Are Starbucks patios open? (can I sit inside Starbucks in 2022 + more Information?)

Starbucks has implemented a number of ways to keep consumers caffeinated even though the COVID 19 worldwide problem has not been totally mitigated. However, are Starbucks patios open?

Almost all Starbucks patios have reopened under modified operations and hours to exceed the health standards outlined by CDC. This move by the coffee giant came when the state began to loosen the covid restrictions, even though the Biden administration has continued to extend the covid 19 public health emergency until the crisis becomes fully mitigated.

In the wake of covid 19, Starbucks temporarily closed more than 4000 company-owned stores in the US. The closure of stores also meant closing patios to emphasize the safest and most convenient ways for customers to purchase orders at the restaurant while adopting new strategies.

I was concerned for Starbucks because I was a frequent customer. I couldn’t imagine being torn away from the warm evening and the sounds of the waves as I chatted with friends on Starbucks patios. Thankfully, Starbucks patios have reopened with new guidelines.

Read on to understand some of the post covid 19 new practices adopted by Starbucks to ensure customers remain safe.

Why Is Indoor Dining Not Available In My Store?

Starbucks has paused indoor dining at some specific locations in line with the facts and science directed by national and local governments and CDC guidelines. The closure of indoor dining based on a store–by–store basis is meant to protect the well-being of the customers and employees.

Is Starbucks Reopening Patios?

Starbucks is gradually reopening its patios and dining services since the reduced cases of covid 19. Customers can now hang out in many Starbucks locations across the country.

To continue combating the global health crisis, the management of Starbucks has shifted to opening more drive-thru locations and closed certain cafes to adopt the delivery model. However, most Starbucks devotees still prefer taking coffee at the patios if they are not on the go. To that end, Starbucks has put in place precautionary measures to prioritize employee and customer safety.

Can I Sit Inside Starbucks In 2022?

Yes, you can sit inside Starbucks in 2022, although the store has established a new protocol that includes reducing indoor and outdoor seating. The seating has a six-foot space between tables to prioritize physical distancing. Moreover, the coffee chain will continue sanitizing the tables between each use to encourage customers who opt to sit inside Starbucks to remain physically distant.


It is hard for coffee devotees to skip their coffee trips at Starbucks even though the Seattle – based coffee chain has adopted new purchasing methods via its online app and opened more drive-thru locations. Customers enjoy the warm breezes out on patios under shades of umbrellas in the summer months. This is why Starbucks has reopened its patios to offer customers a place to connect with friends and unwind.


Is Starbucks still closing shops?

Starbucks is closing shops in Canada due to an estimated loss of $2.2 billion since the beginning of covid 19. Closing the shops is part of an overall restructuring process.

What is Starbucks’ mask policy?

In light of the guidance from the centers for disease control and Prevention on the efficacy of certain face masks, Starbucks has adopted a new policy where all employees are required to wear at least one three-ply medical–grade mask instead of the usual wear cloth masks in the workplace. In addition, Starbucks also requires customers to wear masks while in their stores.

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