4 Best Starbucks Nespresso Vertuo pods (Starbucks Capsules for Nespresso Vertuo Machines + More information)

Now that you have a Nespresso coffee machine, you may want to know what the best Starbucks Nespresso Vertuo pods are. Below is our selection.

For my kitchen, I recently purchased a Nespresso coffee machine that uses Vertuo pods. It was chosen from a list of four because it accepts both Nespresso and Starbucks pods. Next, I picked a pack of each Starbucks Vertuo pod flavor available to test and add to our regular stash. In this post, I’ll tell you what we discovered, what we and many other people seem to like, and why. Enjoy!

Does Starbucks make pods for Nespresso Vertuo?

Starbucks does not make its own pods for the Nespresso Vertuo machines. The pods were developed in a partnership between Nestle and Starbucks, which allows pods with Starbucks coffee to fit in the Nespresso Vertuo machines to bring you your beloved Starbucks. The pods are the same size as Nespresso’s own coffee pods but contain different coffees and flavors.

This allows you to make and enjoy the authentic Starbucks taste at home, saving you the hassle of going to the store and waiting in line. It is also more cost-effective in the long run, as each cup costs less than a dollar.

Just like the Nespresso pods, the Starbucks by Nespresso capsules are fully recyclable by Nespresso.

Are Starbucks Vertuo pods good?

The Starbucks Vertuo pods are meant to make both coffee and espresso and are therefore better than the original line system in this respect. The pods are barcoded for the machine to read and brew any size and style of drink automatically with excellent results every time. The Vertuoline coffee machine also utilizes centrifugal extraction, which will give you a layer of thick and rich crema on your coffee.

The drawbacks that Vertuoline suffers from include a limited selection and the lack of milk frother in any of the coffee machines.

How we choose the Best Starbucks Nespresso Vertuo pods

We put each Starbucks Vertuo pod to the test by making various drinks with them. To come up with the products on the list, we took note of our own experience and compared it to that of others. For ranking, we looked at each pod’s popularity—how many times it was mentioned positively and how well it compared to the others. You can trust the selection and ranking in this post because it incorporates our own experience as well as the experiences of others based on a large sample of reviews.

4 Best Starbucks Nespresso Vertuo pods

Here are the best Starbucks Nespresso Vertuo Pods.

1Starbucks Blonde Espresso RoastBlonde Roast. A smooth & sweet flavor.
2Starbucks ColombiaMedium Roast. Herbs & toasted walnut.
3Pike PlaceMedium roast. Toasted nut & chocolate
4Starbucks Espresso RoastDark roast. Molasses with caramelized sugar notes

Blonde Espresso Roast Nespresso Vertuo Pods

Starbucks by Nespresso Blonde Roast Espresso (50-count single serve  capsules, compatible with Nespresso Original Line System) : Grocery &  Gourmet Food - Amazon.com

The Blonde Espresso Roast pods, with an intensity of 6, are the most popular with Starbucks customers who use Vertuo pods. This is because they come off as extra soft and balanced, which is perfect for any espresso. I like that this pod does not have a roasty edge or bitterness, which is a characteristic of pods with high intensity.

This boldly mellow roast is made using a blend of beans from East Africa and Latin America that are cautiously roasted to bring out sweet, vibrant notes. You will notice the rich crema forming right from the start of the brew. The sweet, unmistakable aroma is inviting, and the taste does not disappoint. It takes less than 30 seconds to pull the shot and just under two minutes to make a latte, depending on the kind of milk frothing process you use.

If you like your drinks mellow and light, then this is for you. If you need an intense caffeine kick or prefer a bold flavor, then I would suggest you get another roast altogether.

I also found it makes an excellent macchiato, especially for an afternoon or second drink, because of the sweetness and cream from the milk.

 Starbucks Colombia Nespresso Vertuo Pod

Starbucks Capsules for Nespresso Vertuo Machines

The Vertuo pods show the Colombia to have an intensity of 7, placing it in the medium roast range. It is a single-origin roast from Colombia that has understated notes of fresh herbs and nuts.

This Vertuo pod is also very popular for its balanced and full flavor. We found it to have a full-bodied effect without the bitterness that a more intense pod would have. The smooth flavor hits are delicious; it manages to balance between the fruity, light, and mellow acidity of a light roast and the caramelly tones of a dark roast.

If you are an espresso enthusiast, a shot of espresso made using this pod is a must-try. You can also make great americanos or lattes because this is the most well-balanced pod in the Starbucks range.

 Pike Place Roast Nespresso Vertuo Pod

Starbucks Capsules for Nespresso Vertuo Machines

When you make your drink using Starbucks Pike Place Roast, there is a chance that it will come out better than the one in the shop. This is because, for one, you will be getting a fresh drink. Secondly, there is no chance of overheating, and of course, no burnt taste. Starbucks describes it as a smooth, well-rounded blend of coffees from Latin America that have subtle, rich notes of toasted nuts and cocoa.

As you pull the shot, the nice smells hit you. I found it to be delicious served any way, especially with cream and sugar. I just could not get enough of the smokey sweet taste. Certainly, a favorite in the pack for me.

Starbucks Espresso Roast Nespresso Vertuo

Starbucks Capsules for Nespresso Vertuo Machines

If you love a bold, full-bodied, and roasty coffee, then the Starbucks Espresso roast is for you, even when made from a pod. It is the same classic dark roast with a caramelized sugar taste, but I must say I, and many others, did not get the molasses taste, perhaps because of the mechanism used to pull it.

It has an intensity of 11, making it a good espresso for that necessary morning kickstart. In this list, it is also the best for espresso, as it hits all the notes a good espresso should. You can also use it to make any other espresso-based drink.

Informative Section 

Which is the best Starbucks Nespresso capsules?

It depends on the size and style that you prefer. The Starbucks Original line capsules make excellent espresso shots.

On the other hand, Starbucks Nespresso Vertuo capsules are the better choice if you prefer larger coffees over quick shots of espresso. If you live in a cold region, you are likely to find that Vertuoline serves you better.

 Which Nespresso Vertuo pods are best for espresso?

The Bianco Leggero is the most popular Nespresso Vertuo pod for espresso. It is a light-roasted coffee made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. One pod will give you a double shot that has more than 200mg of caffeine. It has a smooth and sweet aroma. The Bianco Leggero is intended for drinks with milk and tastes great iced.

In the Starbucks by Nespresso range, Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast is the most popular.

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