Starbucks, you are here, Texas (How much is Starbucks you are here Texas mugs +more information)

A good cup of coffee at Starbucks turns you into a souvenir collector as you want to hold on to the memories of that particular moment. So, what is Starbucks you are here, Texas mug?

Starbucks Texas you are Here Mug is a special edition of colorful mugs printed with different messages about Texas created by Starbucks as souvenirs since 1994.  When travelling, I love keeping the memories of the places I’ve been to by keeping souvenirs.

Having travelled all over the United States and the world in the last few years, I had made it my mission to collect Starbucks mugs all around America and the world to preserve the memories of my tour, and I did. If you like travelling like me, and you also love coffee, then you might be interested in knowing more about these mugs. In this article, I elaborate more about them, what they are made of, their price and their capacity. Read on!

How much is the Starbucks Texas you are here, mug?

The Starbucks you are here mug edition is one of its kind, with beautifully decorated mugs that warm the hearts of many who have the luck to come across it. They first landed on Starbucks shelves in 1994 and have been available since then. A single mug of this edition costs approximately 59.95 dollars. They are available in six different makes; Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood studios, California Adventures, Disney Animal kingdom, Epcot, and Disney land.

What is the capacity of a standard Texas you are Here Mug?

How much is Starbucks you are here Texas mugs

The capacity of a Starbucks Texas you are Here Mug is 14 ounces of liquid. The YAH mug is the size of a Starbucks tall, only 2 ounces larger.

You can enjoy your hot coffee or hot chocolate in this colorful mug with family and friends as you cherish these moments and make memories together.

It is, however, sad that you can no longer purchase this version of the Starbucks mug collection, as they discontinued them in 2018. However, there is no need to feel left out as the ‘Been there series’ is still available.

What is the material of the Starbucks Texas You are Here Mug?

Starbucks mugs and manufactured and supplied by a Chinese company known as Hausenware, which recently moved to Ohio. This globally acknowledged company is well known for being the best in making ceramics, wooden and glass kitchenware. It supplies Starbucks with all its mugs and tumblers. They use ceramic to make the ‘you are Here Mugs’, making them entirely eco-friendly.

FAQ section

Does Starbucks still have the Texas You are Here Mug?

No, they do not have this cup currently for purchase at any of their stores. The You Are Here series, also known as YAH mugs, was discontinued in 2018.

Can I buy the Starbucks You Are Here mug in the Starbucks store?

No, you cannot. It is currently unavailable as the series was discontinued in 2018. The Been There series, however, is still up for grabs!

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