Starbucks Venti vs. Trenta: how are they different?

Venti and Trent are the large cup servings at Starbucks, and their difference goes beyond their capacity. Most people don’t have further information beyond the size. I decided to bring them head-to-head and reveal more information about their differences. In this post, we will look at the significant features of both drinks and how they compare. By the end of the post, you will know all the differences between these two sizes, so keep up.

What are the differences between Starbucks Trenta vs. Venti?




Caffeine content




260 in refreshers

200 in refreshers


Iced coffee -$2.95

Refresher -$5.95

Iced coffee -$3.45

Refresher -$5.65

Espresso shots

Hot drinks-2

Cold drinks-3

Americano and Flat white-4



Cold 24 fl oz.

Hot 20fl oz.

Cold 31fl oz.

Hot 31fl oz.

Drink Variety

Only cold drinks

Hot and cold drinks

Starbucks Trenta vs. Venti- How they compare

Caffeine content

A venti drink will always have two espresso shots which equate to 150mg, except for Americano and Flat white, which contain 300mg.

Trenta size is unavailable for espresso drinks and is only served in cold drinks. A Trenta iced coffee contains 360mg of caffeine, Which equates to 5 shots of espresso.

In this category, the Trenta size leads, as it is five times more caffeinated than the venti.


A venti cup has 210 calories in an iced Caffe latte. A venti paradise drink and the pink drink have 200 calories each.

A Trenta refresher has 260 calories in the pink drink and 270 in the paradise drink. A Trenta iced coffee has 230 calories.

In this category, the Venti wins for having fewer calories.


You will get a venti iced coffee at $2.95. A venti paradise drink will set you back $5.65.

Trenta-sized paradise drink costs $5.95. The pink drink goes for the same price. Iced coffee in this size is $3.45.

This category goes to the venti size for being cheaper.

Espresso shots

Venti has a standard two espresso shots for all espresso-based drinks. A cold venti, however, comes with an extra shot. The Americano and flat white get four shots of espresso.

Espresso is not served in a Trenta cup, and this means zero espresso shots.

On this one, Venti takes the lead for containing two shots of espresso, as compared to none in the Trenta size.

Hot and cold drink capacity

In hot drinks, the venti holds 20 fluid ounces and 24 fluid ounces for cold drinks.

A Trenta cup only serves cold drinks and has a capacity of 31 fluid ounces.

In this category, the Trenta wins for carrying more drinks than the venti.

Drink variety

The venti size is expansive and serves both hot and cold drinks.

Trenta is limited to only cold drinks such as iced coffee and refreshers.

In this category, the venti size wins for having drink varieties.

Starbucks Venti vs. Trenta: A Comparison Overview

Starbucks Venti vs. Trenta
Starbucks Venti size. Source: Pinterest

Starbucks Venti-Overview

Venti is an Italian name that means twenty and carries a capacity of 20 fluid ounces at Starbucks. Some of the drinks you can order in this size include lattes, Frappuccino blends, refreshers, and tea drinks.

Starbucks Trenta-Overview

Trenta is an Italian name that means thirty. At Starbucks, the Trenta cup holds a capacity of 31 fluid ounces. Some of the drinks served in this size include iced coffee, iced tea, and refreshers.

Final Verdict: So, which is better?-Starbucks Trenta vs. venti

Venti is better than Trenta because it is cheaper and is available in a wide range of drinks. Although Trenta carries more drink, the variety is limited and expensive.


Are Starbucks venti drinks healthier than Trenta drinks?

Yes, they contain fewer calories.

Is the standard venti stronger than a Trenta?

No, the Trenta is more caffeinated.

Why are venti cups for iced drinks bigger than venti cups for hot drinks?

The venti cups for iced drinks are made bigger to accommodate the ice.

Can I order an iced latte in a Trenta cup?

No, Trenta is not served in any espresso drink.

Which drinks are easier to customize between venti and Trenta drinks?

Venti drinks are easier to customize.

Are venti drinks sweeter than Trenta?

No, the sweeteners are standardized to suit each cup size.

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