Starbucks winter blend vs holiday blend: Which One is better?

Starbucks is a multinational that serves different types of drinks. it is because of this, that many customers become confused while trying to pick a beverage. I am a huge fan of Starbucks coffee, my uncle put forward that I try the Starbucks seasonal blends. I was in the dilemma between picking the Winter blend and the Holiday blend.

I did my research on the two and came up with this post to aid you to know how they compare. Well, in the end, you will find out which between the two you should get. Keep reading!

What are the differences between Starbucks winter blend vs holiday blend?

FeaturesStarbucks Winter BlendStarbucks Holiday Blend
IngredientsAsian/Pacific beans and Latin American beansRich Sumatra Coffee and Latin American beans
Taste ProfileSlightly sweet with a round nutty flavorStrong and Bitter with a complex flavor
Availability/ AccessibilityYou can access it at Starbucks or get it in other grocery locationsYou can access it at Starbucks stores and other grocery locations
Roast LevelMedium RoastMedium blend
Convenience FormWhole beanGrounded

Starbucks winter blend vs holiday blend – How They Compare.

Starbucks winter blend vs holiday blend

What it’s made of (ingredients)

Starbucks Winter blend is a delicious drink that will warm up your winter day and is made up of coffee beans that originate from the Asia/Pacific region as well as from Latin America. When these beans are combined you get an amazing drink.

On the other hand, the Starbucks Holiday blend consists of rich Sumatra coffee beans that are mixed with Latin American beans. All these will bring out a complex flavor in your cup.

It is a draw in this category since both winter and holiday blend has coffee beans in them and does not include an extra ingredient.

Taste profile

The winter blend boasts of having slightly sweet with a round nutty flavor and spicy multiple tastes. You cannot go wrong with a cup of winter blend since you will find it satisfying.

While on the other hand Holiday blends have a complex flavor which most people find a bit strong and bitter. If you love strong blends this will be a good pick.

Starbucks Winter blends win in this category since it is slightly sweet and is not that strong and bitter.

Availability/ Accessibility

Both Starbucks winter blend and holiday blend are very much easy to access at Starbucks stores. additionally, you can also access them through other grocery locations. Can be found online on Amazon and other retailers. These are all seasonal blend

It is also a draw in this category since both are easy to access and are all seasonal blends.

Roast level

Starbucks winter blend and Starbucks holiday blend are both medium roast blends. They give you the privilege to fall in between the dark and light roast.

It is yet another draw in this category because both blends contain the medium roast in them.

Convenience Form

Winter blend is composed of whole beans and you do have to grind them for you to use you can free them if you drink coffee occasionally.

On the other side, the holiday blend is grounded and you need not grind them they are very good in terms of convenience.

Holiday blend wins in this category since it gives you the convenience of making your drink by grinding the beans since the beans are already grounded.

Starbucks winter blend vs holiday blend: A comparison review

Starbucks winter blend – Overview

Starbucks winter blend

I took it upon myself to order this blend from Starbucks and I liked it. The Asian/Pacific beans and Latin American beans are combined to bring out a Slightly sweet Round nutty flavor.

I did not like the fact that it’s a seasonal blend. However, it is suitable for people who are coffee lovers and want to grind their coffee.

What I liked;

  • It is slightly sweet with nutty flavors
  • Can be accessed from other stores

What I didn’t like;

  • You need to grind the beans yourself.

Who it’s best suited for?

  • It is suited for coffee lovers who like the convenience of grinding their beans

Starbucks holiday blend – Overview

Starbucks holiday blend

Starbucks holiday blend has a strong and complex flavor and is a grounded medium roast. I like the fact that is grounded and easy to make. It is suitable for customer who wants a strong and complex taste. I however did not like the fact that it has a strong and bitter taste.

What I liked;

  • Convince for use.
  • Medium blend

What I didn’t like;

  • Strong and bitter

Who it’s best suited for?

  • Anyone looking for a strong and complex taste blend

Final Verdict: So, which is Better? – Starbucks winter blend vs holiday blend

Both Winter and Holiday blends are good since they are made with quality beans, both are also medium roast blends. In addition, they are accessible at Starbucks and other retailers as well. Pick one that excites you the most and enjoy your drink.


Is winter blend stronger than holiday blend?

No, the holiday blend is stronger than the winter blend

Which one tastes better between the winter blend and holiday blend?

Winter blend tastes better since it drives a delicious sweet nutty flavor

Which one is easier to brew between winter blend and holiday blend?

The holiday blend is easier to blend since it is grounded.

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