7 Best Starbucks lunch sandwiches (Starbucks Lunch Sandwiches you don’t want to miss out on + More info)

Starbucks goodness is not limited to drinks but is also evident in the lunch sandwiches. But which are the best Starbucks Lunch Sandwiches that you don’t want to miss?

I had my first Starbucks sandwich during our field day. It was quite a busy day, and my supervisor must have noticed that I was becoming increasingly inattentive and less active. I was really hungry and poor at hiding it. I felt a tap on my shoulder, and he handed me my first-ever Starbucks Sandwich. Since then, I have explored the entire Starbucks sandwich menu and have great knowledge of Starbucks sandwiches. Due to the great variety at Starbucks, it isn’t easy to know which lunch sandwich to order. This post will teach you the best Starbucks sandwiches you can have for lunch.

Does Starbucks have a lunch menu?

Yes, Starbucks has a lunch menu where you can find lunch sandwiches and protein boxes.

What Starbucks sells sandwiches?

Best Starbucks lunch sandwiches

Starbucks sell sandwiches in all their locations. However, some locations may not have all the sandwiches; hence, it is crucial to confirm whether the particular sandwich you need is at the Starbucks location close to you.

How to order Sandwiches at Starbucks

You can order a Starbucks sandwich through the Starbucks app or website and have it delivered. You can also order a sandwich at any Starbucks location by stating the name of the sandwich that you prefer. Since Starbucks has a menu, you can request any lunch sandwich from the menu.

4. How we choose the Best Starbucks lunch sandwiches

Choosing the best Starbucks lunch sandwich was relatively hard because of the varieties available at Starbucks. I, however, had help from three Starbucks employees who currently work in different capacities and have worked as Starbucks baristas for more than three years each. They, therefore, know sandwiches that are most loved from their experience and Starbucks market research. I also used their list to find out the customers’ feedback from social media on each item they listed. Therefore, the list in this post was developed from experience, Starbucks market research and a review of customers’ feedback.

7 Best Starbucks lunch sandwiches

the table below lists the best Starbucks lunch sandwiches

1The Chicken BLT Salad Sandwichgrilled chicken, bacon, roasted tomato, scallion lemon pepper mayo, butter lettuce and harvest wheat bread
2BBQ beef brisket on sourdoughslow-cooked beef brisket, BBQ sauce, roasted onion, Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock Beer, Sonoma Jack cheese, and San Francisco-style sourdough bread
3Chicken artichoke on ancient grain flatbreadPanini, grilled chicken, provolone cheese, sun-dried tomato pesto, and ancient-grain flatbread
4Egg salad sandwichhard-cooked eggs, mayonnaise, natural flavors, dill relish, dijon mustard, chives, modified food starch, salt, black pepper and cider bread
5Crispy grilled cheese on sourdoughsourdough bread, white Cheddar, mozzarella cheeses, and Parmesan butter spread
6Chicken and bacon on BriocheApple Brioche Roll, White-Meat Chicken Strips Raised Without Antibiotics, Bacon, Neufchatel Cheese, Maple Mustard, and Bioengineered Food Ingredients.
7Ham and Swiss on BaguetteBaguette, Uncured Ham, Swiss Cheese, Dijon Mustard Butter Spread, and Contains Bioengineered Food Ingredients

The Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich

Starbucks Lunch Sandwiches

The Starbucks Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich is one of the sandwiches with a distinctive taste. Many believe that combining chicken and bacon provides an unmatched taste experience. More than 12% of the sandwich is fibre, contributing to its immense health benefits. The 10 grams of protein is a great plus for a meal with only 430 calories. The sandwich is big enough, and you will be fully satisfied to continue with the rest of your day.

BBQ beef brisket on sourdough

Starbucks Lunch Sandwiches you should try

The BBQ beef brisket on sourdough tastes great, thanks to the barbecue sauce on the slow-cooked beef brisket. Most customers indicated that they loved the sandwiches because of the large amount of meat hidden between the piece of bread. The thin slices of meat make it more comfortable to chew with the bread. The creaminess in the sandwich resulted from the mellow cheese matching excellently with the tingly feeling of the BBQ sauce. Despite the many ingredients, including the onions, the beefy taste is alive and nice in every bite.

Chicken artichoke on ancient grain flatbread

Starbucks Lunch Sandwiches you don’t want to miss out on

The 470 calories of lunch will give you the necessary energy to complete your day. It is a high-protein meal with 30 grams of protein, almost meeting your daily protein requirements. The sandwich is surprisingly delicious. The grilled chicken contains no antibiotics and is tender, making it a great match for the ancient-grain flatbread. A single serving is about 181 grams, enough to fill your stomach and stay comfortable for the rest of the day. This is a sandwich you can enjoy at the office or when on the move.

Egg salad sandwich

Egg salad sandwich

Although the name sounds simple, the sandwich has numerous ingredients that provide an excellent taste. It is light but will have you filled and satisfied. It has 450 calories and 3 grams of fibre. The egg provides 16 grams of protein and is a healthy meal. I have taken the sandwich numerous times, especially when I must rush to an afternoon meeting. It is convenient to carry and have in the office. Additionally, due to the great love for the Sandwich, Starbucks customers have developed numerous copycat menus and have expressed their love for the sandwich.

Crispy grilled cheese on sourdough

Crispy grilled cheese on sourdough

The Crispy grilled cheese on sourdough is famed for its crispy texture and taste. Starbucks customers like it because it is light, and one can have it while driving. Although it is not my favorite, my colleague likes the taste of the Parmesan butter spread.

Chicken and bacon on Brioche

Starbucks Lunch Sandwiches you don’t want to miss out on

Chicken and bacon on Brioche is one of the most delicious sandwiches you will have. The bacon and chicken taste great and are even better with the maple mustard flavor. The serving is about 200 grams making it a relatively large sandwich. It has 600 calories and therefore contributes significantly towards your daily calorie limit. The 29 grams of protein from bacon and chicken make it a high-protein meal. It is, however, dry and therefore takes time to chew and swallow.

Ham and Swiss on Baguette

Ham and Swiss on Baguette

The Ham and Swiss on Baguette is a delicious sandwich with a soft, crispy feel upon chewing. Although it is not grilled, it has a crisp outer edge resulting from careful toasting. The ham tastes delicious and is well complemented by the nicely melted Swiss cheese and the deliciously tasting Dijon mustard butter. It has 24 grams and will give you enough energy from its 480 calories.

Informative section

What should I get for lunch at Starbucks?

Although Starbucks has several items you can get for lunch, I would advise you to try their lunch sandwiches. You can start with the chicken BLT sandwich or the grilled cheese with fruit.

What is the lunch best food at Starbucks?

I would recommend the chicken BLT sandwich

What sandwich is good for lunch at Starbucks?

The chicken BLT sandwich, the grilled cheese sandwich with fruit and Egg Salad Sandwich, among others.

What is the most popular lunch at Starbucks?

The baristas indicated that the most popular Lunch at Starbucks is the Bacon Gouda & Egg Breakfast Sandwich.

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