Bottom’s Up Espresso Menu (Items on the Bottom’s Up Espresso menu, Price list + More information)

The review below is the Bottom’s Up Espresso coffee menu. Read on to find out your favorite drink and food prices.

My Uncle always raved about Bottom’s Up Espresso for a long time. After years of hearing the fuss, I decided to try the place. My first pick was to try their Sweet senorita Espresso drink. I loved it; it wasn’t the best, but it was okay. A couple of weeks later, I tried out more menu items. If you are yet to try the restaurant and want to find out the prices of the items, worry less; the review below has a list of the menu item’s prices. Read on and find answers to the frequently asked questions about Bottom’s Up Espresso.

Bottom’s Up Espresso Menu

Over the years, their menu items have had people streaming in at the place. One of the highly reviewed is their drinks, in particular the espressos. The menu includes food, café classics, smoothies, premium espresso drinks, other classics, and twisted energy drinks. Apart from the food and drinks, the place offers amazing service. The staff is responsive and fast, and the place is good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your child can choose their favorite meal from the kid’s menu. It is an all-inclusive restaurant; there are vegan options.

Bottom’s Up Café Classics

Bottom’s Up Espresso Menu
Bottom’s Up Café Classics Prices
Bue Coffee$4

Bottom’s Up Food

Bottom’s Up Food Prices
French Toast Bagel Breakfast Sandwich$4
Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal$2.5
Muffin tops$3
Croissant Breakfast Sandwich$4
Breakfast Burrito$4.5

Bottom’s Up Smoothies

Items on the Bottom’s Up Espresso menu
Bottom’s Up SmoothiesPrices
Cookies and Cream$4

Bottom’s Up Other Classics

Bottom’s Up Other Classics Prices
Iced Tea$2.5
Hot Tea$2.5
Hot Chocolate$3
Chai Tea Latte$4

Bottom’s Up Premium Espresso Drinks

Bottom’s Up Premium Espresso DrinksPrices
Blonde Monkey$4
Sweet Senorita$3.5
Little Irish Girl$4
Sweet Cheeks$3.5
Blonde Bombshell$4

Bottom’s Up Twisted Drinks

Items on the Bottom’s Up Espresso menu
Bottom’s Up Twisted DrinksPrices
Tropical Kiss$3.5
Island Girl$4
The Big O$4
Blue Streak$3.5
Hawaiian Nights$3.5


Bottom’s Up Espresso is one of the go-to restaurants. There are many things to like about the place; their drinks do not have traditional names, which is why the place remains a hit through the years. With names such as Island Girl, Sweet Senorita, Blue Streak, and Blonde Bombshell, you get a reason to try each of them. Apart from its hit menu items, the place has good customer service. There is more to love about the place than the affordable items. What is more pleasing than enjoying a good meal over listening to good music? Bottoms Up Espresso offers that. You can review the price list highlighted above to make your first visit smoother.

FAQ Section

How much, on average, can you spend at Bottom’s Up Espresso?

You can spend about $9 at Bottom’s Up Espresso if you get a drink and an accompaniment, for instance, a cup of coffee and two breakfast items. Another option will be a lunch item with one of their best drinks.

What is the most popular menu item at Bottoms up Espresso?

There are a lot of positive reviews about Bottom’s Up Espresso menu items. The restaurant’s most famous items are the twisted and Espresso drinks, bakery, and some lunch items. Also, there are high reviews on the spot’s beer and pizza.

Are there vegan options items at Bottom’s Up Espresso?

Yes. There are plant-based items on the Bottom’s Up Espresso menu. Some are oat milk and oatmeal.

Does Bottom’s Up Espresso have oat milk on its menu?

Yes, you can get oat milk at the restaurant. Apart from the milk, you can get other items with oat as the main ingredient.

Does Bottom’s Up Espresso have lunch hours?

You can get an order from Bottom’s Up Espresso any day throughout the week.

Can you get takeout or delivery from Bottoms Up Espresso?

The restaurant only offers takeout.

When is Bottoms Up Espresso open?

Bottoms Up Espresso is open from Monday to Sunday, 3:00 am – 8:00 pm.

Can you book a table at Bottoms Up Espresso?

Yes. You can call the joint’s customer care line and reserve a table for later plans.

Do staff at Bottoms Up Espresso wear uniforms?

Staff at Bottoms Up Espresso have uniforms. However, they wear minimal clothing. The joint is a bikini coffee shop. It has attracted lots of criticism from the choice of dressing. Moreover, they have a theme on how they dress each day.

Sundays- Sports Day, Saturdays – bikini day, Fridays – Fantasy day, Thursdays – lingerie day, Wednesdays – cowgirl day, Tuesdays – bikini day, and Mondays- schoolgirl day.

How many Bottoms Up Espresso locations are there?

There are six locations in total, all in California. The first joint was in Modesto, California, in 2011; hopefully, they will open more spots shortly.

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