Does Starbucks star drink have caffeine? (What is a star drink at Starbucks? + More information)

The Starbucks star drink is an excellent refresher that will keep you refreshed physically and mentally. But does the Starbucks star drink have caffeine?

Yes. The Starbucks star drink has 45 mg of caffeine in a 16 fl oz serving. I learned about the amazing Starbucks star drink last summer in one of my many Starbucks adventures. Once in a while, I have decided to order whatever the customer in front of me has ordered. I do it for fun. It was hot on this particular day, so I decided to have fun by ordering a similar drink as the customer in front of me. Lucky for me that day, the customer ordered a delicious drink in the name of star drink, and I got the same. In this post, you will learn the nutritional content of star drink, including the caffeine content and how it tastes.

What is a star drink at Starbucks?

The Starbucks star drink is the Starbucks’ Kiwi Strawberry refresher with an addition of coconut milk.


The star drink is made of the following ingredients: Freeze-dried kiwi, kiwi starfruit refresher base-consisting of water sugar and white grape juice concentrate,- green coffee extracts, citric acid, natural flavors, watermelon and huito fruit juice for color, turmeric, and rebaudioside, and coconut milk -which is made of coconut cream, water, cane sugar, sea salt, contains 2% or less of tricalcium phosphate, natural flavors, coconut water concentrate, gellan gum, xanthan gum, guar gum, vitamin D2, vitamin A palmitate, and corn dextrin.


What is a star drink at Starbucks?

The star drink contains vitamin A and D2 and is rich in sodium. It contains small quantities of protein and dietary fiber, the calorie count is 130, and it has total carbs of 27g. Sodium is also a significant element in the drink, at 3%.

The table below shows the nutritional composition of the drink

Calories: 130 per 16 fl oz serving
Element Amount Percentage
Total fat

Saturated fats

Trans fat






Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 65mg 3%
Total carbohydrates 27mg 10%
Dietary fiber




Protein 1g
Caffeine 45mg

What does the star drink taste like?

The star drink is tasty and refreshing. My reaction after my first sip was, “wow, this is incredibly delicious” I also followed up on social media to see if I was in my world or if other customers also found it amazing. The amount of feedback on Instagram was overwhelming. One customer said she had a whole new summer experience after discovering the drink. It is a pretty good drink, and you can only experience it for yourself to understand what I mean.

Does Starbucks have the star drink all year round?

Yes, the star drink is available all year round. However, it is most popular in summer because it is a cold drink due to the added ice. You can also take the drink other times of the year, provided you don’t mind the cold or request the barista to omit the ice.

Final thoughts

The star drink is a perfect refresher, especially when the caffeine kick is needed to keep your brain active. The coconut milk makes it exceptional among many refreshers. You will enjoy it most during summer because it refreshes and boost your energy.

FAQ Section

How much caffeine is in a venti star drink from Starbucks?

The star drink in a venti serving contains about 50 mg of caffeine.

How to order the star drink on the Starbucks app?

The star drink is on the Starbucks main menu. Therefore, open the Starbucks app and search for star drink. Make any customization for milk, flavors, juice options, add-ins, preparation methods, topping, tea, and sweeteners.

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