Is Nescafé Instant Coffee Gluten Free? (Does Nescafe Instant Coffee Contain Gluten + More Information)

Instant coffee can be super convenient when you don’t have time to make a real cup of coffee, and Nescafe makes some of the best instant coffee out there. But can people on a gluten-free diet enjoy it? Is Nescafe instant coffee gluten-free?

Having a cup of coffee is my favorite way to wake up, but for those mornings when I’m running late, I opt for instant coffee. Having celiac makes me extra picky with my instant coffee, though. I have to get gluten-free options. If you can relate, read the article below to find out if one of America’s most popular coffee brands has gluten-free instant coffee. So, is Nescafe instant coffee gluten-free?

Yes. I’m happy to report that Nescafe instant coffee is gluten-free. Their Regular and Gold instant coffee is gluten-free, except for the plant-based options. The vegan alternatives are not gluten-free.

Why Doesn’t Nescafe Instant Coffee Have Gluten?

Nescafe instant coffee is gluten-free, so that it can cater to a broader audience and market. Approximately 6% to 7% of the U.S. population has gluten sensitivity and around 20 million Americans have celiac disease. With this number on the rise, Nescafe has gluten-free instant coffee to allow as many people as possible to enjoy it.

Are All Nescafe Instant Coffee Gluten Free?

No. Not all Nescafe instant coffee is gluten-free. Options such as the Nescafe Gold Plant-Based Latte Sachets may contain oats that are gluten. Only the Nescafe Gold and regular instant coffee with milk powder are gluten-free.

Can You Drink Nescafe Instant Coffee If You Are Following A Gluten-Free Diet?

Does Nescafe Instant Coffee Contain Gluten

Most certainly! Anyone on a gluten-free diet can enjoy Nescafe Instant Coffee so long as they stick to the dairy options. These would be the Nescafe Sachets and the Nescafe Gold sachets. The plant-based Gold sachets in the oat, almond, and coconut flavor cannot be had on a gluten-free diet.

Will Nescafe Instant Coffee Affect Celiacs?

Celiac is an auto-immune disease triggered by gluten consumption and mainly affects the digestive tract, particularly the small intestine. Living with celiac is an absolute pain (trust me, I would know!) It prevents you from indulging in quite a wide variety of foods, but luckily, Nescafe instant coffee isn’t one of them. Their gluten-free Gold and regular instant coffee won’t affect celiacs since they don’t contain gluten or are processed with gluten.


Is Nescafe Instant Coffee vegetarian?

Yes! The Nescafe instant coffee sachets are suitable for vegetarians. They do not contain meat.

Is Nescafe Instant Coffee vegan?

Unfortunately, not all their instant coffee is vegan. The regular sachets contain milk powder making them unsuitable for vegans, but they offer vegan options, which come in either oat, coconut, or almond flavor.

Is Nescafe Instant Coffee halal?

Yes. The instant coffee from Nescafe is halal and can therefore be consumed by Muslims.

How much caffeine is in Nescafe instant coffee?

The Nescafe instant coffee has approximately 50 to 90mg of caffeine per serving.

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