4 Best milk alternatives for matcha latte Starbucks (What Milks Goes Best with Matcha?)

Green tea lovers now have a wide variety of milk to choose from to make their favorite matcha lattes. I have been sampling all the plant-based options and they are great. I have also come to love the skinny matcha latte with nonfat milk. If you have been wondering what else you can do with your matcha latte, this post will open your eyes to healthy milk options. You will learn what milk works well with matcha tea.

4 Best milk alternatives for matcha latte Starbucks

Matcha tea lattes are made with different types of milk, but what alternatives give the best results? You can opt for almond milk, oat milk, and coconut milk for your non-dairy options, and nonfat milk for dairy options.

Almond milk

Starbucks® Almond Milk Vanilla Frappuccino | ready2go

This is my favorite low-calorie matcha latte. The Almond milk option is used to make this latte, and the results are superb. You will have a vegan matcha latte with only 3g of fat. The nutritional value looks great, but what about the taste? Almond milk enhances the taste of match instead of covering it up. You will still enjoy the taste of green tea, which is the whole point of ordering it, right? While matcha is packed with antioxidants, almond milk is packed with vitamin D and reduces your risk of heart disease.

Oat milk

Milk alternatives for matcha latte Starbucks

Oat milk is a great plant-based milk option at Starbucks for a matcha tea latte. The beauty of oat milk is that it goes with just about anything and brings out the great taste. This milk is the heaviest among the plant-based options. You will love the natural sweetness of oat milk and the great way it compliments matcha tea. In the end, you will have a dairy-free delicious green tea packed with antioxidants and healthy fiber. While oat milk is lower in fat, it is high in carbs which takes the matcha drink to 216 calories.

Coconut milk

What Milks Goes Best with Matcha?

Whenever I taste coconut in anything, my mind and taste buds go straight to a tropical destination for a vacation. Coconut milk can turn a simple drink into a tasty delicacy. You will be pleased by the natural sweetness of matcha, paired with the sweetness and creaminess of coconut. The result is a healthy and satisfying matcha latte. The calories are low, coming at 140, and your day will be packed with healthy coconut fats.

Nonfat Milk

Best milk alternatives for matcha latte Starbucks

Dairy milk is great for everything and makes such an amazing matcha latte. You can turn it into a healthy option by going the skinny way. Dairy nonfat milk is a great option for those who desire animal proteins. The grassy taste of green tea will be toned down by milk, and you can enjoy your cup of health without the guilt of excess fat.


Matcha green tea latte is a popular drink among green tea lovers. You can customize it to our taste and enjoy it with all the above-mentioned milk options. If you are a vegan, you can opt for plant-based milk options. All other people including vegetarians can go for a nonfat matcha tea latte which tastes as great as all the other customizations.

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