Dutch Bros Electric berry (Ingredients, taste, variations, sizes, copycat recipe, caffeine, calories & more information)

Try out the Dutch Bros electric berry if you want a caffeine kick from a vibrant drink with a refreshing, fruity flavor. Keep reading to learn more about this amazingly delicious beverage.

Dutch Bros electric berry combines a rebel energy drink with blue raspberry syrup and lime syrup to create an aesthetically pleasing drink with a refreshing flavor. I discovered this beverage shortly after its debut during summer. It easily became my go-to beverage because of its simple flavor. The electric berry is not over-flavorful or over-sweet. It has the right sweetness and flavor that keeps you coming for it without you feeling it’s overwhelming.

Before it became a permanent drink, this beverage was only being offered during the summer, and hence I had to come up with its home recipe as I had gotten addicted to it and could wait a whole year before I had it. I will share a simple recipe for making your electric berry in the comfort of your home. But first, let us take a look at some facts about this delicious beverage.

A brief history of the drink

Dutch Bros electric berry is simply a variation of Dutch Bros’ exclusive rebel energy drink, which was introduced at the coffee house in 2012. The electric berry entered the franchise in 2015 as a seasonal drink offered during summer. However, this drink became a best-seller as it gained popularity among customers so fast. Dutch Bros then made it a permanent addition to its menu.

Is Dutch Bros electric berry still available at Dutch Bros?

Yes, the Dutch Bros electric berry is available at Dutch Bros. You can get this drink at Dutch Bros all year round as it is a staple on the Dutch Bros menu. Furthermore, you can deliver it to your home by ordering it via the Dutch Bros website.

Dutch Bros electric berry (Ingredients, taste, variations, sizes, caffeine, calories)

What’s in a Dutch Bros electric berry? – (Ingredients)

Dutch Bros electric berry energy drink is made by mixing rebel energy drink with blue raspberry syrup and lime syrup. This drink is also offered as a soda made with sparkling water instead of a rebel energy drink. Below is a breakdown of the ingredients in this energy drink:

  • Blue raspberry syrup: blue raspberry syrup sweetens this drink while contributing to its aesthetics by giving it an attractive color.
  • Lime syrup: this syrup balances the sweetness of this beverage, giving it a slight tang taste.
  • Energy drink: Dutch Bros uses its exclusive rebel energy drink in this drink, which gives it a slight carbonated kick and provides a caffeine boost.

Dutch Bros electric berry: sizes, nutrition, caffeine & Calories

Dutch Bros Electric berry 
Dutch Bros electric berry. Image source: Dutch Bros Coffee

What sizes are available?

Dutch Bros offers the electric berry in three sizes; medium, small, and large size. If you have a kid, I would recommend the electric berry Dutch soda in a small size as it contains relatively low calories and won’t harm your kid’s health. However, for adults who love high-caffeinated drinks, you can have the large or medium size of the electric berry energy drink. Generally, the most popular size at Dutch Bros is the medium size since every drink is offered in medium size and is also nutritionally friendly.

Nutritional facts

Dutch Bros electric berry energy drink is not unhealthy; its calorie content is just slightly high. A large serving size of this drink has 390 calories, a medium has 240 calories, and a small has 190 calories. Considering the daily calorie intake limit is 2000, having 240 calories from a morning drink is not that bad.

However, the carb content in this beverage is relatively high. A large serving has 97 grams of carbs, a medium has 60 grams, while a small size, only 12 ounces, has a whole 49 grams. The daily intake limit of carbs ranges from 225 to 325 grams, depending on your health status. Therefore, if you are obese or have any underlying condition, getting 97 grams of carbs from one drink is quite unhealthy, and chances are you will exceed the daily limit by the time the day ends.

Below is a summary of the nutritional facts in a large size.

Calories 390

Calories from fat 0

Nutritional value (large serving size )

% Daily Value

Total fat 0 grams


Total carbs 97 grams

Fiber 0 grams

Sugar 93 grams



Cholesterol 0 mg


Sodium 170 mg


Protein 2 grams


Caffeine information

Dutch Bros electric berry energy drink is caffeinated as it is made with Dutch Bros exclusive rebel energy drink, which has 160 mg of caffeine for a 16-ounce serving. Therefore, the caffeine in this beverage varies depending on the size. A medium size has 160 mg of caffeine. However, electric berry Dutch Bros soda is caffeine-free and made with sparkling water instead of an energy drink.

So, what does Dutch Bros’ electric berry taste like?

Dutch Bros electric berry is not overly sweet but with a taste profile that combines lime and raspberry. It is fruity with a slightly sour taste of lime which is balanced out by the sweetness of these syrups. The ice added to this beverage makes it refreshing and allows you to experience its flavor fully.

Ways to customize Dutch Bros electric berry – Dutch Bros electric berry variations

The Dutch Bros electric berry comes in three variations. You can have your electric berry made with sparkling water to create an exclusive Dutch Bros electric berry soda that is caffeine-free. Another variation of the electric berry is an electric berry energy drink made with the rebel energy drink and comes in two variations, blended and iced. The electric berry energy drink is caffeinated and perfect for those with high caffeine intolerance.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, the calories in this beverage are relatively high. You can customize it to reduce calories by asking your barista to use sugar-free syrups while making your drink. You can also ditch any topping that you deem unhealthy, like whipped cream, and have this beverage plain.

How to make Dutch Bros electric berry at home – Dutch Bros electric berry copycat recipe

Dutch Bros Electric berry

Dutch Bros electric berry copycat recipe

Kai Jordan


  • Glass
  • Spoon


  • Lime syrup
  • Energy drink
  • Blue raspberry syrup


  • Making the Dutch Bros electric berry drink at home is relatively easy, especially if you have all ingredients readily available. All you have to do is pour your energy drink into a glass and add enough amounts of blue raspberry syrup and lime syrup to your drink.
  • Stir until the mixture is uniform. Garnish with your preferred topping, and your drink is ready to have.


  • You can have the Dutch soda variation of this drink if you love low-caffeinated beverages. All you have to do is replace the energy drink with sparkling water.
  • To create a beverage with an almost similar taste and quality to the Dutch Bros electric berry, consider using Dutch Bros’ exclusive energy drink or sparkling water when making your drink at home.

Informative section

Is the Dutch Bros electric berry good?

Yes. If you love a refreshing drink that is not overly sweet and with a subtle fruity flavor, this beverage will easily become your favorite.

Can I drink an electric berry from Dutch Bros while pregnant?

Pregnant women should not drink the Dutch Bros electric berry energy drink but can have a variation of this drink made with sparkling water. Electric berry Dutch soda is caffeine free and safe for pregnant women, while that made with the rebel energy drink is highly caffeinated and hence unsafe.

Is Dutch Bros’ electric berry gluten-free?

Yes, Dutch Bros electric berry is gluten-free as all ingredients in this drink are free from wheat, barley, rye, or any form of gluten. However, there is a risk of your electric berry being contaminated with low amounts of gluten as Dutch Bros uses shared equipment to prepare their in-house drinks.

How much is Dutch Bros’ electric berry?

The price of the Dutch Bros electric berry varies depending on the size and location you are ordering it from. However, a medium serving size of this beverage should cost you around $4.20.

Does Dutch Bros’ electric berry have caffeine?

Dutch Bros electric berry made with the rebel energy drink has caffeine since the energy drink is caffeinated. However, Dutch Bros’ electric berry made with sparkling water has no caffeine content.

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