Can I have my Starbucks app on two phones? (can you use the Starbucks app on multiple devices?)

Many Starbucks fans with two or more phones📱 always wonder, “Can I have my Starbucks app on two phones.” Read on to find out🤗.

Yes👍, you can have your Starbucks app on two or more phones. Via Tenor I also use multiple phones since I am a content creator. However, I only have my Starbucks app on one phone. Since I don’t always carry all the phones, there are days when I have to order my Starbucks drinks in-store, which is very tiresome😥. Therefore, I decided to research whether I could sign in to my Starbucks App on all my phones to use the app with any phone I decided to use for the day. Read this article to determine whether you can use the Starbucks app on multiple devices.

Can I log into my Starbucks app using different devices?

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Yes, you can log into your Starbucks app using different devices. This means that if you have logged into your Starbucks app on your phone, you can also log in on your computer🖥 or laptop💻. You will still earn rewards🎁 on both devices for each purchase. To log into your Starbucks app using different devices, just download the app on the devices and sign in with your Starbucks username and password on both devices.

How many devices can log into one Starbucks account?

can you use the Starbucks app on multiple devices?
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Starbucks does not limit the number of devices one can log into one account. According to Starbucks, one can log into a Starbucks account on multiple devices at the same time. I remember when my parents visited us last week, and we decided to log our phones into my account to order our drinks and customize them as we would like. We did this to reduce the time we would take while using one phone. It was fast, and the pick-up time for all the drinks was almost the same. Therefore, you can use your Starbucks account on as many devices as you would like as long as you have downloaded the app.

Can I have 2 Starbucks accounts?

Yes👍, you can have two Starbucks accounts. This means you can have a Starbucks account on your phone📱 and a different one on your computer🖥. All you are required to have is two different emails, usernames, and passwords.

To have two accounts, create two different email addresses, and while creating a Starbucks profile, use the different email addresses as your verification emails. Then set different usernames and passwords. However, note that you can only have one Starbucks rewards account. Therefore, you will only receive rewards on the purchases you make via the account registered to the Starbucks Rewards account.


Can you link two Starbucks apps?

Yes, you can link two Starbucks apps through the “Link & Transfer Balance” option on the Settings tab.

Can I share my Starbucks app with my family or friends?

Yes, you can share your Starbucks app with family and friends, but rewards within that account cannot be shared or transferred to another account.

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