6 Low-Calorie Drinks to try in Starbucks (How do I order a low-calorie drink at Starbucks? + FAQ’S)

Are you trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle? If yes, stick to low-calorie drinks. You may be wondering; how do I order a low-calorie drink at Starbucks? Stick around to find out.

One of the things that captivated me at Starbucks was its extensive menu. Though I used to like experimenting with drinks, I realized that I was increasing my calorie intake by ordering unhealthy drinks. Since I am more health-conscious now, I always consider the calories before placing my order.

Finding delicious but healthy drinks at Starbucks is a challenge. Many people are tempted to order fancy drinks that are loaded with sugar. I created this post to help you discover some low-calorie drinks at Starbucks. You will learn how to order them by the end of this post.

6 Low-Calorie Drinks To Try In Starbucks

Here are some of the popular low-calorie drink at Starbucks and how to order them:

Nitro cold brew

Low-Calorie Drinks to try in Starbucks )

This is a low-calorie drink that comes pre-made. Starbucks makes this drink with freshly ground coffee and then adds some citrus flavors. Since this drink is infused with nitrogen, it has a smooth finish. Dispensing this drink through a tap creates a velvety texture. This drink is thicker and creamier than regular coffee.

You can either order this drink black or white. If you don’t like black drinks, you can ask the barista to prepare your nitro cold brew with nonfat milk or soy. Consuming this drink without adding a sweetener can prevent you from taking in more calories. Since Nitro cold brew is not very bitter, it tastes delicious even without a sweetener.

Emperor’s Clouds and mist tea

Emperor’s Clouds and mist tea

If you want a low-calorie drink that contains some caffeine, you can consider this Starbucks beverage. It has 0 calories and 15 mg of caffeine. This green tea is healthy and has a toasty flavor.

Many Starbucks customers enjoy the earthy flavor of this drink. You can take it in the morning as you go to work since it can make you more alert. Feel free to order this tea without any sweeteners.

Filter coffee

How do I order a low-calorie drink at Starbucks

Starbucks also brews and serves this type of coffee all day. It is a low-calorie drink since it contains only three calories in the grande size. This is not only healthy but also has a smooth texture. Starbucks makes it from smooth Pike Place Roast.

How do I order a low-calorie drink at Starbucks? You can order this drink without any cream or milk. Taking it black can prevent you from increasing your calorie intake. Since this drink contains caffeine, you should avoid ordering it very late in the evenings so that it does not keep you up at night.

Skinny Chai tea latte

Skinny Chai tea latte

Are you watching your weight? If yes, you should only order low-calorie drinks. Starbucks can support your goals since it offers this drink that only has 60 calories. It does not have any fat or sugar. This drink is made by blending tea with some warm spices.

To order this drink, you can ask the Starbucks barista for organic chai tea and then ask them to add some almond milk. Instead of adding plain sugar to this drink, you should consider sweetening it with stevia.

Hibiscus iced tea

Low-Calorie Drinks to try in Starbucks (How do I order a low-calorie drink at Starbucks? + FAQ’S)

If you need a refreshing drink that does not contain many calories, you should consider hibiscus iced tea. This type of tea has a lot of health benefits, such as curbing heart disease, minimizing sore throat, and lowering hypertension.

To order this drink, ask for brewed hibiscus tea and lemonade. The barista should also serve the drink over ice. The tall cup of hibiscus iced tea contains 35 calories and 8 grams of sugar.

Peach tranquility tea

Peach tranquility tea

This is an excellent caffeine-free drink that can prevent you from consuming too many calories. It contains lemon verbena, peach, rose hips, candied pineapple, and chamomile blossoms. As you order peach tranquility tea, you should be careful with the sweetener you pick. Feel free to order this drink without any sweetener.

Informative section

How do I order a low-calorie drink at Starbucks?

Starbucks has numerous drinks that you can pick from. Though most of the drinks look amazing, some contain high-calorie content. Focusing on nutrition facts can help you identify healthier, low-calorie drinks. You can also cut the calories in a drink by paying attention to the following.

  • Avoid the cream: Consider skipping this instead of always ordering your favorite Starbucks drink with cream. This is because adding fresh or whipped cream to a drink like coffee increases the calories in your drink.
  • Skip the toppings: Though Starbucks gives you the option of topping your drink differently, you can avoid this if you try to minimize the calories you take in. Toppings such as chocolate, cookie pieces, or caramel drizzle increase the number of calories in a drink.
  • Order drinks in small cup sizes: Instead of ordering drinks in tall or grande cup sizes, you can stick to short cup sizes. Doing this can help you cut down the calories in a drink.
  • Pick the right syrup: If you have been ordering your favorite Starbucks drinks with regular syrup, consider ordering it with a sugar-free alternative. Taking a healthy drink with sugar-free syrup can help you cut down on the calories in your drink.
  • Order for a different type of milk: Though Starbucks uses 2% milk to make most of its drinks, you can order your beverage with a different kind of milk. Choosing skimmed milk in place of regular milk can help you cut down the calories in your drink. Milk alternatives like coconut, almond, and soya milk are healthier than regular milk.
  • Order a light: Light Starbucks beverages can also help you cut down the number of calories you consume. If, for instance, you ask a Starbuck barista for a cold drink beverage light, they will make it without a sweetener and with nonfat milk.

What is the healthiest drink to get at Starbucks?

The healthiest drinks are those that contain minimal calories. For instance, cold brew coffee and filter coffee are among the healthiest drinks at Starbucks.

What drink at Starbucks has the least calories?

Mint Majesty hot tea has zero calories.

What drinks at Starbucks are good for weight loss?

The Starbucks drinks that can help you lose weight are those with minimal calories and the least amount of sugar. Some include iced coffee, brewed coffee, classic chai tea latte, and cappuccino.

What Starbucks drinks are under 100 calories?

Iced skinny mocha contains 70 calories, while iced coffee contains five calories. On the other hand, cold brew coffee with nonfat milk has 25 calories. Iced skinny vanilla latte has 60 calories.

What is the lowest calorie hot drink at Starbucks?

Chai tea is the lowest calorie hot drink since it has zero calories.

How can I order low calories at Starbucks?

Focus on the nutritional details that Starbucks displays on each drink and choose a drink with the least amount of calories. After this, place your order.

How do you order a low-calorie drink on the Starbucks app?

Open the app and check the low-calorie drinks available at a Starbucks store. Choose a healthy option and then order it. Once you do this, specify where you would like to pick it up.