What is Starbucks vanilla bean powder (how to make, How do make Starbucks vanilla bean powder, what is in a Starbucks vanilla bean powder more FAQs)

If you need an additive that can give your Starbucks drink a sweet vanilla taste, consider vanilla bean powder. What is Starbucks vanilla bean powder?

Starbucks Vanilla Bean Powder is a powder that comes from processed and dried whole vanilla beans. If you are wondering how to add flavor to some Starbucks drinks, this post can help.

I have always loved the taste of vanilla since I was young.

When I started buying Starbucks drinks, I wished I could get more of this flavor. I was happy when I found out that this is possible since some drinks pair well with vanilla bean powder.

I created this post to help you learn what this powder is. You will also discover if it is vegan and how to make it at home.

What Is Starbucks Vanilla Bean Powder Made Of?

This is made of ingredients like natural flavor, sugar, and vanilla bean pieces. Starbucks makes this powder by grinding the vanilla bean. It is a great powder that can give your drink a classic vanilla flavor.

The kind of sugar that Starbucks uses to make this powder is called maltodextrin.

Once you order this powder from Starbucks, you will not fail to notice the black flakes it contains. These are pieces of vanilla beans that are dried and crushed.

A scoop of this powder contains 20 calories. The total carbohydrates in this powder are 5 grams.

Why Is Starbucks Vanilla Bean Powder Vegan?

This powder is vegan since it does not contain any animal-derived contents. If you are vegan, you have to be careful when picking flavor additives since most of them usually have some hidden dairy.

This powder is vegan since it does not have such. Both the sugar and vanilla bean pieces that make up this powder from Starbucks are derived from plants and not animal sources.

Though this powder is vegan, you have to be careful with what you order it with since not all drinks that pair with it are vegan. Before picking a Starbucks drink that can go with vanilla bean powder, find out the exact elements used to make it.

Avoid ingredients like whipped cream or cinnamon dolce topping if you are vegan and are looking for a suitable drink that can go well with this powder.

Which Starbucks Drinks Contain Vanilla Bean Powder?

How do make Starbucks vanilla bean powder

Some of the drinks that you can order with this powder include vanilla creme, ice blonde vanilla latte, cafe vanilla frappuccino, iced toasted vanilla oatmilk shaken espresso, and vanilla bean coconut latte.

Using this powder in such drinks can help you enjoy the flavor of both the seeds and vanilla bean pods. This coffee chain has been adding this powder to such specialty drinks for years now.

If, for instance, you want to buy vanilla bean creme frappuccino, you can order ice, whole milk, vanilla bean powder, creme frappuccino syrup, and whipped cream.

Starbucks also offers caffe vanilla frappucino with this powder. If you wish to try this drink, you should order it with ice, whole milk, whipped cream, coffee frappuccino syrup, and coffee.

On the other hand, the vanilla bean coconut latte comes with vanilla bean powder, frothed coconut milk foam, and two shots of signature espresso.

How to make the Starbucks vanilla bean powder at home

Making this powder is easy since you can do this with only two ingredients. You only need vanilla bean caviar and sugar. You can make the vanilla bean paste with at least 4 ounces of the beans.

Measure the powdered sugar, then transfer it to a blender. Drop the vanilla bean caviar on the powdered sugar, then close the blender. Pulse the blender on low for a couple of seconds until the two ingredients combine completely.

Final thoughts

What is Starbucks vanilla bean powder? This is an additive that can enhance the flavor of a drink. Starbucks adds it to some of its specialty drinks.

The powder is vegan and contains only a few ingredients. You can therefore make it at home.

FAQ section

Are All Starbucks Drinks With Vanilla Bean Powder Vegan?

No. Not all Starbucks drinks that contain this powder are vegan since some come with animal-derived products. For instance, caffe vanilla frappuccino has this powder, but it is not vegan since it has whipped cream.

What is the vanilla bean powder Starbucks uses?

This is a sweetener that adds flavor to some Starbucks drinks like certain frappuccinos.

Is vanilla powder better than extract?

Yes. Vanilla powder is better than vanilla extract since it has a more intense flavor compared to extract. The vanilla powder comes from vanilla beans and is not only used as a natural sweetener but also in baking recipes.

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