5 Best iced coffee at Starbucks for beginners (Starbucks Iced Drinks to Try when its super-hot outside + More)

An iced coffee drink can keep you refreshed when it is super-hot outside. If you wish to indulge in such a drink, read on to discover the best iced coffee at Starbucks for beginners.

Some beginners wonder what iced coffee tastes like. I did not know that iced coffee was a thing since I was used to hot coffee. When I started buying drinks from Starbucks, I began experimenting with such beverages and loved them. I wrote this post to inform you of the best iced coffee at Starbucks for newbies. You will also learn how to order them and what each drink contains.

What is the best iced coffee at Starbucks?

Cold-brew is the best since it is stronger than most beverages. This drink can keep you more alert due to its high caffeine content. Customers also love it for its sweetness and smooth flavor.

How do you order a good iced coffee at Starbucks?

Start by ordering a basic iced coffee, then ask the barista for milk or cream if you want a creamy beverage. You can then request a sweetener of your choice like sugar or classic syrup if you prefer sweetened drinks. If you want the drink stronger, you can tell the barista to add a shot of espresso. You can order this drink in different cup sizes like venti, tall or grande.

How we choose the Best iced coffee at Starbucks for beginners

One of the crucial factors that we considered before choosing the best iced coffee for beginners is simplicity. We took our time to order different iced coffee beverages at Starbucks and picked the most basic drinks that are easy to order and taste great. You can also trust this article since it also informs you of the ingredients in each drink, calories, and its caffeine content.

5 Best iced coffee at Starbucks for beginners

RankingIced coffeeIngredients
1Cold brewGround coffee, ice, and cool water
2Plain iced coffeeHot brewed coffee, ice water, and a sweetener
3Iced coffee with milkHot brewed coffee, classic syrup, milk, and ice
4Iced caffe latteRich espresso, ice, and milk
5Iced white chocolate mochaSignature espresso, milk, white chocolate sauce, and ice

Cold brew

This is a simple iced coffee that any beginner can order from Starbucks. You only need to tell the barista to serve you cold brew. Since cold brew has a lot of caffeine, it is among the strongest beverages at the coffee shop. In making this drink, Starbucks steeps the grounds in cool water for up to 20 hours.

Most Starbucks customers like this iced coffee since it has a smooth flavor. It also gives you room for experimentation since you can order different beverage variations. This drink is also the best since it is low in calories. If, for instance, you order a grande iced cold brew, you will be consuming only five calories.

It does not have any sugar but contains 205 mg of caffeine. You can personalize this beverage by ordering it with toffee nut syrup. Feel free to try it in a different milk alternative such as almond, coconut, or soy.

Plain iced coffee

This is a smooth and bitter beverage that some new Starbucks customers like. If you want this beverage a bit sweeter, you can tell the Starbucks barista to sweeten it with some sugar.

You can also order this beverage with classic syrup.

If you are keen on your diet, ordering the drink without any sweeteners can keep the calories low. A grande plain iced coffee contains 80 calories, 20 grams of sugar, and 165 mg of caffeine.

Iced coffee with milk

If you like plain iced coffee, you should consider ordering it with milk. This drink includes hot brewed coffee, classic syrup, ice, and milk. Starbucks allows you to order the beverage with any milk option you prefer. Since the iced coffee is brewed at double strength, you don’t have to worry about the ice diluting this beverage too fast.

You can either order this iced coffee with or without syrup, depending on your preference. Ensure you choose the cup size before you order this drink. A tall cup of this beverage contains 80 calories, while a grande has 110 calories and 123 mg of caffeine.

Iced caffe latte

You can also cool down on a super hot day by drinking an iced coffee latte. It is made up of rich espresso with milk and then served over ice. You can either order this iced coffee beverage with or without sugar. Starbucks also offers flavored syrups that you can add to this beverage. A grande of this beverage has 130 calories, 11 grams of sugar, and 150 mg of caffeine.

Iced white chocolate mocha

This is also another great iced coffee that any beginner at Starbucks should try. It is made with signature espresso, ice, milk, and chocolate sauce. As you order this drink, you can tell the barista to sweeten it with some whipped cream. Many Starbucks customers love this iced coffee since it has a velvety sweetness.

Since this is a high-calorie beverage, you should take it in moderation. A grande of this iced coffee contains 420 calories, 48 grams of sugar, and 150 mg of caffeine. A tall iced white chocolate mocha has 310 calories and 36 grams of sugar.

Informative section

Is iced coffee good for beginners?

Yes. It is delicious, refreshing, and simple to order.

What is a good starter iced coffee at Starbucks?

Plain iced coffee is a great starter iced coffee at this store.

What is the best iced coffee at Starbucks with caffeine for beginners

Cold-brew, since it has high caffeine content, is easy to order and is quite delicious.

What syrups are good in Starbucks iced coffee?

Classic syrup, toffee nut syrup, cane sugar syrup, and vanilla syrup

Can you get cold foam on iced coffee?

Yes. Cold foam is sometimes added to certain iced coffee drinks to make them creamier.

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