Double Star Day at Starbucks (When is Double Star Day at Starbucks, how does it work + More FAQs)

What is Double Star Day at Starbucks? As a crucial part of the company’s rewards system, this option is worth knowing if you are a frequent customer like me. So, keep reading for more.

I rarely refuse gifts, and I love when my favorite shops and establishments offer rewards to me for being a loyal customer or shopping from them frequently. Starbucks is the same, and I joined their rewards program as soon as I found out about it, knowing I would be a consistent customer. I am sure it is the same for you as well, with the Double Star Days being among the best days to catch extra rewards when you place your orders. Therefore, the first thing to ask is – what is Starbucks Double Star Day?

The Starbucks Double Star days are reward periods occurring on specific days every month, and they allow you special benefits when making purchases as long as you pay for them using your registered Starbucks Card or the app and make the purchase from a participating store.

When is Double Star Day at Starbucks?

Starbucks will always notify you of the Double Star Days on their calendar. This is usually done through emails as well as the Starbucks smartphone app, and you will need to sign up for the notification service to know the nearest Starbucks stores to you that are participating in the event.

To activate the notification emails, simply download the app or allow the Starbucks website to send you promotional and marketing emails, which include these Double Star days. Expect these special days to occur two to three times a month, although there are no exact dates that Starbucks adheres to on the schedule.

When was the first Double Star Day at Starbucks?

The first Double Star day is unclear as Starbucks does not disclose it on its website, but the consensus is that the establishment created loyalty programs back in 2008 for its Starbucks Card holders. These cards offered benefits such as free soy milk, free Wi-Fi access, free refills on tea, iced coffee, drip coffee, and free flavored syrups. Each purchase you made using your card earned stars, which you would then redeem for selected merchandise, free bakery goods, free add-ins, and free drinks.

In later years, the company introduced regular Double Star Days through its mobile app introduction in 2011 and integrated the rewards system with its app for a seamless experience. The result was an increase in mobile transactions, as well as more customers participating in Starbucks Double Star Days, particularly from the mid-2010s onwards.

How does Double Star Day work?

When is Double Star Day at Starbucks,

The concept of Double Star Days is simple: on these days, you get more stars and reward-winning chances when placing and paying for your orders in participating Starbucks establishments. This is the best time to start thinking about buying coffee and tea for your entire office floor – that is the easiest way you can start racking up those stars.

Regardless of your payment method, you will earn double the stars on eligible purchases. If you pay using your Starbucks Card, you will earn four stars for each $1 you spend, while paying for the same purchases using mobile wallets, credit/debit, or cash will earn you two stars for every $1 you spend. Note you have to be part of the Starbucks Rewards/Loyalty Program to be eligible.

How do I join Starbucks Rewards and earn stars?

To join the Rewards system and earn stars on your purchases, you should begin by visiting the Starbucks website and checking out the Rewards menu, or download the Starbucks mobile app and create an account. You will need to give out your email address (for email notifications), your birthday date (to receive birthday rewards), your name, and your password.

After joining the Rewards system, the system will automatically give you a digital Starbucks Card that has a $0.00 balance. You can add funds through the app, the website, or at a participating store. If you want a physical card, you can get it from a participating Starbucks store or select retail locations.

To earn stars on purchases, including on Double Star Days, you will need to pay through:

  • Your Starbucks Card
  • Star codes – you can get these through promotional emails and materials
  • Your linked payment method (such as credit cards and mobile wallets)

Final thoughts

Starbucks Double Star days are the company’s way of rewarding you for buying from its stores, so take the chance and gain as many stars as you can to get some great rewards and treats!

FAQ Section

Did Starbucks stop Double Star days?

No, it did not. The offer continues to this day but happens once or twice a month as part of the promotional cycle.

What time do Starbucks Stars expire?

Starbucks stars take 6 months to expire after you earn them in your account.

Do Starbucks Stars max out?

No, there is no limit to how many maximum stars you can get. You can start redeeming them for Starbucks items when you get a minimum of 25 stars.


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