How to order iced cappuccino at Starbucks (cost and sizes of iced cappuccino at Starbucks)

Do you want to try Starbucks iced cappuccino and are wondering how to order it? Here’s how to order an iced cappuccino at Starbucks.

Ordering an iced cappuccino at Starbucks is pretty straightforward; just tell your barista to prepare the drink in your preferred size. This beverage is popular at Starbucks; no barista can miss its recipe. You can also order an iced cappuccino ahead of time via the Starbucks mobile app.

How to order iced cappuccino at Starbucks


Any drink with a strong espresso or coffee flavor? Please sign me up! Recently, I’ve been leaning more into the iced cappuccino. At first, I knew how to order it via the Starbucks app, but I didn’t know how to go about it in-store. This is because I am always ordering everything ahead, but once in a while, I prefer making the queue and watching the “hustle and bustle” around the shop😃. So, I decided to walk into a Starbucks store and ask for an iced cappuccino. I was surprised to learn that that is all it takes to order this beverage. If you don’t know how to order an iced cappuccino at Starbucks and the different sizes, Starbucks offers this drink in, keep reading.

What does Starbucks iced cappuccino taste like?

Starbucks iced cappuccino
Starbucks iced cappuccino taste. Image source: Starbucks

Starbucks iced cappuccino is made with less milk compared to a latte, therefore, has a stronger espresso flavor. The espresso in this drink is quite loud and, therefore, might not be a good fit for anyone who does not love the taste of espresso or coffee. This drink also has a luxurious, velvety texture and a cool undercurrent because of the ice added to it. 😋Starbucks iced cappuccino is quite refreshing and also offers some subtle sweetness. If you are a sweet tooth, you can simply request your barista to add any sweetener of your choice to this drink when making an order.

What are the ingredients of Starbucks iced cappuccino?

Starbucks iced cappuccino is simply a combination of the Starbucks signature espresso, coated with a splash of frothed milk and served over ice. The espresso shots in this beverage depend on the size of the drink you order. A tall serving comes with a shot of espresso, while a Grande is made with two espresso shots. You can also order Starbucks cappuccino with cold foam, which is a variation of iced cappuccino, by simply asking your barista to add milk foam to the recipe.

What are the sizes of Starbucks iced cappuccino?

Starbucks iced cappuccino, just like many Starbucks drinks, comes in three sizes. You can get it in a tall size, Grande, or Venti. Many people struggle with differentiating which is which. The tall, unlike its name, is the smallest of the three and measures 12 ounces. The Grande is 16 ounces, and the Venti is the largest, carrying 24 ounces of fluid. I find the Venti to be a bit too big, and the iced cappuccino in this size has too much caffeine (around 225). I also find the tall size to be small for me and with less than my preferred caffeine content. Your guess is as right as mine; I prefer the Grande.

How to order a Starbucks iced cappuccino?

“Make me iced cappuccino!” 😂 Simple! On a real note, iced cappuccino is quite popular at Starbucks; therefore, every barista is familiar with its recipe. Therefore, all you have to do is request your barista to make you an iced cappuccino in your preferred size. Additionally, Starbucks allows you to customize this beverage to your liking. You can add the number of syrup pumps or have it topped with cinnamon toppings to make it spicy. Just ensure you let inform your barista of your preferences😊.

How to order Starbucks iced cappuccino on the app

cost and sizes of iced cappuccino at Starbucks
Starbucks iced cappuccino. Image source: Starbucks

🤣I am always in a hurry; I don’t know to where but ordering my drinks ahead via the Starbucks app is always convenient. Iced cappuccino is probably one of the easiest drinks I’ve had to order via the app.

  • Simply log into the Starbucks app, go to iced coffees, and scroll down to find the iced cappuccino.
  • Tap on it, customize it, and place your order.

The app provides you with an estimated time of how long your order will take to be ready, and you can pick it up once the time elapses.


How much is Starbucks iced cappuccino?

The price of a Starbucks iced cappuccino depends on the drink’s size and where you order it. The general price range of this drink is from $2.75 to around $4.75.

How much caffeine is in Starbucks iced cappuccino?

The caffeine content in Starbucks iced cappuccino varies depending on the size. The smallest serving, made with one shot of espresso, has around 75 mg of caffeine, while the Grande, which is made with two shots of espresso, has around 150 mg of caffeine.

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