How to order Quesarito on the Chipotle app (can you order Quesarito on the Chipotle app?)

Do you love Chipotle Quesarito, yet you need help ordering it on their App? Well, here is how to order Quesarito on the Chipotle app

You get to download the App and open it. Head to the menu and create a Burrito order with all the ingredients you want. Then head to the special instructions section, where you will swap the regular burrito shell with a cheese quesadilla shell. Add to bag and choose delivery or pick up, then make payments. My ❤️love for Quesarito began in 2015 when it was official with official prices. I go for it as a choice, especially when I don’t know what to eat for dinner. Usually, I would come from work as early as 3.00 pm and, pass by the store, then order it. However, on this specific day, it was a weekend, and I was just 🦥 lazy in the house, so I had to order a delivery of Quesarito from Chiptole. It was my first time ordering from the App, so I had to research and try until I got the hang of it. So I am writing this article to help you order Quesarito on the Chiptole App in case you never have or have just forgotten. Read on.

How to order Quesarito on the Chipotle app

How to order Quesarito on the Chipotle app
Chipotle Quesarito. Image source: Chipotle

You can order a Quesarito on the Chipotle App by following these simple steps.

  • Open the App and head to the menu
  • Choose your order (Burrito)
  • Choose all the ingredients you want in your Burrito.
  • Head to the “special instructions” section and click it
  • Make a change on the Burrito shell. Please change it to Cheese Quesadilla.
  • Tap on Add to bag
  • Specify whether it is pick up or delivery
  • Review your order details, confirming if the email address and phone number are correct.
  • Head to the payment section and make your payments
  • Submit your order by long pressing the “Hold To Submit” button.

Please be considerate to the staff at Chiptole and know that it takes a long to prepare a Quesarito. So you don’t just order it at any time. The best time to order such a dish is when they are less busy and can spend enough time on your order without interruptions. I like making my orders between 3 and 5 pm when they are more relaxed. Also, some stores prefer that you call them directly ahead of time so that they schedule the time that they will make it for you.

How much is Quesaritos on the Chipotle app?

When you order Quesaritos on the Chipotle App, you pay $ 3.50 more than a regular Burrito costs. The price became official in 2015. If you are among the people that 😫 complain about the price like me, then let me help you understand like one of the Chipotle staff helped me. A Quesarito is a combination of a quesadilla and a burrito hence the name combination Quesa and Rito. It is a customized Burrito where you do not get the regular tortilla wrapping. It is replaced with Gooey Cheese Quesadilla. This means that preparing a Quesarito will take much more time because it is complex as it sounds. So you are paying for the extra time and extra effort and, of course, the heavenly taste.


Does Chipotle still serve Quesaritos?

It is possible to get Quesaritos at Chiptole to date, but some stores do not serve them. However, there is hope for you even if you are at a store that can’t serve you Quesaritos. You can make it yourself by asking for your regular Burrito, then ask for an uncut Cheese Quesadilla. Unroll your Quesadilla gently and place the Burrito on top, then wrap it up. Be careful when you hold it to bite so that you don’t embarrass yourself with it falling apart!

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Does Chipotle deliver Quesaritos when you order on the App?

Yes, Chiptole delivers Quesaritos when you order on the App. When Chipotle partnered with Doordash in 2018, it made it easy for customers to order delivery via the Chiptole App or their website.

Is Quesaritos on the Chipotle app?

Quesaritos is available on Chiptole App but not directly. It is a secret menu, so you must customize a Burrito to get it.

Can you order Quesaritos in-store?

Yes, you can place your orders at a Chipotle store, but you should inquire if they make Quisaritos because some stores do not. Also, remember to get to the store when they are less busy.

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