Does Every Target Have a Starbucks? (How Many Starbucks Are in Target? + More Information)

Break-time means coffee time! You must already know you can shop for your favorite Starbucks coffee and other products at Target stores. But does every target have a Starbucks? Let’s find out.

No, not all Target stores have Starbucks. But as many customers have always said, every Target needs a Starbucks. If you want a hot drink on a chilly afternoon shopping or iced coffee on a warm afternoon, you’d love a Starbucks at Target. Having Starbucks at Target is the best thing that happened to me because I love both of them. I love shopping at Target because they sell almost anything you could need. It’s always exhilarating when I visit some Target stores with a Starbucks inside because sipping my fresh Starbucks coffee or iced tea while shopping is the best experience.

Do Targets Have Starbucks in Them?

Yes, some Targets have Starbucks in them, depending on each store’s ability to accommodate Starbucks. I’ve known this all my life. I have seen a Starbucks at almost all the Target stores I’ve gone to. At first, I thought all Targets had Starbucks. But I later learned that not all Target stores have Starbucks outlets. So, whenever I want to go shopping at Target, especially when I have time and company, I always try to locate a Starbucks at Target or a Target with Starbucks. I do this because I can enjoy my fresh coffee while shopping and have a great time with my company. It’s always worked for me.

Why Is Starbucks in Target?

Starbucks in Target

Target and Starbucks formed a partnership in 1999 where Starbucks licensed Target to sell its brand and products inside their stores. This allows customers to get the best of both worlds. For example, I’ve since learned that you can enjoy free refills on select Starbucks drinks while shopping at Target if you have enough Starbucks Rewards. Also, you can use your Target or Starbucks gift cards to pay for a Target Starbucks order. How great!

Also, it’s argued that Starbucks and Target share the same target market and audience, which is middle to upper-class people and young professionals. These are people who can afford to both shop at Target and buy regular or daily Starbucks coffee, which is relatively higher priced.

How Many Starbucks are in Target?

Since forming this partnership, there have been about 1, 300 Starbucks cafes in Target stores across the United States. It all boils down to whether a Target store wants a Starbucks café and whether Starbucks will agree to it or not. Before licensing Target to open a Starbucks café at their store, Starbucks first conducts an inspection to make sure the store and space is right for their customers. The store also needs to hire the right barristers who can make coffee to the standards that Starbucks requires.

Is Starbucks Owned by Target?

Number of Starbucks Are in Target

No, Target doesn’t own Starbucks. The Starbucks you see at Target is a partnership arrangement where Target uses the Starbucks brand to get customers, and Starbucks earns a great name and possible royalties. Target hires and manages Baristas in the deal, but customers still order, receive, and enjoy Starbucks menu items. Although Target licenses the Starbucks brand and can sell their products, the individuals who work at Target’s Starbucks cafes are Target employees, just like it is Starbucks in Barnes & Noble or Meijer stores.

With this partnership, Starbucks and Target’s customers get the best of both worlds in the same place. They can enjoy a fresh, warm cup of their favorite coffee while perusing the aisles of a Target store for a product they came for.

Does Target Have a Contract with Starbucks?

Yes, there is a contract between Target and Starbucks, where Target licenses the Starbucks brand and uses it to sell coffee and other Starbucks products to attract middle to high-income clients. In the Target — Starbucks arrangement, Target employees run the Starbucks cafes in Target stores. After the sales, Target shares a percentage of the sales with Starbucks. This means the Barristers making the coffee and the attendants are Target’s employees, owned and paid by Target.

Final Thoughts

I’ve loved Starbucks all my life. I also know that Starbucks targets everybody, and Target stores are a perfect place to meet everybody. To meet at Target and have the Starbucks products while relaxing, shopping, or having fun was a great move for both Starbucks and Target. Customers are forever thankful.

FAQ Section

Are Target Starbucks the Same?

Yes, Target Starbucks are the same because Target can’t have a Starbucks without the approval of Starbucks. This means any Starbucks at Target must have the same standards as all other Starbucks to give Starbucks clients the same feeling.

Do Target Employees Get Free Starbucks?

No, Target employees don’t get free Starbucks and pay like all other customers. But Target employees who are lucky to work at a Target store with a Starbucks Cafe can score an extra 10% off all Starbucks drinks and food.

Are Target Starbucks Real Starbucks?

No, Starbucks in Target stores are neither owned nor operated by Starbucks, meaning they’re not actual Starbucks locations. But, since Starbucks licenses Target to sell its products, Starbucks products you get at Target are real Starbucks. In fact, you can still use Starbucks Rewards at any Target Starbucks.

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