How much is Starbucks pink drink? (What is the Caffeine content of Starbucks pink drink + more information)

The Starbucks pink drink started as a secret menu item, and after everyone went crazy about it, it made it to the official menu. So, how much is Starbucks pink drink?

A Grande pink drink cup will set you back $4.75 on average, but the price can be more, depending on the location, size and customizations. I recently visited a former classmate in Chicago, and we went to Starbucks for a refresher. I ordered a tall pink drink, and to my surprise, I paid $ 0.5 less than what I paid in New York. I know we have all gone through this price shock where some cities are more expensive than others, and it has inspired me to come up with this post to clear things up. Keep reading to know the price of this delicacy in various cities across the United States.

How to Order a Skinny Pink Drink at Starbucks

If you desire a rich strawberry treat, the pink drink will be your perfect choice. However, you can modify it to slash the calories from 140 to a mere 40. This is achievable by ordering a skinny version of the pink drink. Firstly, ask for a Grande passion iced tango tea without water and two splashes of coconut. Secondly, flavor it up with a pump of sugar-free vanilla flavor and sweeten it up with two stevia packs.

The sugar-free vanilla is strong in flavor, so you might want to keep things moderate, but if it doesn’t bother you, ask the barista to add more. Coconut and vanilla come sugar-free, so your sugar intake will be slashed significantly. This skinny version intentionally skips the strawberry acai refresher to avoid sugar and calories.

At Starbucks, skinny has nothing to do with the outer appearance but looks at the content. A skinny drink has the lowest possible fat content and sugar level. In our pink drink case, it does not have fat even when it’s not skinny. This means that skinny is the elimination of calories and sugar in our pink drink context.

Starbucks has a wide range of variations, and one can add whatever ingredient floats their boat. Some people add a dash of nonfat dairy milk instead of coconut. The drink remains skinny, but with a thicker feel. The topping is also modifiable with vanilla sweet cream or no topping at all.

Starbucks Pink drink prices

As we had mentioned earlier, Starbucks does not have fixed prices all around the country. The price of a tall pink drink in Chicago is different in Phoenix and New York. Below are the prices for various sizes of the drink.


Liquid capacity(Fluid ounces)

Caffeine content


















In the table below, we will look at some of the variations in prices in various cities across the United States for a tall Pink drink.


Price for Tall pink drink



New York








Los Angeles




Final Thoughts

The Starbucks pink drink is a demonstration of the flexibility of Starbucks’ menu. This refresher is available all year round in all Starbucks sizes.


Is There Caffeine in Pink Drinks?

Yes, the strawberry acai base contains a natural green coffee extract that has moderate caffeine.

Is Pink Drink Really Sweet?

Yes, the strawberry acai refresher is sugary, and the topping has even more sugar.

Who Invented the Pink Drink?

The drink was initially invented by Starbucks online fans before it was adopted into the official menu.

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