Is Kicking Horse coffee mold-free? (what makes Kicking Horse coffee mold-free? + more information)

Kicking Horse is one of the most popular coffee brands loved for its high quality, however, is Kicking Horse coffee mold-free? Read on to find out.

According to Kicking Horse, the company’s coffee is mold-free as well as mycotoxin-free, thanks to the efforts of the company’s quality control team to test the coffee beans and prevent mold. I recently decided to try the Kicking Horse coffee, but before I placed an order for the coffee beans, I made sure to delve into the mold content of the company’s product. This was after I had discovered the dangers of consuming coffee with mold and how this fungus affects even the flavor of your coffee. In this article, I have shared with you all the details I discovered during my research. So, to find out all this information, stick around to the end of the post.

What makes Kicking Horse coffee mold free?

Kicking Horse Coffee is mold-free thanks to the use of high-quality, organic, and fair trade certified beans. Additionally, the company’s quality control team takes it further by testing the coffee beans in an independent lab for mold, mycotoxin, yeast, and other bacteria, and according to the company, the results usually come out negative. On the company’s official website, it states that the absence of mold isn’t guaranteed since mold is naturally occurring, although the company does its best to mitigate this. Also, the coffee’s packaging keeps oxygen from reaching the beans ensuring fresh coffee beans upon purchase. Lastly, the company claims to visit its farmers regularly to ensure the high quality of coffee beans is met, and no mold is detected.

How do I know if my Kicking Horse coffee is mold free?

Is Kicking Horse coffee mold-free?
Image source: Kicking Horse coffee

Although the company advertises its coffee as mold-free, you can confirm this by inspecting your Kicking Horse coffee thoroughly. Look out for ‘cloudy’ patches, blemishes, and a stale smell. Also, to ensure your Kicking Horse coffee is mold-free, be sure to store it away from moisture and sunlight. Additionally, check that the coffee hasn’t expired. If the coffee is past its expiry date or you see any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, do not consume the coffee, as you’d be risking health problems like headaches and brain fog.

Is Kicking Horse coffee Mycotoxin free?

According to the company, Kicking Horse coffee is tested for mycotoxin, and the results are typically negative. However, this isn’t promised as mycotoxin occurs naturally and cannot be completely mitigated. It’s worth knowing that leaving your Kicking Horse coffee out in the open in humid environments promotes the growth of mycotoxin. Additionally, small amounts of this fungus aren’t detrimental; however, over time, consuming mycotoxin-contaminated coffee might cause health complications.


Can Kicking Horse coffee make you sick?

Kicking Horse coffee in good condition won’t make you sick, however, consuming mycotoxin-contaminated or Kicking Horse coffee with mold might make you sick. You may suffer from headaches, stomachaches, brain fog, or dizziness.

Can Kicking Horse coffee get mold?

Yes, Kicking Horse coffee can get mold, just like any other coffee, if not stored properly. Moisture and excess warmth are the main causes of mold in coffee; therefore, ensure you store your Kicking Horse coffee in a cool and dry place, away from moisture.

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