Dutch Bros Granola Bar (Ingredients, Taste, Texture, Recipe, Calories & More information)

Dutch Bros Granola Bar is among the goodies offered at this coffee store that you can order alongside your drink. Read on to know more about it.

I first tasted Dutch Bros Granola bar a few months ago. As we went to work, I had just walked in with a friend to order our favourite drink. Once in the coffee shop, I noticed that the Broista was packing what looked like a snack and handed it to the customer ahead of me. I was curious about what it was, as I only knew that Dutch Bros sold goodies at the moment. I immediately inquired and was told it was a granola bar. The Granola bar at Dutch Bro is a type of goodies offered at this coffee shop that serves as a breakfast or snack. This snack is prepared using nuts, granola and cranberries. I ordered two bars and went to the store the same evening to make an additional snack order. In this article, I will explain in detail the ingredients in this bar, what it tastes like, and how you can bake your granola at home.

A brief history of the sandwich

After I learned that Dutch Bros offered several goodies besides their drinks, I was curious to know when they started showing the Granola Bar and its idea or reason. Dutch Bros introduced the Granola Bar on their menu in 2018 to provide a few goodies that go well with their drinks. Dutch Bros introduced this snack alongside three other goodies, the chocolate chip muffin top, the lemon poppyseed muffin top, and the orange cranberry muffin top. The Granola bar has since become the most popular snack at Dutch Bros.

Is Dutch Bros Granola Bar still available at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros Granola Bar is still available at Dutch Bros. This snack is on the Dutch Bros’ main menu, so you cannot easily order it. This is one of the best snacks you can order from Dutch Bros. Additionally, the taste and flavours of this snack combine well with most of the drinks at Dutch Bros. The granola bar is the perfect grab-n-go option for people who love taking their breakfast from their office.

Dutch Bros Granola Bar (Ingredients, Taste, Texture, Calories)

Dutch Bros Granola Bar 
Dutch Bros Granola Bar. Image source: Dutch Bros Coffee

What’s in a Dutch Bros Granola Bar – (Ingredients)

The Dutch Bros granola bar’s ingredients include granola, cranberries, and nuts. Let us have a look at each of these ingredients;

  • Granola: the granola is the main ingredient of this snack, made up of oats, honey, and other preserved ingredients, and is used to give this snack a granola taste and texture.
  • Nuts: nuts are the grains found in the granola bar and are usually added to the granola to give the granola bar a nutty taste. The nuts also provide this snack with a rough texture.
  • Cranberries: dried cranberries are added to give them a fruity taste and flavour.

Dutch Bros Granola Bar: Nutrition & Calories

Nutritional facts

Considering its calories, the Granola bar from Dutch Bros cannot be considered a healthy snack if eaten regularly. This snack has 440 calories, almost a quarter of the total calories one should consume daily. Compared to the lemon poppyseed Muffin top, which only has 320 calories, The granola bar is unhealthy because of its high calories, fats and sugars, considering that it is just a snack and comes in a relatively small quantity.

If you are on a diet or watching your weight, I would not advise you to consume this snack. However, if you love a good snack during your cheat days, the granola bar is perfect. Below is a table showing the nutritional facts of the granola bar.



Nutritional Values

% Daily Value

Cholesterol 40mg


Sodium 320mg


Total fat 20mg

Saturated fat 10g


Total carbohydrates 58g

Sugars 16g


Protein 8g


So, what does Dutch Bros Granola Bar taste like?

Dutch Bros granola bar is sweet, soft, tangy, and spicy. The sweet taste comes from the naturally sweet taste of the nuts. This snack also has a tangy taste from the cranberries used. Additionally, the cranberries used offers a fruity flavour to this bar, making it perfect for breakfast or even a dessert.

This granola bar is also fresh and filled with warm and nutty flavours from the nuts used as ingredients. You will also get a chewy feel as you eat this bar from the combination of the ingredients used.

What is the texture of the Dutch Bros Granola Bar?

The Granola bar has a very thick and coarse texture to it. This snack remains crunchy when eaten. This snack gets a coarse texture from the nuts and granola usually found on the outer part of this bar. The granola bar also has a thick texture from how the ingredients are assembled before being baked.

How to make Dutch Bros Granola Bar at home- Dutch Bros Granola Bar Recipe

Dutch Bros Granola Bar

Dutch Bros Granola Bar Recipe

Kai Jordan


  • Bowl
  • Spoon to mix
  • Baking pan
  • Parchment paper


  • Honey
  • Vanilla extract
  • Whole rolled oats
  • Cashew butter
  • Crashed peanuts
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Salt
  • Cranberries


  • Mix the wet ingredients. These are salt, vanilla extract, peanut butter, and honey.
  • Then, add all the dry ingredients: oats, chocolate chips, and dried cranberries. Stir as you add these ingredients to get a consistent mixture.
  • Place your parchment paper to fit perfectly into your baking pan. Transfer your mixture onto the sheet and cover it with another parchment paper.
  • Press your mixture firmly on the pan and spread it with a measuring cup.
  • Place your mixture into a fridge and leave it to settle for about an hour.
  • Take it out, cut the mixture into your desired bar sizes, and enjoy.


-If you put your granola bars into the freeze, ensure you warm them up before eating.
-Putting the granola mixture into the fridge before cutting them will make them chewy and cohesive.
-Use loose or runny peanut butter for easy mixing.

Informative Section

How to order a Dutch Bros Granola Bar

To order the granola bar from Dutch Bros, mention the name to the Broista as this is on their main menu.

Is the Dutch Bros Granola Bar healthy?

Dutch Bros granola bar cannot be considered healthy because it has high calories, fats, and sugars for a single bar. However, there is no harm in enjoying this snack once in a while.

Are Dutch Bros Granola Bar vegetarian?

Dutch Bros Granola bar is vegetarian as all ingredients are fruits and plant-based.

Can Dutch Bros deliver just Granola bar?

Dutch Bros delivers just Granola bar because it is treated the same way, just like any drink or food.

How much is the Dutch Bros granola bar?

A bar of Granola at Dutch Bros goes for $1.55.

Is there gluten in the Dutch Bros granola bar?

Yes, there is gluten in Dutch Bros granola bars because the oats in the granola are made with wheat.

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