How to order oatmeal cookie on Philz app (What is a Philz oatmeal cookie?)

Great news to all of you coffee lovers; Philz included the oatmeal cookie in their off-menu items, and I will show you how to order oatmeal cookie on Philz app. Read on to find out.

The oatmeal cookie is a blend of Julie’s Ultimate and Hazelnut coffee beans. Go on the Philz app and click on ‘shop.’ Select Julie’s Ultimate blend, customize it, and add special instructions that you would like the oatmeal cookie and the quantity you prefer. Go to checkout and add a promo code if you have it, pay. and select the store where your order will be. I needed a coffee boost for my drive to work and wanted to order the oatmeal cookie on the app, so I could just pick it up on the way. The problem, however, was that the oatmeal cookie coffee was unavailable on the app, and there weren’t any articles discussing how to get it. After a few failed attempts, I figured out I had to make special instructions to get it. This article will show you step-by-step how you can order the oatmeal cookie on the app to avoid those queues in the Philz stores and how to add special instructions to get the perfect oatmeal cookie.

What is a Philz oatmeal cookie?

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What is the oatmeal cookie at Philz?

The oatmeal cookie is a blend of half Julie’s Ultimate coffee beans and half Hazelnut coffee beans. They add medium honey and oat milk and a little cinnamon sprinkle before it is brewed. I recommend asking for heavy cream if you want to mask the strong taste of coffee😋.

What are the ingredients of the oatmeal cookie at Philz?

The main ingredients are Julie’s Ultimate coffee beans, Hazelnut coffee beans, honey, cinnamon, and oat milk.

Julie’s Ultimate coffee beans contain berries and vanilla, which adds a fresh berry and fudge element to the drink. The Hazelnut coffee beans have almonds and milk chocolate for that nutty and chocolatey flavor. The honey and cinnamon are great natural sweeteners, and the oat milk adds oatmeal flavor.

How to order the oatmeal cookie on the Philz app

How to order oatmeal cookie on Philz app
Oatmeal cookie on the Philz app. Image source: Philz

Step-by-step instructions

  • Download the Philz app on the play store or apple store.
  • Sign up or log in to the account.
  • Go to the coffee section.
  • Select Julie’s Ultimate Coffee blend and customize it with the options provided.
  • Below that, click on the ‘special instructions’ and write that you want the oatmeal cookie and anything else you prefer.
  • Click on your cart and head on to checkout.
  • Choose the location to pick up the order and the time.
  • Select a payment method and add a promo code or a gift card.
  • Finish the payment, and that’s it💃!

How to order Philz oatmeal cookie in-store

Step-by-step guide

  • Go to the Philz store near you.
  • Go to the bar, where the barista will make your drink.
  • Ask for the oatmeal cookie.
  • Tell them how you would like the cream and sweeteners in your coffee and size.
  • Go to a separate window to pay, and the barista will call out when your drink is ready.
  • Enjoy your oatmeal cookie coffee👍.

FAQs Section

How much is Philz oatmeal cookie?

The Oatmeal cookie at Philz is is $18 for a cup.

Is Philz oatmeal cookie healthy?

It has oat milk and honey which are healthy; just be sure to cut on the sweeteners. 

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