Starbucks Venti vs. Grande: how are they different?

I recently went to a Starbucks and a newcomer to Starbucks was struggling to differentiate between Venti and Grande for his latte. The barista had to place two cups on the counter and asked him to pick the size. This inspired me to come up with this post to describe the difference between the two sizes. You will learn the in-depth difference between these sizes apart from the size in fluid ounces.

What are the differences between Starbucks Grande and Venti?




Caffeine content

150mg for a latte

150mg for a latte







Espresso shots



Hot and cold drinks capacity

20 FL Oz for hot, 24 FL Oz for cold

16 FL Oz

Drink Variety



Starbuck Grande vs. Venti-How they Compare

Caffeine content

Starbucks Venti

Caffeine-based drinks that are served in different sizes have different caffeine content. However, a Venti cup and a Grande cup have the same shots of espresso, which translates to the same amount of caffeine for lattes, macchiato, and other popular coffee drinks.

In this category, we get a draw as both drinks have similar caffeine content.


A standard Starbucks venti drink will have more calories. A standard Grande Caffe latte has 190 calories, while a Venti has 306 calories.

In this category, the Grande wins for having fewer calories.


A Venti of one drink can be cheaper than a Grande of another drink. However, two similar drinks will have a venti at a higher price than a Grande. For instance, a Caffe latte Grande goes for $3.75, while the Venti goes for $4.15.

The Grande wins in this category for being cheaper than the venti.

Espresso shots

Standard coffee drinks at Starbucks have two espresso shots for both Grande and Venti servings. More shots can be added upon request for all drink sizes.

This category results in a draw.

Hot and cold drink capacity

A Grande will always hold 16 fluid ounces of hot or cold drinks. The venti, on the other hand, is 24 fluid ounces for cold drinks, and 20 for hot drinks.

This category goes to the venti for having a larger capacity.

Drink Variety

Grande servings have been around longer than venti servings. However, both of these are available in almost all drinks.

In this case, we get a draw as both sizes are available in adequate varieties.

Starbucks Venti vs. Grande-A Comparison Overview

Starbucks Venti-Overview

The venti comes in 24 fluid ounces for cold drinks and 20 fluid ounces for hot drinks. It is an Italian name that means twenty. The most popular venti drinks are lattes, refreshers, macchiato, and flat whites.

Starbucks Grande-Overview

Starbucks Venti vs. Grande

Grande is a serving size at Starbucks that holds 16 fluid ounces. The name is Italian for large. You can order a Grande latte, mocha, Americano, macchiato, refreshers, tea drinks, and Frappuccino blends.

Final Verdict: So which is better?-Starbucks Grande vs. Venti

The Grande is better, as it comes in the same caffeine content as the venti, but for a lower price and also contains fewer calories.


Are Starbucks venti drinks healthier than Grande drinks?

No, they contain more calories, sugar, fat, and sodium where applicable due to additional ingredients.

Is the standard venti stronger than a Grande?

No, these two drinks have the same caffeine content.

Why are venti cups for iced drinks bigger than venti cups for hot drinks?

The most reasonable explanation is to make room for ice.

Can I order an iced latte in a Grande cup?

Yes, this drink is available in Grande

Which drinks are easier to customize between venti and Grande drinks?

A venti is more flexible as it has more space for more additives.

Are venti drinks sweeter than Grande?

No, the added sweeteners are balanced for their size unless more sweeteners are requested.

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