Is Black Rifle coffee mold-free? (what makes Black Rifle coffee mold-free? + more information)

If you’re considering getting Black Rifle coffee and are wondering, “Is Black Rifle coffee mold-free?” continue reading to find out. This post will provide in-depth information regarding mold in Black Rifle coffee.

Black Rifle Coffee is mold-free thanks to the company’s processing and packaging procedure.

Before I had Black Rifle coffee, I used to hear great things about the brand, but despite all the praise, I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s mold-free. So, after in-depth research and several conversations with some of the company’s representatives, I got the answers to this question. In this post, I have shared with you all the details about mold in Black Rifle Coffee. So, to learn more, keep reading.

What makes Black Rifle coffee mold free?

Black Rifle Coffee is mold-free mainly because of the roasting and packaging process. According to the company, its coffee beans are roasted at very high temperatures, ensuring no mold spores can survive in the beans. Also, the company claims that its nitrogen-flushed packaging bags prevent moisture from reaching the coffee beans and causing mold. However, Black Rifle Coffee has been keen to let its customers know that mold is a naturally occurring organism that can grow anytime and cannot be controlled entirely. So although the company advertises its coffee as mold-free, it makes it clear that this is not guaranteed once a package has been purchased and opened.

How do I know if my Black Rifle coffee is mold free?

Is Black Rifle coffee mold-free? 
Black Rifle coffee. Image source: Black Rifle

To confirm whether your Black Rifle Coffee is mold-free, you need to carefully inspect the coffee beans or ground coffee for any mold growth, which typically manifests as discoloration, a musty smell, or fuzzy patches. If you spot any of these signs, it’s advised that you immediately discard the coffee beans or grounds, as consuming the coffee can result in health issues. Also, to keep your Black Rifle Coffee mold-free, ensure you store the coffee in a cool and dry place away from moisture sources and ensure you consume the coffee within the time indicated in the package after opening.

Is Black Rifle coffee Mycotoxin free?

According to Black Rifle Coffee representatives, the company ensures that its coffee is mycotoxin free before packing, and it strives to minimize mycotoxin contamination during the preparation process. However, Black Rifle Coffee clearly states this is not a guarantee, as mycotoxin is a naturally occurring fungus. Unfortunately, the company has not provided in-depth information on this on its website, so to confirm, it’s best to reach out to them via the contact details on the official website.

Should I discard my Black Rifle coffee if it gets molds?

You should discard your Black Rifle Coffee if it gets molds because consuming it can cause several health issues. Although the amount of mold typically found in coffee isn’t enough to cause significant health complications, consuming coffee with mold may cause problems like headaches, upset stomach, fatigue, brain fog, or respiratory issues.


Can Black Rifle coffee make you sick?

Good Black Rifle Coffee can’t make you sick. However, Black Rifle Coffee with mold can cause several health problems discussed above.

Can Black Rifle coffee get mold?

Yes, Black Rifle coffee can get mold if not stored properly. Leaving your Black Rifle coffee exposed to moisture is the main cause of mold growth.

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