How Much Does Starbucks Pay in Washington? (Do Starbucks Washington Employees get Paid Weekly?)

Starbucks prides itself on 4000 corporate employees in its headquarters state, Washington. This could mean that the rates are quite good which begs the question, how much does Starbucks Pay in Washington?

The average annual wage for Starbucks employees in Washington ranges from $ 26178 to $ 172837. The highest in the pay chain are management executives and software engineers. When broken down, this translates to $ 17.16 per hour for an average barista, a 41% rise above the average national wage. I have a few friends who work in various Starbucks stores. I conducted a work happiness survey of my own. I asked them how they felt about their pay at Starbucks. In their words, they described employment at Starbucks as working alongside friends. They loved their high hourly wages and always looked forward to the sharing of tips at the end of the week.

What is the Starting Pay at Starbucks Washington?

A new barista at any Starbucks store in Washington earns $15 per hour. A newly hired shift manager is likely to start at $19, a 36% above the national average. This pay isn’t bad at all for a start. The weekly wages range from $600-$760 without tips and overtime. This range is not fixed as it increases with experience and rank. The highlight of new hires is the tip jars placed strategically at the cashiers’ corners. The tips significantly increase their weekly pay depending on the amount and shifts worked. Although Starbucks has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, the pay is standardized countrywide.

How much does Starbucks pay an Hour?

How much does Starbucks pay an Hour?

As stated earlier, the average hourly rate is $ 15-$23 for baristas and $ 19-$27 for supervisors. In comparison to other jobs of the same level that pay hourly rates of $ 7-$15, Starbucks’ pay is worth the while. A Starbucks employee is classified above minimum wage. The hourly rates increase with time as one gains experience on the job.

Do Starbucks Washington Employees Get Paid Weekly?

Starbucks does not pay its employees every week. It pays biweekly through checks and direct deposits. The only pay that is done weekly is the sharing of tips. This system has been in place, and it works well for the company. Employee reviews show that the company is keen on timely payments. Employees do not have to demand their wages but are paid on time. At a typical rate of $ 17 per hour, Starbucks Washington pays an average bi-weekly payment of $1360 for the lowest-paid workers.

Can one Live Comfortably in Washington as a Starbucks Employee?

Can one Live Comfortably in Washington as a Starbucks Employee?

Yes, you can. As mentioned earlier, the pay at Starbucks is 41% higher than the national minimum wage. This means that a typical Starbucks barista working for an average of 60 hours a week is likely to live comfortably in Washington State. It is infrequent, but possible to work double shifts. A double shift means two 8-hour shifts in 24 hours. This translates to 16 hours of work hours. Some employees are known to pick up extra shifts from other Starbucks stores. It never hurts to make an extra dollar.

Does Starbucks have any Other Benefits for its Employees in Washington?

The answer is yes. It will interest you to know that an employee gets 30% off food and beverages if they come to work on their off day. The employees are further entitled to a free food item and numerous drinks per shift. The perks get even better during holidays when the discounts increase tremendously. Besides these benefits, the employees are given full health insurance, tuition reimbursements for those who choose to further their education, commuter benefits, and life insurance.

Final Thoughts

A career at Starbucks Washington is something one would consider especially for people with minimal academic qualifications. Starbucks Washington has been reviewed as one of the best employers in the state, especially for semi-skilled and unskilled workers. With the potential to grow and earn more, Starbucks is ideal to start a successful career in the food and beverage industry. If you are in between jobs in Washington and are wondering where to start, consider knocking on the doors of Starbucks. Did you know that renowned actor Julia Roberts was once a Starbucks employee? You’ve got to start somewhere.

FAQ Section

How much does Starbucks pay Cashiers in Washington?

The average hourly pay for a Washington Starbucks cashier is$ 16.1. This can translate to $ 30947 annually

How much does Starbucks pay store managers in Washington?

The annual pay for a Starbucks store manager in Washington State is $52,640 which translates to a $ 27.4 hourly rate

How much do software engineers earn at Starbucks in Washington?

A software engineer at Starbucks Washington takes home $122,042 on average annually.

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