Is Starbucks coffee good (what do people think about Starbucks coffee + more information)

Americans alone drink 400 million cups of coffee each day. Most of them get their coffee from Starbucks. So, is Starbucks coffee good?

Starbucks coffee receives mixed opinions since some people find it to be good while others say it is bad. Such views made me more curious about Starbucks, and so I decided to visit one of its stores. I decided to order different coffee drinks from Starbucks. From my experience, I loved most of them and was even thinking about buying ground coffee from the company.

My experience compelled me to create this post to inform you of what you should know regarding Starbucks coffee. You will also learn the roast process this coffee chain uses for its beans. Enjoy!

Does Starbucks coffee taste different?

Yes. Starbucks coffee tastes different from that of other coffee houses since this company focuses on consistency. Starbucks coffee also tastes different since this company is famous for roasting its coffee beans darker and a bit longer than other coffee companies.

This company is different from other coffee houses that use robusta coffee beans that are of lower quality. Starbucks coffee tastes different since it uses 100% arabica coffee beans which are of higher quality.

This coffee house makes use of push-button espresso machines to prepare most of its coffee drinks. These machines minimize human error and also eliminate the use of hands to tamp or grind coffee beans.

Though many people are content with the taste of coffee from Starbucks, some criticize it, claiming that it sometimes tastes burnt. People have different preferences in regard to how they like their coffee, and not everyone may enjoy that of Starbucks.

However, this company works hard to bring out the full flavor of the coffee. If its coffee were as bad as some people put it, Starbucks would have run out of business a long time ago, but it keeps on thriving.

Is Starbucks coffee smooth?

what do people think about Starbucks coffee

This depends on the roast level that Starbucks uses. Medium roast coffee at Starbucks is known to be quite smooth. Medium roast coffee from Starbucks is not only smooth but also sweet and more balanced. For instance, Pike Place medium roast ground coffee from Starbucks is smooth.

You can get this and make your own delicious and smooth cups of coffee at home. Though medium roast coffee is smooth, not all Starbucks coffee is smooth. For instance, dark roast coffee has a fuller body and contains a robust and bold flavor.

What roast process does Starbucks use for its beans?

Starbucks coffee roasting subjects beans to a heating process that transforms them from green to dark brown. The transformation of green coffee beans takes place in a large rotating drum whey they get subjected to intense heat for 5-7 minutes. This leads to the evaporation of moisture, and the beans start smelling like popcorn.

By the 7th minute, the color also changes from green to yellow. It is after the 8th minute that the first pop takes place. When this happens, the coffee beans become bigger and produce a crackling sound. The coffee beans are now light brown and contain sour notes. When the coffee beans spend around 10-11 minutes in the roaster, they become browner and oil forms on their surface.

The full flavor of the coffee beans starts between the 11th and 15th minute. When a second pop occurs, the coffee beans are almost ready. We mentioned that Starbucks takes a bit longer to roast its coffee beans to bring out their full flavor. Once this company releases them into a cooling tray, they produce an appealing smell.

Through coffee roasting, Starbucks manages to cultivate the unique aroma, body, flavor, and acidity of its coffee. This company is passionate about how it roasts its coffee, and it has years of expertise in this.

Is Starbucks brewing technique advanced?

Is Starbucks coffee good

Yes. Starbucks used advanced brewing methods to make its drinks, such as siphon brewer, Clover brewer, and coffee press. The Siphon brewer is visually stunning, and it makes use of vacuum filtration that pushes hot water through freshly ground coffee.

The quick extraction time and use of a paper filter led to a delicate cup of coffee that many Starbucks customers enjoy. This brewing technique can take around 10 minutes to produce adequate cups of coffee for a group.

Apart from the siphon brewer, Starbucks baristas also use another advanced technique known as the coffee press brewing method. This can take about 4 minutes to produce coffee. It is not only faster but also extracts the full flavor of coffee and enables it to retain natural oils. The coffee press brewing technique leads to coffee that has a rich consistency.

Most Starbucks stores also utilize the clover brewing system, which is also advanced. This utilizes a mesh metal filter that is finer than in a coffee press. Using this brewing system enables Starbucks to bring out the unique flavors of coffee while still retaining the coffee’s natural oils.

Final thoughts

Though people have different views regarding Starbucks coffee, many agree that it is good. Starbucks uses high-quality coffee beans to make its drinks and is keen on roasting them. You can also get smooth coffee from Starbucks by focusing on the medium roast level. This company implements advanced brewing techniques to produce quality coffee.

FAQ Section

Why does my Starbucks coffee taste burnt?

This is because the company often roasts its coffee beans at higher temperatures than other roasters. However, not every Starbucks coffee tastes burnt.

Does milk and sugar make Starbucks coffee taste better?

Yes. Milk can make Starbucks coffee taste better since it makes it thicker, while sugar can eliminate its bitter taste and makes it naturally sweeter.

Why do people like Starbucks coffee?

Many people reveal that they like it since it has unique flavors and high caffeine content. Starbucks coffee is also easy to customize. The company also roasts its coffee beans in a way that ensures consistency.

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