How to make instant coffee taste like espresso (can you make espresso with instant coffee + more information)

Many people love espresso due to its rich flavor. But can you make instant coffee taste like espresso? Read on to find out!

You can create an instant coffee with an espresso taste by adding 2 teaspoons of instant coffee into a cup and then pouring 5 oz of boiling water. Give the coffee 30 seconds to bloom, add the remaining 5 oz boiling water, then stir until the coffee dissolves. I have always loved espresso and usually begin my day by going to Starbucks to buy it. However, when it gets too cold, I prefer staying indoors.

During such days, I cannot shake off the craving for espresso. Since I cannot afford an espresso coffee machine, I decided to start making espresso using instant coffee. I did some research online and created this post to share this information with you. By the end of it, you will learn how to create espresso using instant coffee.

How to make espresso with instant coffee

Though you cannot make authentic espresso with crema using instant coffee, it is possible to make a good instant coffee beverage that has a similar taste as espresso. To achieve this, follow the steps below.

  • Gather everything you need, including sugar, cream, or milk, a stirrer, a mug, hot water, and instant coffee.
  • Measure the amount of instant coffee you want to use
  • Add half of the hot water into the instant coffee and give it some time to dissolve completely
  • After 30 seconds, fill the shot glass with the remaining hot water and stir until the coffee dissolves
  • Add sugar or honey and cream or milk to your desired taste and enjoy

Tips for making espresso with instant coffee

How to make instant coffee taste like espresso 
Espresso with instant coffee. Image source: Pinterest

To make great-tasting espresso using instant coffee, pay attention to the tips below.

Use quality instant coffee

The quality of instant coffee determines the kind of espresso you make. You can test various coffee brands as you try various roasts to identify the one you like most. Go for a brand whose instant coffee is made from Arabica coffee beans since they are good quality. The instant coffee you use should also have a full-bodied flavor since weaker instant coffees may not help you create an espresso with an intense flavor.

Pick dark roast instant coffee

Since espresso is made using dark-roasted coffee beans, you should ensure that the instant coffee you use is also dark-roast. This can help you make espresso with a strong flavor.

Consider using decaf instant coffee

If you don’t take caffeine, you can still make espresso using decaf instant coffee. While this may not be as strong as regular instant coffee, it will still have a taste similar to espresso.

Experiment with milk

If you want to make delicious espresso using instant coffee, do not be afraid to experiment with different types of milk. For instance, you can try making it with almond milk, soy, oat, or skimmed milk.

How much instant coffee do you need to make an espresso?

can you make espresso with instant coffee 
Instant coffee espresso. Image source: Unsplash

You need 2 teaspoons of instant coffee to make an espresso. You also need 10 oz of hot water to make an espresso. Using the right amount of water and strong instant coffee in the specified amount can help you make a small shot of strong espresso. If you want to create a double shot of espresso, you can add an extra 10 oz of booking water to the drink.

FAQ section

Can instant coffee be as strong as an espresso?

No. Though instant coffee can be made to taste like espresso, it will not be as strong as espresso. This is because to have a strong espresso, you have to freshly grind down dark beans and pass them through an espresso machine.

Does espresso made with instant coffee taste good?

This depends on how you make it and the quality of the instant coffee you use. To create great-tasting espresso using instant coffee, you should use high-quality instant coffee and add the right amount of instant coffee and boiling water.

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