Why Are Starbucks Cups So Expensive? (How Much Are Starbucks Cups + More Information)

The coffee at Starbucks is highly-priced, and so are the cups. Why are Starbucks cups so expensive? Keeping reading to find out.

I will be the first to admit that Starbucks coffee is phenomenal. But then, the coffee is equally pricey! And have I mentioned the cups yet? They are costly as well. If you are anything like me, then you have already mastered the art of recycling these cups. Usually, I will use the same cup for several refills before buying a new one. This way, I get to save a few bucks. I have always wondered why the cups are so expensive, so I did a little digging. Read on to discover the different prices for each cup size and why they are so costly.

Starbucks cups are expensive because they are high-quality with excellent features. They have a double insulated wall to maintain the drink temperature for a long. The cups also come with a straw and are clear so you can visualize the contents. Besides, they are durable and can be reused. 

How Much Are Starbucks Cups?

Each cup size at Starbucks attracts a specific price. Here is how much each cost:

  • Venti – $28.
  • Grande – $17
  • Tall – $25

If you love Starbucks coffee, you should consider investing in a cup.

Can You Reuse Starbucks Cups?

How Much Are Starbucks Cups

Yes, you can reuse Starbucks cups over and over again. Starbucks has ensured that the cup is made of high-quality material such that you can safely use it several times. They are made of lightweight polypropylene plastic. The cups do not break or scratch easily. One cup can be reused up to thirty times.

The cups are also made of recyclable material. Once you wish to replace the cup, do not throw it away. Take it back to the nearest Starbucks store for recycling.

How Do You Order a Starbucks Cup?

To order a Starbucks cup:

  1. Download the Starbucks app on your device.
  2. On the app, locate the order section and navigate the menu. You will come across the drink-ware section.
  3. Select the cup size you wish to purchase and place the order here. 

Alternatively, you can walk to your nearest store and order in person. It is also worth noting that the cups are also available at different online stores, including Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks is a high-end coffee company that sells high-quality coffee. If you purchase their coffee, you also have to invest in their cups, which are highly priced too. But that is not without reason. The cups are made of high-quality material and come with double insulation to maintain your drink’s temperature. Besides, you can reuse the cup as many times as you wish. I have discussed the exact prices for each cup size and more in this article.

FAQ Section

What is the most expensive Starbucks cup?

The Most Expensive Starbucks cup is the bevy tumbler, which costs $150. 

Do Starbucks cups leak?

Yes, sometimes the cups may drip from the seam on the side. However, this does not occur often.

How do you fix a cracked Starbucks cup?

Identify the cracked area, and apply a generous amount of super glue. This should stop your cup from leaking.

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