Veterans Day at Starbucks (What Is Starbucks Doing for Veterans Day, how to Get Free Starbucks Coffee + More FAQs)

Veterans have served all of us by risking their lives for our freedom. But, what things and activities can you do to celebrate and appreciate them on veterans day? What is Starbucks doing for veterans day? 

On veterans day, Starbucks honors all veterans with a free 12-ounce hot brewed coffee. This deal is not only for veterans and military service members, but military spouses as well. Therefore, to participate in the offer, veterans should visit a Starbucks store on veterans day in the U.S. For this reason, if you are a veteran or military member or know anyone, share about this Starbucks veterans day offer for them to enjoy a free 12-ounce hot brewed coffee.

I honor this day as my older brother is a veteran and enjoys drinking coffee. On veterans day, we always have different plans and activities to do. But, this year, our first stop is at Starbucks to enjoy the Starbucks deal for veterans and meet and mingle with other veterans before joining in celebrations with some of his veteran friends. If you are looking for something to do on veterans day, start your day at a Starbucks near you to get free Starbucks coffee for veterans. Below is more information on what happens on veterans day at Starbucks.

What does Veterans Day mean?

Veterans day means a day in the U.S. to express gratitude to service members, past and present, who served in both war and peace. It is a federal holiday observed annually on November 11 in the United States. It is held on November 11, the anniversary of the end of the First World War. So, on this day, veterans are celebrated in various ways, and many stores and companies honor the veterans in different ways. For instance, people donate to veteran foundations, show up in support, mingle with veterans to learn more about their service, get outdoors, and visit VA hospitals, among other activities.

What is the history of Veterans Day? 

The history of veterans day originates as Armistice day. It was the first anniversary of the end of world war I, on November 11, 1919. In 1926, congress passed a resolution for the annual observance of this date, and beginning in 1938, November 11 became a national holiday in the U.S. However, not until the year 1947 is when the first celebration using the term veterans day happened in Alabama. This Veterans Day included a parade and other activities in honor of all veterans. It was first organized by Raymond Weeks. A world war II veteran. The event was on November 11 of the same year. Since then, every November 11 is veterans day, and citizens, stores, companies, and veterans celebrate this day. It commemorates veterans of all wars to honor them, especially the living veterans who served honorably during peace and war.

How do you get free coffee at Starbucks on Veterans Day?

It is simple to get free coffee at Starbucks on veterans day and head to a participating Starbucks near you on veterans day. Have proof of service, and you will receive your free tall 12-ounce hot brewed coffee. This is possible at a coffee in-store or a drive-thru. The limit is one per customer and applies only to veterans, military service members, and their spouses.

Final thoughts 

It is vital to celebrate and recognize the sacrifice of veterans. It allows us to enjoy the freedom we have. You can honor them on this day in various ways, and Starbucks is part of the veterans day celebrations. Celebrating this day helps you know the meaning, teaches the younger generation the reasons behind it and its history, and honors all veterans. If you are a veteran, military service member, or a military spouse, ensure you visit a Starbucks and enjoy the free Starbucks 12-ounce hot brew coffee. It is easy to get the free drink as long as you have proof of service.

FAQ Section

What’s free at Starbucks for veterans?

A tall 12-ounce hot brewed coffee is free at participating Starbucks stores around the U.S for veterans on veterans day. It is an annual veterans day special offer from Starbucks for veterans, military service members, and their spouses. They must visit participating stores in the U.S to participate in the free promotion. Plus, it is for in-store and drive-thru, and the limit is one per customer.

When is Veterans Day at Starbucks?

November 11 every year is veterans day at Starbucks. As the country is celebrating veterans day on this day, so is Starbucks. On this day, Starbucks honors veterans with a free coffee drink at any participating Starbucks store. The offer is for veterans, military service members, and their spouses. Also, if you do not qualify for the offer, you can support by purchasing a tall hot brewed coffee on the day, and Starbucks donates 25 cents of the total sales of this order to support military family’s mental health.

Does Starbucks hate veterans?

No. Starbucks does not hate veterans. Starbucks offers support and commitment to veterans and military families in various ways. For instance, since 2013, Starbucks has hired over 18000 veterans and military spouses and is committed to hiring more. Plus, this includes shift supervisors, managers, baristas, assistant store managers, and district managers. Also, the company has dedicated 77 military family stores across the country to support veterans, service members, and military families. Additionally, on every veterans day, Starbucks joins in honoring the veterans with a free 12-ounce hot brewed coffee, and purchasing a cup of coffee of hot brewed coffee on that day is another way for non-veterans to participate. In doing so, Starbucks donates 25 cents in support of the mental health of military communities for every cup sold.

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