Starbucks Chocolate Malt Powder Guide (is Starbucks chocolate malt powder vegan+ more information)

If you are a Starbucks regular that loves chocolate, you have probably taken a drink with chocolate malt powder. Some customers ask, is Starbucks chocolate malt powder vegan?

Yes. Though traditionally, chocolate malt powder contains dairy, Starbucks introduced this without utilizing any animal products. One of the reasons why I became a Starbucks customer is due to its chocolate drinks. I find them irresistible, and I am always eager to try different chocolate beverages. Iced chocolate almond milk shaken espresso is my favorite.

I enjoy the nutty flavor of almond milk and the delicious taste of chocolate malt powder. I created this post to inform you of everything regarding chocolate malt powder, including its ingredients. You will also learn how Starbucks uses it.

Where does the Starbucks chocolate malt powder originate from?

Malt powder has been used since the late 1800s. People originally used it as a supplement for infants. Since it was a great source of nutrition, explorers started popularizing it. Starbucks has been using malt powder as a flavoring additive since 2021. The origin of chocolate malt powder used at Starbucks is undocumented.

What is in the Starbucks chocolate malt powder?

Is Starbucks chocolate malt powder vegan

Chocolate malt powder from this coffeehouse is made up of malt flavor, cane sugar, and cocoa powder. Apart from the main ingredients, chocolate malt powder also contains natural flavors and sunflower oil. The cocoa powder is composed of ground cocoa solid and ground cocoa dried. It is also made up of fat, protein, water, and carbohydrates.

The cane sugar used to make this powder comes from sugarcane and contains minerals, vitamins, glucose, sucrose, and fructose. On the other hand, the malt flavor in chocolate malt powder is made from corn syrup and barley malt.

What drinks can I order that contain chocolate malt powder?

Starbucks uses chocolate malt powder on only one drink, known as iced chocolate almond milk shaken espresso. This drink not only contains the powder but is also made with brewed blonde espresso, almond milk, and ice. It is a great drink that vegans and lactose intolerant customers can enjoy.

This drink has become quite popular in most stores because it sometimes runs out. Many people like its taste. You will not fail to notice this beverage’s hints of malt and the sweet taste of chocolate. This drink contains around 110 calories per serving and 225 mg of caffeine. It is, therefore, strong enough to raise your energy levels and keep you more focused. The soft taste of coffee is also pronounced in this beverage.

Though this is the only beverage that Starbucks prepares with chocolate malt powder, you can still customize other drinks with this powder. For instance, you can order chocolate malt powder with milk and then tell the person serving you to sweeten the drink with chocolate syrup.

FAQ section

Does Starbucks chocolate malt powder have caffeine?

No. This powder does not have caffeine.

Can I make chocolate malt powder at home?

Yes. You can make this product at home by combining a tablespoon of sugar, a tablespoon of cocoa powder, and a tablespoon of malt powder. Mix these ingredients until you get a consistent texture.

How much chocolate malt powder should I use?

You can use two to three tablespoons of chocolate malt powder in a drink.

Are there any alternatives to chocolate malt powder at Starbucks?

Yes. Some of them include coconut milk powder, soy milk powder, and regular milk powder.

Does Starbucks use chocolate malt powder in its secret menu?

No. Starbucks uses this powder in only iced chocolate almond milk shaken espresso, which is part of the main menu.

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