Does Starbucks have sugar-free mocha? (What’s a sugar-free mocha at Starbucks called? +More Information)

Starbucks serves some of the tastiest drinks in town, among them leading mocha options, filled with thick, chocolatey goodness and espresso – quite rich from all the cream and sugar used to make it. What happens if you need to cut down on the sugar? Does Starbucks have a sugar-free mocha? 

Yes, they do, and they call it a skinny mocha. It is meant for anyone wanting to enjoy the bittersweet taste of a mocha without going overboard on calories. It is usually served iced, perfect for a hot afternoon. So if you crave your coffee chocolatey fix, order a sugar-free mocha. We were not sure this option was available especially since several syrups had been discontinued. We requested the barista for a cup and we were pleasantly surprised they could make it. The sugar-free mocha is available and good for anyone on the keto diet. So if you are on a mission to keep the calories away for one reason or the other, I’m happy to inform you can still have your occasional mocha, without guilt.

What is in a cup of a sugar-free mocha?

The sugar-free mocha is made using three ingredients: skinny mocha sauce, non-fat milk, and Espresso. For an iced skinny mocha treat, they pour iced over the espresso, for a hot drink they leave it out. The key ingredient is the skinny mocha sauce which consists of cocoa powder, Arabic gum, Xanthen gum, Carrageenan, Sucralose, natural flavors, salt, and water. The cocoa is processed with alkali, and Starbucks reassures consumers that all cocoa is sourced ethically with fair trade and sustainability considerations met.

While the uniquely formulated Starbucks skinny mocha sauce is not completely devoid of sugar, it does have up to 75% less sugar than the traditional mocha sauce. For instance, a Grande cup of 16 fl. oz (which is the default serving) of a sugar-free mocha has 170 calories, 15 grams of sugar, and 1.5 grams of fat. A similar serving of Cafe’ Mocha, made of mocha sauce milk, and whipped cream packs 370 calories, 35 grams sugar, and 15 grams of sugar.

The Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha has 430 calories, 53 grams of sugar, and 18 grams of fat. For the same caffeine and chocolatey punch, I would rather have the skinny mocha any day.

How many calories are in your sugar-free mocha?

What’s a sugar-free mocha at Starbucks called?

The number of calories in your mocha will depend on the cup size and the customizations you make to it. A standard grande cup, without customization, will give you about 170 calories. However, the exact amount of calories in your sugar-free mocha cup will vary with how the barista makes your drink. If you for instance decide to use 2% fat milk instead of non-fat milk, the fat content will move up from 1.5 grams to 15 grams. The sugar will also change because milk has some sugar. The net effect will be a richer drink with more than 200 calories. Regardless, this amount will still be significantly lower than what is contained in a white chocolate mocha.

How do I get a sugar-free mocha from Starbucks?

The way to get a sugar-free mocha from Starbuck is determined by how you place your order. Let the cashier know what you aim for. I found this example useful: Ask for low carb: Order short white chocolate Mocha with whip cream. One pump of white chocolate mocha sauce. Instead of milk, order 3/4 water, and 1/4 whip cream. Avoid flavors, sweeten only with Stevia or Splenda if necessary. Beware of sugar in milk, particularly because milk becomes sweeter when steamed. You can place your order online, using a phone app, or at a physical store.

Final Thoughts 

Starbucks has an interesting selection of hot and cold drinks. They also have a fantastic array of healthy and sugar-free drinks. The level of sugar, fats, and calories is very dependent on how your drink is mixed, it is important to get it right, and if unsure, ask. If you don’t find the drink you want on the menu, let the server know your needs: chances are they can fix it for you using ingredients already available in the shop.

FAQ Section

How much does a sugar-free mocha cup cost?

A grande cup cost USD4.15. A tall cup will set you back USD3.45

Is the Starbucks sugar-free Mocha healthy?

Yes, it is. It contains very little sugar and fat, which means that it is quite healthy.

How much sugar does a Starbucks skinny mocha cup have?

A Grande, which is the default cup has 15 grams of sugar

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