When are Starbucks Halloween cups coming out? (How many cups are in the Starbucks Halloween collection + more information)

 Who wouldn’t be excited about the Starbucks Halloween collection? But when are the Starbucks Halloween cups coming out?

Starbucks Halloween cups are already here, and they are making Halloween lovers like myself go crazy! The new line of drinkware was released on September 15th, 2022. I like that the prices of these cups are affordable and give that spooky mysterious vibe when you enjoy your Starbucks drink. I also love that they all glow in the dark. Twelve Halloween cups have been released in 2022, and I hope we all get them before they run out. Let’s look through the 2021 Halloween collection that had everyone going crazy last year.

Black Web Ceramic Cup with Purple Lid

These are extremely black cups with purple lids. They give that creepy vibe with their too-dark feature.

Full Moon and Black Cat Cold Cup

This cup features a scary black cat and a full moon. The black cat appears camouflaged in the darkness and we can only see its creepy eyes, especially when it glows in the dark!

Glow in the Dark Spiderweb Cold Cup with Stickers

When are Starbucks Halloween cups coming out

This one is interesting. It appears black during the day and then has a sea green color at night. It has spider webs on them and gives out that cringe Halloween vibe. It comes in cup size of 16 fl Oz.

Glow in the Dark Purple and White Ombre Halloween Tumbler

This would be the best choice for people who love ombre shades. It has a subtle lavender color that turns into white.

Witch Hot Cups

This comprises a glow-in-the-dark cup with a line written on it that says, ‘Drink up witches’. It has spiders, and a witch’s broom and communicates the message: it is a witch cup.

Black Matte Mug

This black matte mug has prints of skulls and a horrifying unknown animal. It also features a few black stars.

Pumpkin Cold Cup

This Halloween cup has a rich orange color and is better for those who do not enjoy the dark side of Halloween.

Purple Spiderweb Cold Cup

This cup is violet with a few spider webs that are just creepy looking and nice enough at the same time, to keep even after the Halloween season.

Hot Pink Ceramic Cat Mug

How many cups are in the Starbucks Halloween collection

Last year’s Starbucks Halloween collection seems to have been mostly about cats because this cup also features a black cat staring creepily at you, seated in a hot pink background. It also has spider webs within the background.

Starbucks Halloween Collection for 2022

The Starbucks Halloween Collection for 2022 includes:

  • Raven’s Perch Glow in the Dark Cold Cup- $16.95
  • Periwinkle Raven Cold Cup- $19.95
  • Tree Cold Cup-$19.95
  • Lemongrass Bling Cup- $24.95
  • Night Crackle Tumbler-$14.95
  • Halloween Hot Cups Glow in the Dark (6 pack)- $19.95
  • Multi Eyes Tumbler- $19.95
  • Glow in the Dark Night Sky Mug- $14.95
  • Gradient Lemon Grass Tumbler-$19.95
  • Stripped Siren Cold Cup- $19.95
  • Raven’s Moon- $27.95
  • Campfire Raven Plastic Tumbler-$27.95

FAQ Section

When does Halloween start?

Halloween begins on October 31st, 2022. A limited collection has already been released to licensed Starbucks stores.

Are Starbucks mugs available after Halloween?

No. Starbucks cups are only available until the Halloween season ends. Thereafter, they will not be in their stores. Unfortunately, they come in limited amounts, and this is why everyone is running to buy and keep them, even for when Halloween will be over.

Where can I get the Halloween cups?

Starbucks has not published the existing cups on its website. They have, however, rolled them out to licensed stores such as groceries, airports, Target locations, etc. It is all about being keen and ensuring you get a Halloween cup before they run out. Some Halloween lovers already claim to have collected several cups, mugs, and even bottles from the licensed Starbucks stores meaning they are already with us but are very limited.

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