Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Copycat Recipe, Caffeine, Calories & More information)

Stay hydrated this summer with the Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher. You shall also find my simple recipe at the end of this article to learn how you can make a Star copy of the drink at home.

I’m a gym girl and while hydration is key for me, drinking plain water can get boring. I’m therefore constantly looking for ways to add some flavor to my daily intake. Not anymore. Since the Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher was put into the Starbucks permanent menu, it has become my go to drink from the gym. Now I can balance out my natural water sips during workouts with a tasty cup of this refreshing beverage afterwards, the three times a week that I hit the gym.

Ok, let me be honest. I’m a tad obsessed and I find myself grabbing this drink every day of the week. Impressively, its mild sour flavor and the tarty taste sets up my oral system to desire more water throughout the day. Who doesn’t like a hydration booster? So, like I always do with anything that I build an obsession for, I’ve found a way to make my version of the Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher at home. I’ll be sharing that recipe with you today, alongside other fun details about this summer punch.

Brief History of the Drink

Listen. If I enjoy a food item or a drink, best believe I’m going all out to find every single detail about its origin and all the different ways it can be enjoyed. It was no different with the Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher.

The tropical drink first appeared in the Starbucks Canadian summer menu weeks before it was availed in the US and other locations. There was no nostalgic story reported on its introduction. The coffee chain launched the drink via its website and social media with a statement that simply described the beverage as a new, delicious and vibrant green summer addition.

When this beverage hit the Starbucks US summer drinks menu later in 2020, it shined effortlessly. The vibrant green drink in the Starbucks clear cup was refreshing not only in the mouth but to the eye as well. Customers went abuzz on social media, raving about the drink with colorful images. Some even termed it as ‘the best refresher beverage by the brand yet’. It would take Starbucks no time to catch the wave and put the drink on the permanent menu that same summer.

Is kiwi starfruit refresher still available at Starbucks?

Yes, the tropical drink is available at Starbucks all year round. It can be found on the permanent drinks’ menu.

kiwi starfruit refresher (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, caffeine & calories

What’s in a Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher – (Ingredients)

Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher
Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher. Source: Starbucks

The kiwi starfruit refresher is a simple cocktail of real freeze-dried kiwi pieces, hand shaken in starfruit concentrate, and poured over ice. Starbucks uses a sugar base for sweetening. All the ingredients are plant based, which makes the drink a great vegan choice.

The Starfruit refresher base used by Starbucks consists of white grape juice concentrate, natural green coffee extract, natural flavors, citric acid, sugar and water. For color, Starbucks uses turmeric, Rebaudioside-A (a natural sweetener extracted from stevia plant), watermelon & Huito fruit juice. While the green drink has no tea or coffee, in true Starbucks refresher style, it contains some caffeine for flavoring.

According to Starbucks, there is no guarantee that this drink is allergen-free because they use shared equipment to store, prepare and serve all the drinks. Please find all the details about ingredients for any of their products at the Starbucks website or menu.

kiwi starfruit refresher: Sizes, nutrition, Caffeine & Calories

What sizes are available?

The Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher is served in 4 different sizes; the Tall, Grande, Venti and Trenta.

Trenta is the largest size with 30 ounces, Venti follows with 24 ounces, then Grande with 16 ounces and Tall is the smallest with 12 ounces.

Although many people love this drink, myself included, the kiwi starfruit refresher is an acquired taste to some people. I would therefore advise that for the first time, try the smallest size (Tall) and if your taste buds are receptive, you can explore the bigger sizes over time.

Nutritional facts

Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher -Ingredients
Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher, Iced Beverage, summer drinks. Source: Starbucks

In my books of health, the Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher is as healthy as they come. With less than 100 calories in a Grande (16 fl oz), the hydrating drink is a great refreshment option compared to a Frappuccino.

The real kiwi pieces in the drink are a great source of minerals and vitamins, and the starfruit natural concentrate used has no additives.

I personally don’t find the sugar base sweetening too bearing given the starfruit concentrate used is unsweetened. However, for stricter health disciples, you can opt for a sugarless sweetener.

The table below summarizes nutritional facts per Grande (16 oz serving) of the beverage:

Calorie count (from the recommended 2,000 calories daily)90
Total Fat (0g) 




Cholesterol (0g.)0%
Sodium (15mg.)1%
Total Carbohydrates (22g)



Dietary Fiber (1g)

Sugars (19g)





Protein (0g)0%
Caffeine (45mg)0%

Caffeine information

The Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher contains about 45 mg of caffeine in a Grande which is more of a flavoring than a stimulant. The caffeine comes from the green coffee extract, not actual roasted coffee beans and hence it does not taste like regular coffee. This tropical drink is considerably a comfortable indulgence even for non – coffee drinkers, including children.

So, what does kiwi starfruit refresher taste like?

In two words, refreshingly delicious. The cooling effect of icy, crisp pure white grape juice enriched by the sour sweetness of kiwi fruit is what fills the mouth on a first sip. You can feel the hydration flowing down your body like a cool breeze on the second and third sip. As the tarty flavors develop on the tongue, a quick thirst builds up and it becomes impossible to put the drink down. There is something about the kiwi starfruit flavors that my tongue can’t just resist.

Ways to Customize Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher – kiwi starfruit refresher Variations

One of my favorite things about Starbucks is the fact that nothing is cast on stone. There are always additional ways to make and enjoy items on the menu. For the kiwi starfruit, you can move it from a tropical refresher to a Star drink by substituting water with some coconut milk for a rejuvenating creamy texture. You can also use lemonade in place of water. Nothing should stop you from replacing the caffeine with either cold green or white tea as well.

The white grape juice concentrate can also be substituted with apple or peach blend.

If you prefer a sugarless base, you can opt for the sugar free vanilla syrup, honey blend or a pump of your preferred flavored syrup.

Better still, you can request the barista for some cold foam topping if you’re feeling extra. I mean, Starbucks is a house full of options. Whichever way you like your drink, they can make it.

Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher

How to make kiwi starfruit refresher at home – kiwi starfruit refresher copycat recipe

Kai Jordan


  • A jar with a lid
  • Citrus Squeezer
  • Knife
  • strainer
  • Drinking glass


  • 2 Fresh kiwi
  • White Grape Juice
  • Ice
  • Green tea
  • Fresh peppermint


  • Peel one whole kiwi and cut one half into thin slices and dice the other half, then set aside.
  • Cut the other kiwi into two halves and using the citrus squeezer, press the fresh kiwi juice into the jar through a strainer.
  • Add the white grape juice, and green tea to the fresh kiwi juice and hand shake the mixture. The refresher base will not require additional flavor due to the natural sweetness of fresh kiwi juice. If you’re going for the Star drink, this is where you add the coconut milk.
  • Fill the glass to about ¾ with ice, placing the kiwi slices on the sides as garnish. Add the diced kiwi on top of the ice.
  • Pour the refresher base in the glass over ice.
  • Top it off with fresh mint leaves and leave the drink for about 1 min to chill. Voila! There you have a fresh homemade kiwi starfruit refresher. Enjoy your drink.


  • I use the 100% unsweetened white grape juice for the best flavor and quality. It’s easily available at my local grocery store. White grapes and starfruit taste remarkably similar so it works perfectly.
  • Freshly pressed kiwi juice is quite sweet so you may squeeze some lemon juice to balance the sugar. I do not recommend adding any sweeteners but do you.
  • I use green tea for caffeine, in place of coffee. If you want it to be caffeine free, just use water or a plant-based milk.
  • A blender will do the job just fine if you do not have the squeezer to press the juice. Just blend the kiwi and strain to separate the juice from the pulp.
  • Because I have fresh kiwi from the market, I use diced kiwi in place of the freeze-dried kiwi that Starbuck uses. I’m biased but mine taste crunchier. If you don’t fancy anything floating in your drink, you can skip this step.

Informative section

How do you order a kiwi starfruit refresher?

Just tell the barista the size of the cup and key ingredients in the drink.

Is the kiwi starfruit refresher good?

Absolutely. Quite light but rich, this beverage is especially great for hydration.

Is the kiwi starfruit refresher healthy?

Yes, the kiwi starfruit is a healthy, low-calorie drink and the kiwi fruit pieces are full of minerals and vitamins.

How much is a kiwi starfruit refresher at Starbucks?

The size of the drink is what determines the cost on the Starbucks menu. For instance, a Grande (16 ounces) costs $4.75 while a Tall (12 ounces) goes for $3.85.

Is kiwi starfruit refresher gluten free?

Yes, like most Starbucks refreshers, the kiwi starfruit refresher is dairy free.

Is kiwi starfruit refresher vegan?

Yes, the beverage is vegan. It’s made with plant-based ingredients.

Is the kiwi starfruit refresher sweet?

The beverage is slightly sour in its natural taste but can be sweetened with a sugar base or syrup.

When is the Starbucks kiwi starfruit refresher release date?

The drink is already on the menu. It was launched in the month of July in the year 2020.

Did Starbucks discontinue the kiwi starfruit refresher?

No, the drink is available on the permanent menu any time of the year.

Did Starbucks discontinue the kiwi starfruit refresher?

No, the refresher has not been discontinued.

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