40 Awesome Starbucks Toppings (Starbucks Toppings You Must Try)

Starbucks offers different toppings to go with your coffee, making it more delicious. There are several “Awesome Starbucks toppings to try” Read on to see some of them.

Starbucks offers varieties of coffee toppings each time you purchase a cup of your favorite drink. Some awesome available toppings from Starbucks include Cocoa powder, red currant, Java chips, and red velvet sugar. As a lover of coffee, I love requesting different toppings on my coffee each time I place an order, as they are all good. I can boldly state that I have tried almost all the toppings Starbucks shop offers, including whipped cream, sauces, cold form, and even sprinkles and crumbs. Are you wondering how to choose a fabulous topping for your drink? I will list in detail different toppings that are available and which drinks go better with them.


Cinnamon topping is the number on our list, as it is the most common topping ordered at Starbucks. This topping is usually free at the shop, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra bucks. You must try the cinnamon topping next time you purchase a cup of coffee, as it enriches your drink without adding calories to your content. It also makes your coffee taste slightly spicy, giving you a different taste from plain coffee. Cinnamon is added by sprinkling a little bit on top of your coffee.

Chestnut Praline Crumbs

These crumbs topping usually tastes like honey nut cheerios or popcorn. Their primary ingredients include toffee, salt, sugar, vegetable colors, annatto, ginger, cloves, cane sugar, and baking soda. They are fit for Frappuccino drinks and on chestnut praline latte. They also taste good on nut milk or toffee nut. These toppings are awesome because they give your drink a sweet, rich taste.

Pumpkin Spice Topping

40 Awesome Starbucks Toppings

If you love drinking pumpkin drinks from Starbucks, this topping is perfect for you, as it perfectly blends with the drink. The pumpkin spice topping is a vegan topping that consists of four spices, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. It also contains salts that have been mixed with antioxidant properties and preservatives. You will not be charged if the order you placed contains this topping. However, you will be forced to part with a few extra bucks for this topping if you want more of it. This topping is good for you as it contains 100% plant-based products, making it a healthy option.

Cinnamon Dolce

You should try this topping on your coffee, as it adds extra sugar to your coffee if you love sugary coffee. Although Starbucks customers widely love it, cinnamon dolce topping is seasonal, meaning you cannot find it on every day’s menu. This topping is made by mixing plain cinnamon sugar with butter, salt, milk, or butter extract. This topping contains low sugar, making it perfect if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

Crunchy Caramel Sugar

This topping is seasonal and not found on the daily menu. It would be best if you tried this perfect topping as soon as possible before it goes out of order. The crunchy caramel sugar is a mixture of vegetable flavors, salt, soda, cane sugar, baking soda, and annatto. The topping is fit for you if you are a vegan. It is also a gluten-free topping laced with sugar.

Salted Brown Butter Cookies

Best Starbucks Toppings

This topping is made of sugar, corn, vegetables, starch, sea salt, and fruit. You will love this topping if you prefer pistachio drinks. There are different kinds of this specific drink, including the pistachio crème, pistachio frappuccino, and pistachio latte. This topping also has a natural flavor that maintains the natural taste of your beverage.

Java Chips

These toppings come in the form of chocolate chips and are very delicious. You can request this topping if you order a cup of your favorite Frappuccino. Java chips topping contains milk products but is gluten-free. Most of the time, these chips come already blended into the drink, but you can choose to order the chewy ones instead. This topping is awesome compared to regular chocolate, as they are healthy.

Holiday Sugar Sparkles and Crispy White Pearls

This topping is usually used on toasted white mocha drinks by Starbucks, and they have a super sweet taste. They contain oat flour and are not gluten-free. This topping adds flavor to your drink, making them extraordinary.

Cookie Crumble

This topping is perfect for chocolate cookie crème Frappuccino drink, and the mocha cookie crumbles coffee Frappuccino. Unlike many Starbucks toppings, this cookie crumbles topping is placed at the base of your drink and the top. You can request this topping anytime you visit Starbucks shop as it is always available. What makes this topping awesome is the fact that it is always tasty, giving you the exact feeling that you need.

Sea Salt

This type of topping is found throughout the year in almost all Starbucks shops, so you don’t have to worry about its scarcity. This topping is ideally made by mixing turbinado sugar and smoked salt. It is a good choice if you are ordering salted caramel. You can order caramels with this topping, including the salted caramel mocha Frappuccino, hot chocolate, and the salted caramel mocha. You can also get this topping on your salty, cold foam drink.

Coloured Confetti

The colored confetti topping is considered an Asian Pacific holiday special that usually comes with the confetti cookie latte. Wondering what a confetti latte is? This drink is prepared by mixing espresso, steamed milk, and toasted white mocha sauce. This drink is topped with colored sugar sprinkles and whipped cream, giving it a beautiful flavor. This topping is awesome because it adds a beautiful look to your drink or cookie, and they are also very sweet.

Caramel Brulee Bits

Starbucks Toppings

The caramel topping is usually added to the caramel frappuccinos and in caramel lattes, both hot and iced. They are made in crunchy form and taste like crushed caramel candy. This topping is made of cane syrup, sugar, vegetable flavors, fruits, and other natural flavors. Although they perfectly go with caramel drinks, you can also try them with other drinks to see how they taste. This topping gives your drink an extra creamy and smooth flavor.

Dark Chocolate Curls

This is another fantastic topping you should try next time you visit a Starbucks shop. It is made of milk, butter, sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla extract, and cocoa butter. Standard drinks usually topped up with this topping include the peppermint mocha Frappuccino and the peppermint mocha. You should also note that this topping is not gluten-free and might not be in your options if you dislike products that contain gluten.

Cocoa Powder

This topping is perfect for nitro and regular cold brew, with dark cocoa almond milk cold foam. This topping is not your regular cocoa powder, as it is made of alkali processed cocoa powder and powdered sugar. If you love this topping, you can order the Irish cream cold brew drink, or the Irish cream Americano drink, as they already contain this topping as their standard choice. The topping gives you a different cocoa taste from the normal one.

Red Currant

This topping is usually garnished with red currants and rosemary and combined with youth berry tea, lemon grass, and chamomile. This topping is awesome because it makes your drink a healthy dessert.

Nutmeg Dust

Although this is one of the best toppings you can put on your drink, it is not commonly made at some Starbucks shops, as it is among the least ordered topping. This does not mean it is not liked, but a smaller group of customers prefers it. You can still request this topping on your drink, as you might love it. This topping is best when mixed with cinnamon. Although not commonly used, this topping helps regulate digestion and is good for your general body.

Toffee Nut Sugar

This topping is made with toffee nut drinks to give it the perfect taste. This topping is awesome, as it has a great flavor that will compliment your drink.

Cranberry Sugar Crystals

If you like cranberries, this topping will give you the exact taste you get while eating cranberries. They are commonly used as toppings for hot and cold cranberry mocha Blanco. This topping is awesome, as it does not contain high levels of sugar.

Crunchy Spiced Caramel Waffle

Although it is a topping, it was launched by Starbucks as a drink and tasted like Dutch stroopwafel cookies. This topping is perfect when taken with spicy winter waffle sauce and steamed milk and is mixed with a topping of caramel whipped cream and crunchy bits when ordered as a drink.

Red Velvet Sugar

This is another awesome topping you should try and is usually added to the red velvet Frappuccino and the hot and cold red velvet latte. This topping gives your drink an extra sweet taste, making it awesome.

Funnel Cake Sugar Sprinkles

This toppings consist of sugar, palm oil, salt, wheat flour, and other natural flavors. They perfectly compliment the strawberry drizzle on a strawberry funnel cake Frappuccino and contain gluten. These toppings are perfect for trying on as they do not have many calories.

Red and Green Sprinkles.

Before ordering this topping, you should be aware that this topping is colored and can change the taste of your drink when used as a topping. They are suitable for sugar cookie almond milk latte. If you love this topping and still want to include them in your drink, you should request the barista to pump only half of the syrup in your drink. These toppings provide a beautiful aesthetic look to your drink.

Wafer Sauce

Gingerbread latte uses this wafer sauce as a traditional ingredient. It has a fresh spicy taste and a balanced sweetness. This is an awesome topping as it can be used on kids’ drinks too.

Cascara Sugar

This topping will not only add taste and flavor to your drink but also add nutritional value to your body, as it contains traces of antioxidants and chlorogenic acids. It usually looks like brown sugar and has a cascara extract flavor.


This topping can be added to Frappuccino drinks and any hot or cold drink. To ensure that you get a rich caramel flavor, request the person serving you to smear some of it on your cup walls and the top of your drink. Its main ingredient includes heavy cream, which is perfect for a caramel macchiato drink. This topping contains positive cholesterol and vitamins, which are needed in your body.

Caramel Brulee Sauce

Top Starbucks Toppings You Must

This topping sauce is usually mixed into some drinks at Starbucks but can still be placed on top of your desired hot or cold drink as a topping. The caramel Brulee sauce is good for a topping, as it gives your drink an extra richer and smokey taste compared to a normal caramel taste.

Honey Drizzle

This topping tastes better when added to the honeycomb lavender latte. Honey drizzle topping adds a sweet flavor to your drink. This topping will not only add a natural sweetness to your drink but also acts as an antioxidant.

Mocha Sauce Topping

This topping is made of sugar, water and cocoa processed with alkali and can be used on a mocha Frappuccino or cafe mocha to give it the chocolate taste. This is an awesome topping, and you should try it as it reduces anxiety.

Cranberry Sauce

The cranberry sauce topping is poured into your preferred drink and sprinkled with cranberry sugar. It has a sour flavor that perfectly compliments most sweet drinks. You can also add these toppings to the white mocha drink. This is the perfect topping for you as it does contain low fat and will not add unnecessary excess fat to your body.

Strawberry Drizzle

This topping is a strawberry puree sauce made from xantham gum, citric acid, white grape juice concentrate, and fruit color. You can use the strawberry drizzle topping on the strawberry funnel cake Frappuccino. The strawberry juice in this topping benefits your body as it is healthy.

Pumpkin Spice Sauce

The pumpkin spice sauce is usually made from sugar, condensed skim milk, annatto, salt, potassium sorbate, and pumpkin puree. It also contains some natural flavor and fruit color. This topping is awesome because it is vegan, meaning you can also use it if you are drinking a vegan drink.

Strawberry Apple Drizzle

Starbucks Toppings

The strawberry apple drizzle topping tastes like spiced apples with hints of molasses and caramel. It is best when used as a topping for a crisp apple macchiato. These topping ingredients include apple juice, caramelized sugar, regular sugar, xantham gum, brown sugar, cinnamon, and ground nutmeg apple puree. This topping is awesome because it is made with fruits that benefit your health.

Whipped cream

This topping cream is the most popular Starbucks topping; you must try it if you have not. Whipped cream will add sweetness to not only your drink but also vitamins that are essential to your body.

Cold Foam

Cold foam is not a common topping at Starbucks but is as good as any other topping. You can request this topping on your iced coffee, iced tea, or your favorite cold brew. This topping doesn’t melt in your drink, maintaining its purpose of making your drink look good or beautiful.

Molasses Drizzle

Starbucks Toppings You Must Try

This topping is made from crushed sugar cane or sugar beets and will add a bit of sweetness to your drink. It is usually thick. This topping is among the best toppings, as it is a good source of iron, making it beneficial to your body.

Italian Roast Drizzle

You must try this Italian Roast drizzle if you prefer stronger toppings. This topping gives your coffee, Frappuccino, or latte a strong flavor, a reason why you must try it.

Toasted Honey

This topping is the best if you love honey. This topping can be put on any Starbucks drink giving you options. This topping is awesome, and you should try it out because it contains carbohydrates, giving your body more energy and strength.

FAQ Section

Does Starbucks charge you for toppings?

Starbucks only charges for extra toppings you order.

Can I get more than one topping at Starbucks?

You can get more than one topping at Starbucks, according to your preference.

Are there seasonal toppings at Starbucks?

Yes. There are seasonal toppings like pumpkin sauce.

Can I get Starbucks topping on any drink?

Yes, you can, as there are different options available.

Are there vegan toppings at Starbucks?

There are several vegan toppings at Starbucks, including the pumpkin spice sauce.

Are there dairy-free toppings at Starbucks?

They are dairy-free toppings at Starbucks like the dark chocolate curls topping.

Are there caffeinated toppings at Starbucks?

Yes, there are. A good example is whipped cream.