Does Tim Hortons have almond milk? (What brand of almond milk does Tim Hortons have? + more information)

Tim Hortons has recently added new items to its menu list, including several kinds of milk. So, does Tim Hortons have almond milk?

Yes, Tim Hortons does offer almond milk in all its locations. Being lactose intolerant, I didn’t have many milk options at Tim Hortons, so whenever I wanted a drink with milk, I had to find another coffeehouse despite Tim Hortons being my favorite. I was ecstatic when I saw Tim Hortons’ announcement a few years ago that the company was rolling out almond milk.

So, what brand of almond milk is offered at Tim Hortons? Is the milk vegan? When did Tim Hortons introduce this milk? Can you order just plain almond milk from Tim Hortons? This article will answer all these questions and provide much more information, so stick around.

What brand of almond milk does Tim Hortons have?

Tim Hortons uses Danone’s Silk Almond Milk across all its stores in the US. Tim Hortons’ almond milk is dairy, gluten, lactose, and soy free, so if you have any allergies to these items, you don’t have to worry about this milk. This is also the brand used in other countries where Tim Hortons has outlets. However, note that this milk is made with real almonds, so if you’re allergic to nuts, it’s best to find another option.

When did Tim Hortons introduce almond milk?

What brand of almond milk does Tim Hortons have?

Tim Hortons introduced almond milk in June 2020. This release was supposed to be made in February of the same year, but due to COVID-19, it was postponed to June. Around the same time, the company also rolled out coconut and oat milk. This release was much awaited because soy milk was the only plant-based milk offered at Tim Hortons since 2014. Customers were happy to have their options broadened; no wonder the company was trending on social media during that period.

What is the nutritional information for Tim Hortons’ almond milk?

The nutritional values for Tim Hortons’ almond milk vary depending on the size or the amount a customer asks to be used in their drink. Roughly, a cup (240ml) of Tim Hortons’ almond milk has 30 calories, 2.5g of Fat, 0g of sugar, and 4g of carbs.

The table below has summarized all the nutritional information;

Nutritional facts (per 230ml serving)% Daily Value
Sugar (0g)
Carbs (4g)4%
Total Fat (2.5g)


Saturated Fat (0g)

Trans fat (0g)



Cholesterol (0mg)
Sodium (100mg)3%
Protein (2g)

Can you order just almond milk at Tim Hortons?

You can’t order plain almond milk from the website, but you should get it when you visit a Tim Hortons shop nearby. Tim Hortons hasn’t listed almond milk as a beverage on its website. But baristas can serve plain almond milk in-store. However, when ordering any other drink from the website, you can indicate to have it prepared with almond milk or any other milk you prefer.

What can you order with Tim Hortons’ almond milk?

You can order regular dark or decaf coffee, lattes, or cappuccinos with almond milk. A frothed version is also offered. This also applies to the other plant-based milk recently added to Tim Hortons’ menu. Any drink typically prepared with milk at Tim Hortons can now be ordered with almond milk instead of the whole milk typically used.


Can you use Tim Hortons’ almond milk in smoothies?

No. Tim Hortons’ smoothies are prepared with skim milk.

Is Tim Hortons’ almond milk vegan?

Yes, Tim Hortons’ almond milk is vegan.

Does Tim Hortons sell almond milk as a beverage?

On the website, the company doesn’t offer almond milk as a beverage, but in-store, a barista can sell the milk as a beverage.

Does Tim Hortons have unsweetened almond milk?

Yes. The almond milk offered at Tim Hortons is unsweetened.

Does Tim Hortons’ almond milk have sugar?

No. Tim Hortons’ almond milk is sugar-free.

Can you ask for almond milk at Tim Hortons?

Yes, you can ask for almond milk to be incorporated into your coffee at Tim Hortons.

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