Starbucks pastry menu (Items on the Starbucks pastry menu, Price list + More information)

In addition to its beverages, Starbucks is well-known for its pastries. If you need something to go with your drink, the Starbucks pastry menu is always available.

Starbucks’ pastries selection can be overwhelming for new customers. I remember when I first started going to the store. With the wide selection, I would spend a lot of time staring at the menu. Everything looked so scrumptious, ordering just one item was almost mission impossible. I’ve since become acquainted with the items and am confident in my knowledge of what is in each item-important stuff like how they taste and the number of calories. I will be sharing some of what I know and hopefully make your choices more informed. By the end of this post, you will also know what’s in each item and how it costs, and more.

What is in Starbucks pastry menu items?

Whether you are looking for a pastry item to go with your Starbucks drink or takeaway, Starbucks has a delectable selection for you. Other than the price, you should also look at the nutritional information for each food item.

The pastry menu comprises bagels, cake pops, cookies, brownies and bars, croissants, loaves and cakes, danishes and doughnuts, muffins, and scones. Here are the different items and some of the popular Starbucks beverages.

Everything & Cheddar Bagel– Soft, chewy, thick Vegetarian bagel topped with melted cheddar cheese and onion, garlic, poppy, and sesame seeds. Available with butter or cream cheese. 290 calories.

Plain Bagel- Soft, chewy, and thick vegan/vegetarian bagel. Available with butter or cream cheese. 280 calories.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel-New York-style vegan/vegetarian bagel with raisins and sweet cinnamon. Available with butter or cream cheese. 270 calories

Avocado Spread -Avocados mixed with lime, garlic sea salt, and a touch of spice-no additives or preservatives.90 calories

Unicorn Cake Pop-Creamy vanilla vegetarian cake with unicorn, shaped with confetti sprinkles, dipped in a white chocolatey icing and magical design.150 calories.

Chocolate Cake Pop-Bite-sized chocolate vegetarian cake mixed with chocolate butter-cream, dipped in chocolatey icing, and dressed with white sprinkles.160 calories.

Lime-Frosted Coconut Bar- Vegetarian bar made with chewy coconut, oatmeal, and white chocolate chips, topped with lime frosting, drizzled with white-chocolatey coating and coconut sprinkle. 240 calories.

Double Chocolate Brownie– Rich chocolate brownie with semi-sweet chocolate chunks – Vegetarian. 480 calories

Chocolate Chip Cookie– Thick, chewy cookie mixed with semisweet chocolate chips -crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Vegetarian. 360 calories.

Ham & Swiss Croissant– Melted Swiss cheese and Hickory-smoked ham wrapped in a butter croissant flaky, golden-brown crust. Non-vegetarian. 320 calories.

Butter Croissant -Butter croissant with flaky layers and golden-brown crust. Vegetarian. 260 calories

Almond Croissant- Almond flan enveloped in a flaky, buttery croissant, topped with almonds. Sweet and savory taste. Vegetarian. 420 calories.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake- Buttery, moist, coffee cake with cinnamon sugar topped with a crunchy streusel. Vegetarian. 330 calories

Iced Lemon Loaf– Buttery, moist lemon cake with sweet icing topping. Vegetarian. 470 calories

Pumpkin & Petita Loaf– Spiced pumpkin bread with crunchy pepitas topping. Vegetarian.410 calories.

Banana, Walnut & Pecan Nut Loaf-Bananas, walnuts, and pecan nuts mixed to make a moist, nutty, banana bread. Vegetarian. 420 calories

Cheese Danish– Flaky, butter croissant with warm cheese at the center. Vegetarian. 290 calories

Glazed Doughnut– Cake doughnut with sweet icing. Vegetarian. 480 calories

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin– Moist spiced pumpkin muffin, with sweet cream cheese filling, sprinkled with chopped, spiced pepitas toppings. 350 calories

Blueberry Scone– Buttermilk scone with blueberries, a hint of lemon zest, and crème fraîche. Vegetarian. 380 calories

Petite Vanilla Bean Scone- Moist, petite scone made with vanilla beans and extract. Vegetarian. 120 calories

Blueberry Muffin– Soft muffin with blueberries and a touch of lemon. Topped with crunchy sugar. Vegetarian. 320 calories.

How do I order Starbucks pastry menu items?

Starbucks pastry menu Items

Using the Starbucks app is the easiest way to order ahead and make contactless payments. Starbucks service now includes grab-and-go café service, drive-thru, and order-ahead entryway pickup and delivery options. You can locate a store, check hours and make payments using the App.

To order from the Starbucks pastry menu online, open the app, and tap the “Order” icon. From there, select bakery, then item and add it to your cart. Then select a convenient store for your pick up. Review the order, confirm if okay, and check out. The app will estimate and show you the wait time.

Some stores are open for orders at the counter. In which case you can walk in and place your order as-is on the menu.

Who makes the pastries for Starbucks?

Starbucks makes most of its pastries in-house through partnerships with re-known bakers, including the Italian firm Princi, since 2016. Cake pops are said to be sourced from Steve Charles company, an independent California-based gourmet desserts maker. It is believed that most of the pastry-making technology and recipes that Starbucks has were originally from La Boulange, a company it acquired in 2012 and closed in 2015.

Starbucks pastry menu items and price list


Everything & Cheddar Bagel


Plain Bagel


Cinnamon Raisin Bagel


Everything Bagel


Avocado Spread



Cake Pops

Unicorn Cake Pop


Birthday Cake Pop


Chocolate Cake Pop



Cookies, Brownies & Bars

Lime-Frosted Coconut Bar


Double Chocolate Brownie


Chocolate Chip Cookie


Marshmallow Dream Bar




Ham & Swiss Croissant


Butter Croissant


Almond Croissant


Chocolate Croissant



Loaves & Cakes

Cinnamon Coffee Cake


Iced Lemon Loaf


Pumpkin & Petita Loaf


Banana, Walnut & Pecan Nut Loaf



Danishes & Doughnuts

Cheese Danish


Glazed Doughnut



Muffins & Scones

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin


Blueberry Scone


Petite Vanilla Bean Scone


Blueberry Muffin



From the above, you can tell that it is hard to run out of options when looking for pastries from Starbucks. You can base your choice on taste, calories, or budget. Vegans and vegetarians are well catered for on this menu. Enjoy!

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