink.

Starbucks’ secret menu items and Price List

Starbuck’s secret menu Frappuccino’s prices

Starbuck’s secret menu of Frappuccino’s


Butter beer Frappuccino

$ 5.89

Ferrero rocher Frappuccino

$ 4.95

French toast Frappuccino

$ 5.45

Ariana Grande Frappuccino

$ 10

Cinnamon roll Frappuccino

$ 5.45

Red velvet Frappuccino

$ 8.75

Chocolate banana Mocha Frappuccino

$ 9

Starbucks secret menu Refresher drinks prices

Starbucks secret menu Refreshers


Pink drink

$ 5.45

Pink Starburst refresher

$ 5.45

Nerds refresher

$ 4.95

Pink purple refresher

$ 5.45

Shaken strawberry refresher

$ 4.45

Purple drink refresher

$ 3.45

Starbucks secret menu Latte drinks prices

Starbucks price list

Starbucks secret menu Lattes


Nutella Mocha Latte

$ 5.05

White chocolate cinnamon Latte

$ 5.55

Raspberry cheesecake Latte

$ 4.75

Turtle Macchiato

$ 3.85

Thin mint Latte

$ 6.15


If you have heard of the Starbucks secret menu, then you are probably aware of the different varieties of drinks you can order and the different customizations you can make to your order. When making your order from the secret menu, you need to ensure that you are specific about what ingredients and toppings you want in your drink options. The secret menu has a variety of drinks ranging from Frappuccino’s, lattes, refreshers, and hot or cold drinks.

Starbucks allows you to make customizations to your secret menu options as they care about customer experience. Next time you are at a Starbucks coffee house near you, make sure to order the pink drink with coconut milk as this is my favorite drink.