How much does Target Starbucks pay? (Target Starbucks employee salaries + More information)

Ever wondered if the employees at Starbucks in Target receive the same pay and benefits as those at the free-standing Starbucks locations? How much does Target Starbucks pay?

The amount that a worker at Starbucks in Target is paid depends on their job description and position, skill level, hours put in and experience. The Target Starbucks workers’ salaries are up to the discretion of Target and not Starbucks. I was never aware of this until recently when I was helping my sibling apply for a job at a Target Starbucks. If you’re interested in learning how Target Starbucks compensate their employees, continue reading.

Do Target Starbucks employees work for Target?

Yes. Folks who work at Starbucks in Target are Target employees and not Starbucks employees. In 1999 Target and Starbucks formed an alliance whereby Starbucks licensed their brand name to Target, meaning that when Starbucks is situated in a store such as Target, the store is only using the brand name permitted to them but they are technically not a Starbucks location. Thanks to this partnership, Target is allowed to sell Starbucks products. Target employs and manages its employees and they get Target benefits while the consumers get the Starbucks products on the menu.

Does Target Starbucks get tips?

Target Starbucks employee salaries

Workers at Starbucks in Target are not allowed to receive tips. Although workers at free-standing Starbucks stores are allowed to receive tips, those at Target stores can be penalized for accepting tips as they are Target employees and Target prohibits accepting tips. If a customer insists on tipping, the employee has to surrender the money to Target. The benefits that Starbucks employees in Target are offered are set by Target.

Starbucks vs Target Starbucks salary

The salaries for corporate Starbucks workers are decided by Starbucks while for those working at Starbucks in Target are decided by Target. The average starting wage for a corporate Starbucks employee is around $12.71 per hour while the starting pay for a Target Starbucks employee is about $13.36. Annually, the average salary for a corporate Starbucks worker is roughly $29,795 while for a Target Starbucks worker is approximately $32,727. Those at corporate Starbucks are allowed to receive tips while those at Target Starbucks aren’t, meaning that corporate Starbucks employees can earn extra cash, unlike Target Starbucks workers. The average hourly pay range is similar at both stores, which is from around $10 to $17. Corporate Starbucks employees can also save money from the 30% discounts offered on any in-store purchase. The salary at Target Starbucks is on the hand, is competitive and the employees can also receive a 10% discount in any in-store Starbucks store.


How much do Target Starbucks baristas make in Texas?

The average wage for a Starbucks barista in Target is approximately $14 per hour while the average salary is around $32,727 per year. The pay range for a barista at a Target Starbucks is from around $10 per hour to about $17 per hour. Most baristas earn in the 25th percentile and 75th percentile which is between $12 per hour and $16 per hour. The salary pay range is approximately from as low as $22,000 per year to as high as $46,000 per year with the majority of the baristas earning in the 30,000s.

How much do Starbucks Target baristas make on average around the world?

The average barista’s average wage range at Starbucks Target worldwide is from around $9 to $14 per hour while the annual salary range is approximately between $14,000 and $46,000. In the US, the salary of an average barista at Starbucks Target is around $32,727 per year, while in Canada it’s approximately $29,984 per year.


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