What are pup cups from Starbucks? (how do you order pup cups from Starbucks+ more Information)

Starbucks not only has beverages for humans but also accommodates canines like dogs. So, what are pup cups from Starbucks?

Starbucks pup cups are short cups of whipped cream meant for dogs. Some dog owners wonder whether these are safe for their furry friends. I had the same concerns the first time I heard about pup cups. Since I have a sensitive dog, I am very keen on what I feed him.

I decided to try giving him pup cups, and he seemed to enjoy it. However, the vet told me not to make this a daily meal for my pet. I created this post to inform you on how to order pup cups. You will also learn whether they are safe.

How Do You Order a Puppuccino?

You can order Puppuccino by simply asking the barista for it as you order your own beverage or food item at a Starbucks store. Though you can order Puppuccino at the driveway window, you cannot order it through the Starbucks app.

Puppuccino falls under the Starbucks secret menu. If you are dealing with a new barista, simply ask them for a shot cup of whipped cream. Starbucks offers pup cups for free, but it is good to order them alongside an item that you have paid for. Baristas also appreciate a tip as you order pup cups.

Are Puppuccinos Safe for dogs?

how do you order pup cups from Starbucks

Yes. Puppuccinos are safe for dogs that don’t have a dairy intolerance. You can give this to a dog once in a while as a treat for good behavior. Puppuccinos are safe for dogs since they are only made up of whipped cream and sweetened with vanilla syrup.

They do not have any components that can affect the dog. They also contain carrageenan and diglycerides that enhance the texture and prevent separation. Though safe, you should avoid giving lots of pup cups to dogs since the high sugar in them can increase the blood sugar levels in the pet. The cream can also cause weight gain in a dog if you feed them too many pup cups daily.

If a dog has a dairy intolerance, you should avoid giving them pup cups since it can lead to digestive problems. For such dogs, you should only stick to dog food. If you have doubts about giving a dog Puppuccino, feel free to ask the vet beforehand.

FAQ section

Can you order a pup cup via the Starbucks app?

No. Pup cups form part of the Starbucks secret menu and cannot be ordered through the Starbucks app.

Are pup cups from Starbucks good for dogs?

Pup cups from this company are fine for a healthy dog, but you should give them in moderation. Avoid giving a dog with dairy intolerance this whipped cream.

Can you get Starbucks pup cups at a drive-thru?

Yes. This is one of the recommended ways to get pup cups for dogs since Starbucks does not allow such pets inside its stores.

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