How to order just rice on the Chipotle app (can you order just rice on the Chipotle app?)

This article will take you through a step-by-step process on how to use the Chipotle app and how to order just rice on the Chipotle app. Read on to find out the hacks to get only rice.

You can order just rice on the Chipotle app. There is an option for ‘side dishes’ on the Menu where you can select which type of rice you want if you just want rice. Their rice usually has cilantro and lime, and if you prefer plain rice, there is a hack you can use on their app to get it plain. Instead of writing your name on the delivery prompt, just write “plain rice, please,” and they will deliver the rice to you.

My rice cooker broke down recently, and frankly, I don’t trust myself to make rice on a stovetop without it being a clumpy mess. I have some leftover chicken adobo, which would go nicely with white rice 😍. I could go to Chipotle down the street and order some rice, but the lines there are too long around dinner time. After a couple of tries, I successfully ordered rice off their app. In this post, I will take you through a detailed, step-by-step process of using the Chipotle app to order rice, avoid those long queues, and have your order delivered to your doorstep.

can you order just rice on the Chipotle app?


Can I just get rice from Chipotle?

Yes, it’s possible. You can order just rice from the catering or order it as a side dish😁. The side dishes are cheaper since it’s only one thing, but also less comparing a normal bowl. If you want a larger portion of rice, you can get a veggie bowl, which is just rice and guacamole. You can customize the guacamole to be on the side so you can have just a bowl of rice. I recommend the veggie bowl since you get more servings.

How to Order Chipotle on the App

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Download the Chipotle app from the play store or the app store
  2. Click on the pickup or delivery on the top of your screen
  3. If you pick the pickup option, it will take you to a map and zoom in on your location
  4. It will then show the Chipotle restaurants in your area, and click on your preferred restaurant. You will have information on the working hours, phone numbers, and any information you may need
  5. For the delivery option, you will need to input your address, and it will tell you, “Sorry, we can’t deliver to your address,” if it’s outside the delivery range or accepts the delivery.
  6. You then confirm your address and phone number and continue to order
  7. Go to the Menu and order what you want
  8. The Menu has options for you to customize your dishes. You can choose what fillings you want, rice, side dishes, beans, toppings, and more.
  9. You can swipe to the right for any order and select whether you want a normal, side, extra, or light serving.
  10. You can get bottled drinks for the delivery option. If you want fountain drinks, you’ll have to choose the pickup option.
  11. Once you are done picking your orders, click the ‘cart’ button below your screen and add who the order is for, and it will direct you to pay.
  12. Choose what time you want the order to be picked up or delivered, and long press the “Hold to Submit” button for your order to be processed successfully 👍.

That’s it. Note that you can earn rewards points for every order you make. You can check the icon on the top left to see your points and how you to use the points in future orders.

Can you get both types of rice at Chipotle?

Yes, of course, 😎. You can get white and brown rice, especially if you want a super-size burrito. The servers usually ask you to choose one, but you can ask them to give you both. I love combining the light and fluffy texture of white rice and the nutty flavor of brown rice. Chipotle offers plenty of meal options for customization, and if you want a mix of white and brown rice for your dish, go ahead! It’s better to order in the stores in my opinion.

How much is plain rice on the Chipotle app?

can you order just rice on the Chipotle app?
Order plain rice on the Chipotle app. Image source: Chipotle

A scoop of rice is around $0.90. Usually, Chipotle rice has cilantro in it. If you are not a fan of cilantro, there is a hack you can use on the app to get just plain rice. Once you finish picking your items, the button below your screen will prompt a pop-up written: “Who is this order for?” Fill in “Plain rice, please.” The staff will make your rice plain at no extra cost. This is actually common for Chipotle customers to do, so don’t be shy to try it out.

FAQ Section

Can Chipotle deliver your rice order when you order on the app?

Yes, they can. Choose which type of rice you want in your bowl, and it will be delivered in a plastic food container.

Is rice at Chipotle spicy?

No, their rice is made with only cilantro and lime to make it flavorful.

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